Never Forget the Government's J6 Political Prisoners

Never Forget the Government's J6 Political Prisoners

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The J6 political persecutions claimed another scalp when Guy Reffitt was sentenced to more than seven years in prison, even though he did not engage in any violence, nor enter the U.S. Capitol.  The outrageous punishment, the longest prison term yet handed down, appears to be government retribution for Reffitt's "hyperbolic statements" secretly recorded in his home by his teenage son.  So, once again, the D.C. Despots have thrown down the gauntlet against constitutionally protected free speech.

Of all the Leviathan's fiendish and reprehensible acts these last ten years (the IRS and DOJ's targeting of conservatives, the Hillary-Obama-FBI Russia collusion hoax designed to take down a sitting president, the Pentagon's forced experimental "vaccination" of servicemembers against their religious and conscientious objections, etc.), its no-holds-barred onslaught of malicious prosecutions and vengeful incarcerations against January 6 political protesters takes the cake.  The government's wildly inappropriate use of the FBI and courts to stamp out certain political speech and intimidate Americans into silence and compliance is such a blatantly un-American miscarriage of justice that it leaves me seething with anger.  It can't happen here?  It has happened here.  And the federal government's vindictive and authoritarian response to January 6 only adds to the voluminously accumulating proof that Washington is filled to the brim with sadistic tyrants who would have felt right at home in Stalin's Soviet Union.

I feel for every one of the Americans who have been made to suffer so that D.C. can huff and puff and make a show of its iron-fisted powers, intended to leave the rest of the country in a state of docility and fear.  From my point of view, all of these defendants, their families, and their friends deserve our thoughts and prayers.  There was a time when I might have been willing to concede that some random "trespasser" swept up in the passions of the moment went too far on January 6.  That time has long passed.

The harsher and more unmerciful the Gestapo has been in hunting down and persecuting patriotic Americans, the less willing I have become to care about what happened to Chuck Schumer's fax machine or Nancy Pelosi's morning liquor stash.  The more irrefutable the evidence showing the presence of government agents in the protest crowds stirring up trouble, the more J6 has looked like a government-run setup job, not an organic mob riot.  The more Congress's ignominious J6 Commission has preposterously insisted that the day's events were nothing less than an orchestrated conspiracy to overthrow the government of the United States, the more the whole affair has been reduced to a Machiavellian charade willed into existence by a cynical and desperate bureaucracy committed to using it as a vehicle for imprisoning Donald Trump and squeezing the life out of a MAGA political movement threatening the D.C. Establishment's cushy existence.

The more undeniable the proof showing that Ashli Babbitt was executed in cold blood and Rosanne Boyland was kicked and beaten to death, the more the government's preferred narratives surrounding the "Capitol attack" have sounded like pure propaganda.  Every time President-in-Name-Only Joe Biden and his known associates have lied to the country and falsely claimed that J6 protesters killed police officers that day, the more certain I have become that the government's heavy-handed response is irredeemably corrupt and illegitimate.  Every time Antifa and Black Lives Matter arsonists and vandals have committed real violence against innocent civilians and walked away without so much as a slap on the wrist, the more furious I have become at D.C.'s two-tiered system of politicized "justice."

I have no doubts that the unscrupulous Washington syndicate intends for us to see and understand the two-tiered criminal justice system as unmistakable proof of its absolute power.  If we are livid about what we see, then the D.C. Despots using J6 to punish their political enemies are giddy.  If we are eager to point out the hypocritical ways in which Washington's "ruling class" showers leftist rioters with praise while condemning anyone even remotely connected to the rallies on January 6 as a "terrorist," that cabal of sanctimonious frauds couldn't care less.  They want us to know they hate us.  They want us to know that they have power.  They want us to believe that we have none.  It's a dangerous game.

As a recent study attests, hardly anybody showed up to the political rallies on January 6, 2021, with even the smallest inclination to engage in what the media and political classes have assured Americans was a full-blown "insurrection."  After two years of being falsely labeled "terrorists," "extremists," and "insurrectionists," though, many Americans will never view the federal government favorably again.  The way Congress and the U.S. military unapologetically discarded and dishonored Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran, while extolling her murderer as a hero, has not been lost on Americas' warriors.  Babbitt's execution — both physically and reputationally — was a shot in the heart to any American patriot who would have eagerly run into danger for America's defense before the D.C. collective sought to sully her memory and good name.  Is it any wonder, then, why the military is struggling to find new recruits?

Washington's permanent bureaucracy may be quite happy to leave Americans stewing in a wasteland of ineffectual apathy and impotent anger.  But what happens when the D.C. Club rubs so much salt in Americans' open wounds that anger becomes nothing less than righteous and unremitting rage?  Washington instigators have inflamed tensions and pushed the "insurrection" lie for so long that one day Americans may finally give them what they so desperately seek.  What happens then?  Well, whatever happens, it won't take place in one of Adam Schiff's Soviet show-trial committee hearings.

I want to draw your attention to the words of Nicole Reffitt, J6 political prisoner Guy Reffitt's wife.  Nicole, who walked to the courthouse hand-in-hand with Ashli Babbitt's mourning mother, delivered a poignant statement to the press after Guy's stiff sentencing:

We didn't expect anything more from the two-tiered justice system here in the D.C. area.  There's not going to be a 1-6er who will not be persecuted for their political ideology.  No matter if you're a liberal, an independent, a Republican, this is not OK.  The way that people protest in the future will be determined on their political ideology, if it's OK to charge them or not to charge them. ...

He went that day because the United States is the last great stand we have.  And if we allow our country to be driven into the ground by the corrupt, evil politicians here in this city, one day at your kitchen table the FBI is going to come in and tell you that you stood up at the school board meeting and you are now a domestic terrorist.

So wake up, America.  This isn't just about Guy Weley Reffitt.  This isn't just about 1-6.  This is about our liberties being stomped on.

We have thoughtcrimes, State-decreed lies, and political gulags haunting America — a triumvirate of tyranny that now heralds the Washington way.  It is the federal government's behavior — not the actions of J6 political protesters — that should stir in the blood of every American an uneasy sense that something within our nation is terribly amiss.

Think about Nicole's words.  Think about what they mean for America's future.  Think about what they mean for America's place as a refuge for liberty unmatched and unknown across much of the world.  Remember everyone unjustly punished for thought and speech "crimes" on January 6.  Do...not...ever...forget.

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