Medical Coder Explains What She Witnessed Due To The Covid Vaccinations | This Is What Vaccine Genocide Looks Like

Medical Coder Explains What She Witnessed Due To The Covid Vaccinations | This Is What Vaccine Genocide Looks Like

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A medical industry whistleblower has come forward with explosive allegations to warn the public that Covid mRNA shots are causing people to “die so horrifically” and “so quickly” after they received the injections.

The hospital whistleblower, known only as “Zoe,” revealed that doctors have been euthanizing patients due to the severity of the side effects from the injections.

Zoe, a hospital medical coder, said the health issues caused by the Covid shots were so “horrific” that the Covid-vaccinated patients “kind had to be put down” by doctors.

In a whistleblowing interview with the nonprofit Children’s Health Defense (CHD), Zoe revealed that hospitals and medical professionals were simply not prepared for the wave of sudden deathsheart attacksorgan failure, and now cancers among the vaccinated population that followed since the Covid shots were rolled out to the public in early 2021.

As a medical coder, Zoe transfers the information included in patient medical records into a database for insurance purposes.

“I didn’t know it was possible for a human to die so horrifically, so quickly, before they rolled out the mRNA injections,” Zoe revealed.

“It was insane, I’ve never seen anything like that.

“The worst of them, they called it sepsis, but it was like instant multi-organ failure.

“Like, within hours patients would die of liver, lung, kidney… failure [all at once]…”

“Some of the records…[from the] emergency crew that found them [the injection victims], it’s like their body tried to reject everything,” she added.

“[In] some of these cases, their family would be there 30 minutes before, and then within an hour they’re dead.”

Zoe noted that “there were patients coming in with seizures like I’d never seen before.”

However, she said that hospital staff “couldn’t control some of them.”

She revealed that so many vaxxed patients were arriving with severe side effects to the Covid mRNA injections that doctors started to euthanize them to “stop it.”

“[For] days, patients would be seizing, and no medications would stop it, and eventually they…kinda had to be put down,” she revealed.

“They called it encephalitis, or encephalopathy, and then later on, even the coding organization…[called it] COVID-19-associated encephalitis,” the coder added.

She also claimed the doctors treating these patients “were baffled” about what was causing the unprecedented wave of sudden deaths and severe illness.

“They weren’t connecting the dots,” Zoe noted.

However, she said the patients were all vaccinated for Covid and clearly suffering from known side effects of the mRNA injections.

“Knowing what the potential symptoms of a vaccine injury could be, we 100% had all the things I just described,” she said.

But despite that knowledge, “doctors would never tell [patients] that” the Covid shots caused their health issues.

“They would just say, ‘It’s a stroke. It’s a heart attack. It’s a blood clot,’” Zoe explained.

“And then they would never connect the two.”


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