Next Pandemic Propaganda: “Disease X” Is Coming Very Soon | Do Not Comply With Any Future Measures, Under Any Circumstances

Next Pandemic Propaganda: “Disease X” Is Coming Very Soon | Do Not Comply With Any Future Measures, Under Any Circumstances

Next Pandemic Propaganda: The “Big One,” Nipah, Ebola and Marburg, SARS1, Machupo, “Vampire Virus”, Disease X.

Dr. William Makis

I read 11 mainstream media Propaganda articles so you don’t have to. I’ll cut right through the BS.

Next Pandemic (“Disease X”) is coming very soon (my guess, within a few months)

It will be blamed on “Climate Change”, causing a jump from animals to humans.

The media is conditioning the public to expect something “exotic”, hence the stories of “vampire virus”, “new viruses discovered”, “Disease X” and so on.

Disease X will apparently claim 50 million lives (a 2018 Simulation Exercise run by Johns Hopkins called “Clade X” claimed 150 million lives over 20 months)

Candidates for Disease X: 

Nipah is most attractive but it’s also too obvious. Why it’s attractive:

  • has non-specific respiratory symptoms, neurologic symptoms or can be asymptomatic, with symptoms appearing 4-14 days after exposure(perfect for propaganda purposes of “asymptomatic spread” requiring mRNA vaccination – because you don’t know who was exposed, so everyone must get vaccinated)
  • fruit bat is natural host (can bring in “climate change” argument)
  • 45-75% fatality rate
  • 2011 Matt Damon movie “Contagion” was based on this exact kind of imagined paramyxovirus.
  • Moderna & NIH already have an mRNA Nipah Vaccine mRNA-1215 in Trials since July 2022.

Disease X could be Nipah or even more likely, a related paramyxovirus. They could then say the mRNA Nipah vaccine works for Disease X as well. They keep saying that COVID-19 and Influenza have been “sequenced to death” but there is still a mystery surrounding paramyxoviruses.

CEPI (formed by WEF and Gates Foundation) has a strategy to get new mRNA vaccines out within 100 days. This is what the next pandemic is all about.

Starting Nov.6, 2023, CDC is expanding respiratory viral surveillance of international travellers with 360,000 “anonymous volunteers” taking nasal samples and testing for 30 pathogens, covering flights from 135 countries. This is probably the most ominous news I’ve read yet.

Happening at 4 US airports: Kennedy International Airport, San Francisco Airport, Logan International Airport and Dulles Airport.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be employed to “predict” evolution of Disease X variants. Could be an interesting way to bring AI into healthcare.

Articles push the idea of a “Globally co-ordinated Pandemic Response” with “designated vaccine manufacturing sites around the world” ensuring “vaccine equity” (everyone gets the poison). This is where the new WHO Pandemic Treaty comes in (I’ll cover it in a future article). 

“The world may soon encounter a new paramyxovirus that’s both highly transmissible and ultra deadly—an “absolutely catastrophic” scenario that could dwarf the death toll of any epidemic in recent memory.”
“Imagine Disease X is as infectious as measles with the fatality rate of Ebola [67%]. Somewhere in the world, it’s replicating, and sooner or later, somebody will start feeling sick”
“The world will have to prepare for mass vaccination drives and deliver the doses in record time.”

This is what they’re telegraphing. Do not comply with any future measures, under any circumstances.

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