New digital ‘money’ will mark the end of First Amendment, Second Amendment, and all human freedom

New digital ‘money’ will mark the end of First Amendment, Second Amendment, and all human freedom

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Leo Hohmann

The beast system is at the very precipice of coming into existence; its digital fences are being erected right under our noses.

World Economic Forum members are giddy about the “progress” being made toward global “digital cash” as governments around the globe prepare for full-blown cashless societies.

During the WEF’s summer meeting in China last month, attendees just could not contain their excitement about the rapid advancement of central bank digital currencies or “CBDCs.”

CBDC’s are programmable tokens operated on a blockchain platform powered by artificial intelligence that will result in the gradual end of all human freedom. Your freedom of movement, and your freedom to make purchases of products or services the government and its corporate partners consider dangerous to the environment, dangerous to public health, or for any other reason, will become easily regulated, restricted and outright banned.

Don’t forget what Dr. Pippa Malmgren said just over a year ago in March 2022 at the World Government Summit.

The recently concluded WEF summer meeting in Tianjin, China, was attended by more than 1,500 government, corporate, and academic leaders, including a large delegation from Saudi Arabia. According to the Financial Times, the 24-member delegation includes six ministers and several vice-ministers. The Saudis are positioning themselves to be prime-time global players in financial technology, or fintech.

One of the main topics to come up was how the WEF’s agenda can be leveraged in “cashless societies” through the use of central bank digital currencies.

One eye-opening discussion at the WEF summit involved comments by Cornell Professor Eswar Prasad, who advocated governments using CBDCs to control citizens’ purchases. Listen below:

You heard him. The eminent professor named “ammunition” in the same breath as pornography and drugs as “less desirable” products, and CBDC’s would allow governments to “program” their money in such a way that these products become impossible to purchase. In the case of drugs and pornography, I think many would agree. Shut it down. But ammunition?

So it appears the globalists are already conniving to use digital money as an end-run around the First Amendment, the Second Amendment and other bedrock freedoms Americans and other Westerners have grown accustomed to. Yeah, you still have the right to own a firearm, but without ammunition that firearm has now been rendered useless. The same restrictions could be placed on purchases of real farm-raised meat, gasoline for your car, natural gas for your kitchen stove, anything the government didn’t want you to have, it could simply program the digital money as non-applicable for those purchases.

They could edge out the First Amendment in the same way. If you speak out against any facet of the globalist agenda, whether it be their radical climate policies or their hideous plan to de-gender the children, you could get docked on your social-credit score and all of a sudden the digital tokens in your bank account start to disappear, or “expire,” or are no longer functional outside of a certain geographical area or at certain types of stores.

Chinese Premier Li Qiang warned at the June 27-29 summit that there will be more public health crises, which he suggested will bring new opportunities to advance the globalist agenda. This makes it so obvious, for anyone who is paying attention, why the globalists want to shift sovereignty over “public health emergencies” from national governments to the United Nations World Health Organization, a matter that will be voted on at the WHO’s World Health Assembly in May 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland.

“COVID-19 will not be the last public health crisis humanity faces,” Qiang said, adding: “Global public health governance needs to be enhanced.”

Notice, they aren’t asking us what we think. We the people at the grassroots level in all of the nations of the world are being bypassed. Well guess what? They can pass anything they want in Geneva but that doesn’t mean we have to comply. Their power over us is null and void because we never assented to be governed by any foreign entity, or any entity in Washington that operates outside the bounds of the U.S. Constitution. We simply refuse to comply. Of course this means we won’t be qualified to accept any of their benefits. No Social Security checks. No government-subsidized healthcare or food or anything else. I’ve already made my decision. You’ll have to make yours. It basically will boil down to a choice between life as a comfortable slave or a not-so-comfortable free human being, who retains his/her free will in all matters of life.


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Dylan Eleven |

The above video the gentlemen outlines the links between companies and the operating system they have tested to manage the programable digital tokens.  

Quant is the company that worked with the BIS test project, they explain on thier website how these tokens work and that they are designed to be able to have their behaviour controlled.

It is not a theory that they will be able to restrict what we do with these token digital assets. They are stating it directly. See thier website for yourself at

Here are some screen shots from their website clearly showing their goal is to be able to control what you do with these tokens:


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