No One More Responsible For LGBT-Pride Backlash Than Trudeau

No One More Responsible For LGBT-Pride Backlash Than Trudeau

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In no way is it a unique phenomenon. The modus operandi goes like this:

First, create the circumstances which assure a maximization of social consternation. Next, position government as the remedy for the problem. Utilize media to position all forms of questioning  or push-back as acts of “hate.”

No one in Canada plays this game better than PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government.

CAP offer two examples to illustrate. First, the so-called scourge that is “Islamophobia.” From the get-go, Trudeau floods Canada with Muslim migrants from Islamic nations. When Canadians refuse to buy all that Team Trudeau are selling, all forms of criticism are funneled into the category of hate.

The same applies to the LGBT-Pride debacle that has permeated society since the day Justin Trudeau was placed into office. Don’t want the Pride Flag raised at city hall? That’s “hate” according to government. Refuse to send your child to school on the first day of Pride Month? Also “hate” by way of LGBT advocates.

The pushers of fundamentalist religion and gender transition have something critical in common. Every element of non-acceptance is an act of hate. In other words, one can remain passive– for example, staying at home on Raise The Pride Flag Day– and by-default it constitutes an act of hate.

It’s a lie– but one with a purpose.  Through this social dynamic, Justin Trudeau transitions Canada to a nation of victimhood. Those who suffer most are those who most accumulate power. An inverted, dysfunctional social dynamic perpetuated by a dysfunctional prime minister.

For what purpose? Cultural Action Party offer some thoughts in this regard. Let’s say, hypothetically, that there was no “Islamophobia” or “Homophobia.” Expanding on the concept, let us assume our nation currently exists in a condition of relative social harmony.

On this basis, what would government utilize to transform Canada away from its historical foundation as a free and democratic society? What tools or weapons could be leveraged to, for example, restrict freedom of speech on the internet?

There would be none. Therefore, in order to control a society, it is necessary for certain degree of social chaos to exist. Why, if they chose to, a government could even manufacture the material needed to take absolute control of a nation and its peoples.

This, fellow patriots, is Justin Trudeau. It is Liberal Minister of Gender, Marci Ien. It’s Minister of Multiculturalism Ahmed Hussen, as well as Minister of Heritage, Pablo Rodriguez.

It’s China, World Economic Forum, Nation of Islam, Media, Academia. We speak of the very essence of the “Woke Revolution,” and it’s spiteful, anti-Anglophone representatives within our Liberal government.

“Transphobia, biphobia, homophobia, they’re all on the rise. It’s been difficult to watch people and institutions still continue to reject who you are, to try to deny members of our communities the rights to be seen and heard and celebrated.” - Justin Trudeau

And which public figure, more than yourself, has brought this anti-social condition to Canada? The answer is no one. Justin Trudeau is queen of social problem manifestation, only to pretend that he is also it’s saviour.

It’s a despicable act– a real stab-in-the-back, but it gets the job done. It’s the way communist agitators roll, of which this Trudeau character is Canada’s leading advocate.

Manufacturing social chaos to justify clamping down on individual freedoms.  Straight outta Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto it is.

Racism, Homophobia, Islamophobia, Transphobia. These accusations are nothing more than an excuse to erode the rights of individual Canadians for the purpose of transitioning our country to a neo-communist state.

Justin’s a commie, as was so-called father Pierre Trudeau. [and so was his real father Fidel Castro] If not for media obfuscation, Canadians would by now understand this fundamental aspect of our national undoing. Justin Trudeau knowingly creates social conflict as justification to destroy our freedoms and re-launch Canada as a neo-dictatorship.

Islamophobia and Homophobia are opposite sides of the same coin. Though incongruous in ideology, they serve a similar purpose as weapons of Justin Trudeau’s war against a national heritage which at the baseline, he hates.

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