Project Lazarus • Al That Can Take Over A Deceased Persons Social Media Accounts And Continue Making Relevant Posts As If That Person Is Still Alive

Project Lazarus • Al That Can Take Over A Deceased Persons Social Media Accounts And Continue Making Relevant Posts As If That Person Is Still Alive

Dylan Eleven •

This is from an anonymous post on 4chan therefore is not verified.  There is no Meta Project Lazarus that we have found, at this point it seems like rumours, so this information may not be accurate or reliable.  

However the content of the information is not outside the scope of a global genocide project.   We have thought this type of project could possibly be implemented to hide mass genocide.  

Here is the insiders information, followed by an article discussing the current capabilities of software and how this concept could easily be achieved.

Meta Insider

I'm a Meta insider working on Project Lazarus. We're building an Al that can take over a deceased persons social media accounts and continue making relevant posts as if that person is still alive. This includes age progressed photos, interacting with other peoples content and everything else needed so that person continues on in the digital realm after physical death. We were originally told this would be a service offered to people struggling with the loss of loved ones and people who had missing children. Seemed like a decent idea. Things are getting weird now and I'm
having second thoughts about what this is actually going to be used for. The Al is extremely capable of impersonating people. It doesn't take as much initial input as one might think to train the Al how a certain person interacts with the digital world. It's very convincing. An entire island of people could go missing and with little to no downtime the Al could take over all of their social media and the world
wouldn't have a clue that life wasn't just continuing as usual. A lot of the project is becoming more compartmentalized. Things have taken a dark turn it feels like. They've forbidden communication between people working on different things.
Something isn't right and I don't know what I should do. I'm not going to post any personally identifiable information but I will try to answer questions that
won't expose my role within the project.

Source: Telegram

PJ | PJ's Substack

Rumor has it that Meta is working on a project which completely replicates a person’s social identity. Whether the rumor is true or not, we can certainly say that someone must already be working on it.

So, let’s try to see what might happen in the future as this tech evolves. In exact words; We are trying to maintain the target’s social accounts without them around.

Actions which needs to be automated

  • Text Posts: We can use ChatGPT or similar algos here.
  • Photo Posts: There are lots of AI tools like Lensa which can take existing photos and create photo of Target in a completely different scenario.
  • Video Posts: The algorithms for this aren’t here yet but should be soon. Also, most social media accounts can be maintained without videos as well.
  • Messaging People: Can be done with ChatGPT.
  • Answering Calls: VallE + ChatGPT might be usable
  • Video Chats: Again not necessary but deepfakes can be used here.

Random Actions: Making Friends, following and unfollowing people etc. Can be automated.

What can this be used for

  • Helping people struggling with the Loss of Loved Ones
  • Wetwork (Murder or Assassination)
  • Advertising by Dead Celebrity Accounts
  • Covert Operations by the Government
  • Election Fraud
  • Shitposting beyond the grave

…. and many more things.

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” - George Orwell

What about Offline Relationships?

Every person has relationships outside their virtual space. So, them going missing should ring some bells. But you can easily solve this by adding a post of “going for vacation”, “quarantining” etc.

Then, over time you could tweak the AI so it starts being abrasive/stand-offish in order to degrade any existing relationships that person has with people until they eventually become a persona non grata with their friends and family and just, poof, vanish. Although they've actually been gone for a year or two at that point.

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