Our Governments Want WWIII To Hide Vaccine Genocide

Our Governments Want WWIII To Hide Vaccine Genocide

Dylan Eleven • Truth11.com 

Our governments are all connected.  They work for the same people and are aligned with the same goals. They may pretend to be on different sides, yes, even Putin; and they certainly want war between us all, but make no mistake they are all on the same team behind the scenes. 

• They all promoted the covid lie. 
• They all pushed genocidal “vaccines” on their own populations.
• They all want digital passports and currencies to control us. 
• And they all want war to hide their vaccine genocide and further their goal of depopulation.

A global war also is a way to silence the masses and get them 100% focused on the world war III effort.  They will ensure this focus by installing the military draft world-wide.  

They want war not only to hide the dropping of the vaccinated walking dead, but also to try to depopulate the un-vaccinated who resisted their evil plot.

All controlled by digital passports, digital IDs and digital currencies.  

The first and second world wars were directly after a mass vaccination campaign that killed millions. The third will be come swiftly now as they have already performed vaccine genocide and the clock is ticking as the masses are waking up.  

Do not go to battle for them, do not accept the draft.  It is never legal and still requires your consent. Never give it.

Prepare for the worst, plan for the best.

Do not comply.