Organized Groups Plot Our Downfall Under Cover Of Woke Idealism And Climate Change

Organized Groups Plot Our Downfall Under Cover Of Woke Idealism And Climate Change


Are You Ready to Live with Less?

Allan J. Feifer

It’s positively diabolical: organized groups of people plot our downfall under cover of woke idealism and climate change.  We’ve discovered some of what’s happening, but not everything has yet broken through to a level of consciousness for some of us.  In the 5th century BC, Sun Tzu penned The Art of War, and much of what he had to say applies to our situation today.  Please read these ancient words of wisdom with the belief that bad actors actively work against us daily.  They intend to destroy your world and mine.  If you read this piece to the end, you will better understand and grasp the enormity of the challenges we face:

  1. All warfare is based on deception.”  Many Americans don’t understand, or generally cannot accept that we are at war with domestic and foreign enemies.  We pursue civility and tolerance against enemies whose sole rule is “the ends justify the means.”
  2. When the general is weak and without authority; when his orders are not clear and distinct; when there are no fixed duties assigned to officers and men, and the ranks are formed in a slovenly haphazard manner, the result is utter disorganization.”  Our leaders are more dedicated to the acquisition of power and control than to the defense of the people and Constitution they swore to serve.  We are vulnerable and defenseless before our enemies; anything else is a false sense of security.
  3. Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”  Sun Tzu’s penultimate tactic was to benumb those nations and people he coveted.  Sadly, we are that nation and those people as we seek pleasure and other distractions while our enemies plot our subjugation.
  4. In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”  A divided America is our enemy’s playground.  With the focus of our people on material things and false beliefs in our safety, we are ripe targets for those that care, not what we think or desire.  The Destroyers of our country and our way of life are everywhere, and our lack of care, attention, and knowledge emboldens them mightily.
  5. Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.”  If you picked one behemoth of disaster of this current administration, it would likely be the Green New Deal, and that’s our “golden bridge”.  We’re surrounded, and given the choice of a lifeline instead of a last stand — but it still leads to death.  Biden has placed his massive bet on this theme, encompassing everything from transportation, education, medicine, and families into our “escape.”  But such a lose-lose process will inevitably result in an entirely different America, and I suspect an eventual subjugation by China.
  6. The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy so that he cannot fathom our real intent.”  It is difficult to understand all the moving pieces of our ever-changing lives.  Like a game of Jenga, we build on that which is not stable, unaware of the foundation being dismantled through the actions of the Destroyers.  Repeated attacks on healthy sexuality, the family unit, objective right and wrong — the basis of traditional American culture — constantly undermine a society with any future.
  7. Great results can be achieved with small forces.”  We understand how to fight asymmetric warfare, as I see it played out against us by the Destroyers.  Are there not enough of us who can see that and dispel the lies of the minority before it is too late?
  8. Begin by seizing something which your opponent holds dear; then he will be amenable to your will.”  Clearly, our children are the pawns in our enemy’s game.  Too many of us are willing to place our children upon the altar of public education without thought or concern, and with a communist indoctrination, it may be our children who betray us; God forgive them.  The Destroyers, who appear to us as sheep in wolf’s clothing, have thoroughly brainwashed our future generations.
  9. If his forces are united, separate them.”  Our country’s divisions, clearly and thoroughly on display, prove that we are ripe for a fall.  We cannot continue as a house divided.
  10. To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”  This last is truly the worst.  So many of us have already decided to turn and run, trying to save what we can — our youth, our decadence, our convenience— and it’s all firmly in the Destroyers’ bag.  Too many have been made fearful by concocted issues of race, climate change, and geopolitics that no longer favor us.

Sun Tzu is required reading in military circles because his advice taught effective and merciless tactics of war, not civics; for that, we have to go elsewhere.

People in Finland say the secret to good planning is knowing when you have enough.  Note, the operative word here is “people” — not the government.  Historically, conservatism leads to stability, prosperity, upholding individual rights, and the creation of broadly held wealth.  It leads to an almost ethereal understanding of what the Finns call “enough.”

It is essential to recognize that fascism, communism, and autocracies (invariably militaristic), lead in the opposite direction of “enough” — rather these schemes usher in deprivation, control of the population, instability, depression among the populace, and tyranny.

Americans are known for many things worldwide, largely positive until recently.  Stability is the stablemate of conservatism.  But today, we’ve moved from leading the world to the beginning of Third World status.  Our global power and positive influence are on the wane, and we obviously can’t keep our house in order; the world has witnessed our decline and is justly concerned our guarantees can’t be relied on much longer.  This is causing massive geopolitical changes in alliances which we see playing out before our eyes.

Recently, perhaps for the first time, our country’s position as the world’s reserve currency has been successfully challenged by China.  Why are countries hostile to the U.S. willing to substitute the Renminbi (Chinese Yuan) as the standard means of international exchange vs. the American dollar?  Such action would end America’s economic dominance, striking at us as the strategic protector, and destroying the American dollar — it would be catastrophic.

The American Dollar became the main reserve currency solely due to its stability.  When enough nations think our country is unstable, they’ll align with countries they believe to be more stable, even ascendant.

That cost will result in ever-higher transaction costs, higher interest rates at a time of massive borrowing, and an inability to influence currency markets as we do today.  Most importantly, our international standing will experience a reduction of our diplomatic power across the board from trade, freedom of navigation, and political and military alliances.

We will be forced to get by with much less as we live in someone else’s new reality.  But remember, such a future remains a choice today, not an inevitability.  Living on one’s back is unacceptable to millions — time for new tactics.

God Bless America!

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