More Soccer Players Dropping Dead On The Field | Vaccine Genocide

More Soccer Players Dropping Dead On The Field | Vaccine Genocide


Laura Aboli

Italian Footballers Mattia Giani, 26, and Evan Ndicka, 24, Collapse on Field Same day, Mattia Dies.

Top Italian league Roma footballer Evan Ndicka collapsed on the pitch Sunday, April 14th, with his hand on his chest and being taken away on a stretcher before  the game was suspended  to be completed later.

A few hours before that day, another italian footballer also collapsed on the field; Mattia Giani at 26His was a heart attack after taking a shot on goal with his parents in the stand s.  He died in the hospital Monday, the next day.

Evan was recovering the next day as doctors ruled out a cardiac arrest and think it was pulmonary related. 

What is going on with young people in the best physical condition of anybody?   It's one thing to gaslight those of us who have been watching italian and spanish soccer for decades and say this is normal and has been happening to them every day. But what about 2 in a day?  Is that normal too?

It's not that bad though, is it.  I mean only one of them died so it's not that bad, right?  This is type of insanity the world has come to.  Would they have accepted this argument from a food product on the shelf?

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