mRNA & Pregnancy • Infants Who Died Shortly After Delivery, Born to Mothers Who Were COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated During Pregnancy

mRNA & Pregnancy • Infants Who Died Shortly After Delivery, Born to Mothers Who Were COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated During Pregnancy

Global Research  |  Dr. William Makis

Pregnant women who took toxic, experimental COVID-19 mRNA vaccines have been suffering all kinds of complications, from miscarriages, stillbirths to sudden deaths.

My Take

Were pregnant women warned about the risks of Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines causing premature labor? NO.

Were pregnant women warned about the risks of Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines causing infant deaths shortly after delivery? NO.

It is clear that both Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines are causing premature labor. When the fetus is too premature (i.e. under 22 weeks), its chances of survival are low. By 24 weeks, chances of survival rise to 60-70%.

But what about infants of COVID-19 vaccinated mothers who die days, weeks or months after delivery?

Do these cases simply get buried as SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)?

One of the sudden infant death cases described above had a very rare heart tumor (caused by mother’s COVID-19 mRNA vaccines?)

But what about the case of 2 month old baby Dexter Khan-Barnes? His mother had blood clots and died at 32 weeks pregnancy. Her baby then died at 2 months of age of “unknown causes”? Pathologist had no idea why baby died? That’s not acceptable.

I have written a substack about infants of COVID-19 vaccinated mothers coming down with myocarditis, two of them have died from it (click here).

mRNA vaccinated mothers deliver LNPs with COVID-19 spike protein mRNA to their unborn children through the placenta. The consequences of this were never studied by Pfizer or Moderna.

This trans-placental delivery of LNP/mRNA is causing miscarriages, stillbirths, premature labor and sudden deaths of newly born infants.

All of which are being ignored by the medical establishment.

Was baby Dexter producing COVID-19 mRNA vaccine spike protein? We will never know as the pathologist closed the case with the conclusion “cause of death unknown”.

In this article, I will examine the sudden deaths of live-born infants of COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated mothers, who died shortly after birth.

CASE 1 – UK – Young mother Laura Barnes had fatal blood clots at 32 weeks of pregnancy. Her infant died at 2 months of age on July 30, 2022 of “unknown causes”.

Young UK mother Laura Barnes developed blood clots at 32 weeks pregnancy which led to an emergency caesarean section and the birth of her baby Dexter Khan-Barnes. She died from the blood clots during delivery in April, 2022. (click here)

Her prematurely born baby, Dexter, stayed in neonatal unit 6 weeks and was discharged home with dad.

Two months later, dad put baby down to sleep in bed next to his 14 month old brother. He woke up at 5am to find the baby’s arms limp and eyes discolored. Despite being rushed to the hospital, baby Dexter was pronounced dead on July 30, 2022.

Coroner Richard Taylor said a post-mortem found no evidence of prior illness or injuries that could have contributed to Dexter’s death, and no cause of death could be found.

Summing up the evidence, Mr Taylor said: ‘In these circumstance, it is not possible to completely exclude accidental air obstruction as having caused to contributed to Dexter’s death. As such, the cause of death remains unascertained.

Key details:

  • The young mother, Laura Barnes was COVID-19 vaccinated (the media uses unvaccinated deaths as propaganda, so when vaccine status is not reported, the deceased person was always COVID-19 vaccinated).
  • Her mother told the court that Laura had “suffered a stroke in the months’ prior to her death” (click here) (possibly due to clotting issues from her COVID-19 vaccines)
  • Laura suffered fatal blood clots which forced an emergency caesarean at 32 weekspregnancy
  • Baby spent 6 weeks in neonatal unit before being sent home (which is normal)
  • Baby died 2 months later and no cause of death could be found. (click here)

CASE 2 (VAERS 1051160) – Pregnant mother had Pfizer dose on Feb.4, 2021 during 2nd trimester, and went into premature labor within 6 days. Live infant was delivered but died on Feb.10, 2021

CASE 3 (VAERS 2130285) – Pregnant mother had 1st Moderna dose on Jan.31, 2022, she went into premature labor 5 days later (at 20 weeks pregnancy) and baby died after delivery.

CASE 4 (VAERS 2212456) – A pregnant woman had 1st Moderna mRNA dose at 22wk. 11 days later she went into premature labor and live twins were born. Both infants died within hours of delivery.

CASE 5 (VAERS 2223076): A pregnant woman was vaccinated with Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccine at 18wk and 22wk pregnancy. Her infant died of a rare heart tumor (LV rhabdomyoma). Forensic Pathologist requested VAERS reporting.

CASE 6 (VAERS 2156527) – 26 year old mother had 3rd Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA booster vaccine on Jan.17, 2022. Two days later she delivered a live male infant, 620g, that died at minute 40.

CASE 7 (VAERS 2193296) – A 22wk pregnant woman had 1st Pfizer mRNA vaccine on July 6, 2021. 21 days later she had premature delivery by caesarean section at 25wk 3days of a live infant weighing 550 grams. At 13 days old, infant died on Aug.9, 2021 of “circulatory failure”.

CASE 8 (VAERS 2227334) – 32 year old pregnant woman in 2nd trimester took a 2nd Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. Fetus stopped growing after Pfizer jab. She went into premature labor 40 days after vaccination, gave birth to a live infant which died at 3 days old.

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