Passing On The Liability Of The Fake Pandemic And Vaccine Genocide To Three Groups

Passing On The Liability Of The Fake Pandemic And Vaccine Genocide To Three Groups

Dylan Eleven • 

They have passed on the liability of the worlds most complex genocidal campaigns of all time, onto 3 categories of people. The ones actually performing the actions against our liberties and rights, and the ones who actually performed the genocide. 

Those chosen to fall for the fake pandemic and subsequent vaccine genocide are legally responsible as far as the government is concerned.

These are the 3 that will fall legally in some countries.  Or at least how they have planned.

  1. The Retail Store Owner, Manager and Employee

2.  The Police Officer And The One Who Gave The Order


3. The One Who Pushed In The Needle

Not the government.

The Retail Store

Mask mandates, social distancing, store closures, and all retail covid responses were legally considered a recommendation from our governments.  Not an order.  In their recommendation they clearly passed the liability on to the individual store and employee who is asking you to put on a mask. The government claims they have no responsibility for any damage caused by their recommendation.   The only people who can be sued legally is the retail employee, manager and store owner.

In Canada for example see this PDF

The Police Officer

Similarly to the retail employee, all liability up the chain of command and in the upper brass has been passed onto the police officer who directly violated a persons human rights in the name of Covid response, and the person who gave the direct order.

This violation puts the police officer in a position where they are obeying illegal orders, are going against their oath of office, and are personally liable in a civil law suit based upon international law for human rights violations.

See this article for more information:

Human rights legislation is individual liability
Dylan Eleven | With police shutting down or fining business and individuals, human rights taken away illegally and coercion to get a deadly experimental vaccine with consequences if we don’t. We need a clear way to understand our rights and what we can do legally to fight back.

The Needle Pusher

And now the governments are clearly stating that it was the doctor, nurse or pharmacist that have the ultimate liability as they are required to give informed consent.   

The government can ironically use the Nuremberg code against the doctors and nurses.

But regardless of the lability of the above three mentioned groups; it matters not their scheming legalized attempt at dodging the consequences of their genocidal actions.  

They have performed genocide.  They will be held accountable.

The legal defence of this obvious deceit will not stand up to the truth of their actions in the court of the people. 

In addition the realization by the above three groups that they are the intended scape goats for the largest genocide on earth should empower them to act accordingly. Wake the fuck up, police, army and doctors, for example. Firstly to cease and desist these actions, then speak out and finally try to make amends. 

As the article below suggests.

Doctors it's time to save some lives for a change. Police, do your job and arrest the genocidal maniacs.

We have been calling for these actions since early 2020.

Who Will Be Blamed For Harmful Covid-19 Vaccines? ‘It May be Time to Speak Up…’ says Dr Tess Lawrie.

The Expose | Patricia Harrity

Although doctors and other medical professionals may be expecting that their actions of the last four years in relation to the use of the dangerous Covid jab, will be defended by politicians, health and regulatory authorities etc, they may be in for a shock, says Dr Tess Lawrie. Doctors, it seems, will instead be the scapegoats “for when the anger and distress of ordinary men and women can no longer be contained” and Dr Lawrie urges the health professional who now realise the harms caused by these jabs, to speak up now.

Who Will Be Blamed For Harmful Covid-19 Vaccines? It may be time to speak up.

Dr Tess Lawrie |

What the Prime Minister said

On GB News last week, the UK’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak confirmed what many of us have suspected – that the Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ buck may stop with doctors…

Here is the clip where the PM says to a vaccine-injured man that: “At the point when it came to the vaccine, those decisions were always taken on medical advice, from medical tell us as politicians who are obviously not doctors about how best to roll out the vaccine, what was in the public interest […]. That was something the doctors recommended on and that’s something we followed.”

What the General Medical Council said

In a further revelation, the General Medical Council (GMC) confirmed that, rather than being accountable to the doctors that it contracts with, or the public it is supposed to protect, it is accountable to parliament!

In case, like me, you had been wondering, this clearly explains why the GMC is responsive to political, and not evidence-based and ethical, directives. Despite unprecedented levels of concerns being raised by doctors and the public about the safety of the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’, the GMC continues to ‘investigate’ ethical doctors for raising the alarm about the dangerous jabs and for putting patients’ health and wellbeing first.

You may recall my letter to the CEO of the GMC, Mr Charlie Massey, from October 2023, where I informed him that I would be withholding further fees until the GMC has rectified the breach in contract with doctors. Whilst I never received a response, I have received notification that my name is to be erased from the GMC register.

In my conversation with James Freeman on TNT Radio this week, we talked about how the blame may well be shifted to doctors, who most likely thought they were doing the right thing by following emergency orders. Here is the relevant segment of the interview:

What Dr June Raine of the Medicines Healthcare Product Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said

Included in her response to our June 2021 Urgent Report on the Yellow Card Scheme vaccine data highlighting unprecedented Covid-19 vaccine adverse reactions (ADRs), Dr June Raine, head of the MHRA dismissed our suggestion that the Covid-19 vaccine ADRs may be under-reported, claiming: “…there is high public awareness of the Yellow Card scheme and the reporting of suspected reactions.”

I haven’t met a member of the public who knows anything about the Yellow Card Scheme. Neither have I met many doctors who know much about it. Instead of public awareness campaigns to notify people and doctors about the risks of the novel jabs and the importance of reporting suspicions of harms to the (onerous) Yellow Card Scheme, people and health professionals were bombarded with messages about ‘safe and effective’ vaccines and gaslit into taking and giving them.

I have since asked clinical colleagues if they received regular emails highlighting the need to report ADRs, given the novel nature of these Covid-19 ‘vaccines’. Here are some responses:

As a GP (retired in November) I never received any communication regarding yellow card notifications. In 30 years of medical practice I had probably only sent one or two yellow card reports. Following the Covid- 19 ‘vaccine’ I sent at least 15 reports to the MHRA.”

“No, I never received any emails or any encouragement to use the yellow card system… never used it before in my life and used it at least 4x with the covid vaccine and then stopped reporting as it was too time consuming…”

“The most common response from any medical professional I am given is: “What’s a yellow card?”

“I am a surgeon, so not involved in the unethical practice of giving untried experimental shots, but would have seen any warnings that they were to be used cautiously. There were none. It’s no excuse anyway. The childhood cry of ‘but my big brother told me to do it’ was always met with ‘and if he told you to jump off a cliff, would you do that too?’”

To get an idea of how onerous is it to report an adverse Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ reaction to the Yellow Card Scheme, take a look here.

Last thoughts…

Doctors and other health professionals may believe that politicians, ‘health’ authorities, professional bodies, and regulatory agencies will defend their actions of the past four years in relation to the use of experimental and dangerous Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ in men, women and children. However, I fear they may be in for a nasty shock. As the UK’s PM clearly demonstrated, it seems that doctors are the pre-ordained scapegoats for when the anger and distress of ordinary men and women can no longer be contained.

If you are a doctor or other health professional who has realised that the Covid-19 injections are indeed causing harm – harms such as myocarditis, amyloidosis, rapid cancers, cognitive decline, blood clots and sudden, unexpected deaths – and if you are wondering what to do, I urge you to speak up now or forever hold your peace.


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