Milei Is Little More Than a Political Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Beware the False ‘Libertarian’ Hype

Milei Is Little More Than a Political Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Beware the False ‘Libertarian’ Hype | Gary D. Barnett

“And thus I clothe my naked villainy
With odd old ends stol’n out of holy writ;
And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.”

~ William Shakespeare, Richard III

How easy it seems to me that people are so readily deceived, and that extreme gullibility among the masses remains as the primary attitude evident. I do realize that this is not uncommon, but it is amazingly confounding, after thousands of years of continuous lies by the ruling State; absurdity beyond reason to be sure. But still they vote to choose (have selected) a master to lord over them. Will this idiocy never end? Now, there is a new ‘Saint’ in town, and as depicted by weak-minded so-called freedom advocates, he is alluded to as a ‘self-described’ Anarcho-capitalist. This is Javier Milei, the new god of ‘libertarian’ type posers. Murray Rothbard would roll in his grave at such an idiotic pronouncement as this.

Yet another politician, the lowest form of human possible, is lauded and bowed down to by the fake alternative crowd, who claim to be the freedom society of the peasant class. Those being fooled by these deceitful political imposters have become tiring to say the least, as one after another of these trimmers takes his place at the top of the power pyramid, only to affect his personal and political desires on others, and sees his need for power over the many as his highest purpose. This is always at the expense of his subject class. There are many of these plotting chameleons who reach high positions of power; Trump comes immediately to mind, but in fact, there will always be more to come, as they gleefully follow in the footsteps of their duplicitous predecessors.

This Milei character is no different, but he has been able to trick the alternative media into a frothing state of undue worship, and has taken center stage by storm, even in the face of complete and total contradiction. First and foremost, he is certainly no Anarcho-capitalist. That term is reserved for true anarchists who abhor government and the State, and capitalists, who in the real sense of the word, believe only in actual free markets; meaning private markets without government or government interference or control. Milei is neither of these things, and in fact is the exact opposite. This can be easily uncovered by merely observing every action he has proposed, mandated, or initiated.

He made many claims while campaigning for the highest position in government, something no real anarchist could ever carry out, making promise after promise to free the people, and make them prosperous, while claiming he would tear down the very government he was seeking to control. Hypocrisy at this level is saved for the most corrupt among us, as no sane or honest person could pull it off without losing his soul. What that means of course, is that he had no soul to begin with, but was seeking a position that he was at the same time condemning. This is a common practice of politicians, and is double-speak of course, but could only be meant to fool the weak-minded proletariat, and claimed ‘intellectual’ liberty frauds, and never be a sincere objective. The proof is in his actions, and they are oh so telling of lies, corruption, manipulation, and power-seeking.

Milei took office in December of 2023, with grand plans to overhaul the Argentine government. His first order of business, as proclaimed by Milei during his campaign, would be to shut down completely, and abolish, the central bank, which is Banco Central de la República of Argentina. Did he do so? Of course not, but he did place some of the same past criminal heads in government, at the helm of that evil institution. He immediately appointed the insider Santiago Bausili as Governor and head of the Board of Directors. Bausili had been with J.P. Morgan for 11 years, and Deutsche Bank for 9 years, responsible for international capital markets in Latin America, handling hedging and derivative (unbridled leverage) instruments. Before then, he was Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and the Treasury of Argentina. He was in the middle of the latest downfall and economic destruction of Argentina over many years, but he was the immediate and first choice of Milei to head the central bank. So much for “abolishing” the Fed, and saying that it was a “non-negotiable matter.”

The ex-Peronist and now Security Minister under Milei, is Patricia Bullrich, and insider who ran in opposition against Melei, and is the president of Propuesta Republicana, (Republican Proposal) which was made up of the ruling coalition during Mauricio Macri’s presidency from 2015 to 2019. He attended the World Economic Forum seeking investment, and held meetings with the likes of Biden, David Cameron, Branson, Eric Schmidt of Google, the Queen of the Netherlands, and other globalists and CEOs. He was a disaster of course. Inflation rates exceeding 40% during his tenure were common, and Bullrich now has the same position with Milei. There are other suspect cabinet members who have been appointed by Milei, including Luis Caputo, but what else is new? His is a cabinet of insiders with close ties to past Argentinian failures.

But it gets much worse. Milei has tied himself strongly to Israel, and the fanatical and evil murdering Netanyahu, even to the point of converting to Judaism, making Argentina one of the most pro-Zionist supporting countries. This is happening at a time when Israel is committing mass genocide against all Palestinians, and fomenting horrendous regional war that could escalate into world war. As far as I see it, this is a political scam on the part of Milei.

In the midst of claiming to being ‘libertarian,’ Milei has sold his soul to Israel, has destabilized Argentina’s own currency in favor of a failing U.S. dollar; essentially tying Argentina to the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank run by private and government criminals and manipulators like Larry Fink of the evil Blackrock. This could lead to massive dollarization of Argentina to the detriment of their own money, and could also lead to the outside privatization of Argentina’s economy at the hands of the U.S., Israel, and all their fascist partners. This is an incredibly dangerous situation for Argentina, as satellites are now mapping out large swaths of this country and others in that region, for globalized control of all natural resources.

When Milei took office, 60% of Argentina’s population was in poverty, and Milei immediately devalued the currency by an additional 50%, leading to a much worse situation for the entire population. In the meantime, Milei has requested to join NATO, to achieve a more intrusive western alliance so as to gain a military guarantee, hoping to get military support at the expense of U.S. citizens and the West.

At this point, Milei should refer to himself as a self-described dictator, and never an anarcho-capitalist, who has seemingly decided to control Argentina by legislative and non-legislative fiat. He is no ‘libertarian,’ even though so-called modern ‘libertarianism,’ is just another arm of an abusive prevailing governing structure, and he is not and never has been an anarchist at any level. Those who continue to applaud these fascist tyrants, are making a great mistake in judgement, but when Trump is ‘elected,’ (selected) the writing on the wall will be telling, and in lock-step with these same type of policies. Criminal all.

The fooling of the voting fools will likely never end, as the herds of the peon class will continue to seek rule. This it seems, is the way of the world, and what a sad commentary this is concerning those beings (humans) who are supposed to be the most intelligent life on earth. That is a joke my friends, but not one worthy of laughter.

“Religion, the dominion of the human mind; Property, the dominion of human needs; and Government, the dominion of human conduct, represent the stronghold of man’s enslavement and all the horrors it entails.” ~Emma Goldman


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