Open cheating in French elections


Election fraud in France.
The screenshot was taken 30 minutes before the end of voting. She was on the verge of winning. 30 minutes later, she lost by a margin of over 10%.

Did LePen take a fall, like Trump by conceding??

Jim Stone- This said, Trump is a traitor too, and Le Pen as well. It's all a Sadducee vs. Pharisee theater, with gullible sheeples as spectators !

Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) working its "magic" during the elections in the US, Canada, and yesterday in France.
Look at the Le Pen numbers: more than 14,4 million at 21h20, and then, o miracle, at 22h45 she had only 11,6 million votes left. This is clearly impossible. In any case, worst case, she should have stayed at these 14,6 million, and Macron should have gained extra millions of votes from Overseas voters. But 2/3 of those are Le Pen voters. So what happened? How did Macron get some 5 million more votes AFTER 22h45. Impossible! It is obvious that millions of LePen votes got eliminated from the count in between 21h20 and 22h45 to make up "in advance" the previsible loss of Macron after the Overseas count. ... Wake up !

Look, it started off as a Le Pen win, but then the infamous algorithm took 3 million votes out, flipping them to Macron, or, worse, simply eliminating them from the count !!!   It it not me, but the News Networks who give the numbers. Just start to think. All electronically managed elections are fraud ! We are all gullible sheeple, casting votes for nothing !