mRNA Vaccine Toxicity • The Book

mRNA Vaccine Toxicity • The Book

mRNA Vaccine Toxicity: A book for life

The Exposé  |  Rhoda Wilson

Covid mRNA injections have caused injury and death on an unprecedented scale.  Doctors for Covid Ethics (“D4CE”) have published a book which argues that these harms were to be expected considering the principles of immunology.

“Furthermore, [the harms] are not limited to the covid vaccines alone; instead, they are inherent in the mRNA technology as such. We must therefore expect that future mRNA vaccines against other viruses or bacteria will be similarly toxic. mRNA technology will never be safe to use for vaccination against any infectious agent,”  D4CE wrote.

The book ‘mRNA Vaccine Toxicity’ is dedicated to the late Professor Arne Burkhardt and is free to download:

Its purpose is to explain what the covid mRNA vaccine toxicity means for future mRNA vaccines and outlines three potential mechanisms that likely account for what’s happened:

  1. the toxicity of the lipid nanoparticles;
  2. the toxicity of the vaccine-induced spike proteins; and
  3. the immune system’s response to them.

mRNA Vaccine Toxicity concludes that the immune system’s response to the spike proteins is the most significant toxic factor because it both corresponds to the autopsy findings of inflammation and immune system damage and jibes with the theoretical mechanisms of harm.

In the introduction, Mary Holland wrote: “The book’s conclusion is bleak: ‘Every future mRNA vaccine will induce our cells to produce its own specific antigen, related to the particular microbe it targets. We must therefore expect each such vaccine to induce immunological damage on a similar scale as we have witnessed with those directed against covid-19’. Recognizing that myriad mRNA vaccines are in the pipeline or already on the market—against flu, RSV, HIV, malaria, cancer, allergies, heart disease, to name a few—this knowledge is as chilling as it is critical.”

It covers an explanation of some of the elements of virology and immunology such as the life cycle of a virus, immunity, cross-immunity and immune memory, and some evidence of fraud in Pfizer’s clinical trials.  It also covers the mechanisms by which the mRNA “vaccines” cause harm and the pathological evidence of the harm caused.  It then discusses the toxicity and spread through the body of the lipid nanoparticles that are an ingredient of the covid injections.

In more detail, the authors describe the adverse effects caused by mRNA injections under the categories of cardiac, thrombotic, neurological, immunological and reproductive.  Finally, an entire chapter is dedicated to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (“AIDS”). This chapter reveals that the misleading of the public has been going on for decades and that this has had devastating consequences globally:

Most people are not aware that the CDC – and the World Health Organisation, which follows its lead – defined two very different AIDS epidemics. There is one definition for Americans, Europeans, and other wealthy nations, and a very different definition for Africans, Asians, Latin Americans, etc. You get the picture.  The reason for this peculiar situation is that AIDS is completely different depending on where you live. So different in fact that the Reagan Administration urged the WHO to come up with a definition of AIDS in the “Third World.”

In 1985, at a conference in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, AIDS in Africa was defined as a grab bag of symptoms including fever, diarrhoea, persistent cough, and weight loss. To this list, tuberculosis was added in the mid-1990s. These long-recognised diseases of poverty and malnutrition remain the basis for making a diagnosis of AIDS in Africa to this day. Amazingly, HIV was not even part of the definition! Using the Bangui definition, it could be said that African AIDS has been around for hundreds of years.mRNA Vaccine Toxicity, AIDS & HIV: The Blueprint for the Perversion of Medical Science, Doctors for Covid Ethics, pg. 144

Catherine Austin Fitts wrote the afterword:

The certainty that mRNA technology kills and maims – and that this was known by those who made and released the covid-19 vaccinations – is priceless intelligence. Having this knowledge gives you the power to protect yourself and the people you love. Your doing so is of the utmost importance to the network of doctors, scientists, and researchers who have worked to understand and communicate these dangers.

Their cumulative sacrifice is their gift to you – freely given – so that you will choose to protect yourself and those you love and encourage others to do the same. As each of us passes this priceless gift on to other men and women, we increase the chances for good health and life – person by person, family by family, and community by community.

This is their hoped-for reward – that as a result of their contributions to science and medicine, you and those you love will live – and that your children will grow up healthy and fertile and produce future generations who are the same.

Choose life and help those you love do the same. Our future depends on it.mRNA Vaccine Toxicity, Afterword, pgs. 157 – 160

Please read the book and encourage others to do the same.

From all of us to D4CE and all those across the world from all walks of life who have stood up and spoken out for our benefit: From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

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