Pfizer was Secretly Manufacturing the Deadly Drug REMDESIVIR

Pfizer was Secretly Manufacturing the Deadly Drug REMDESIVIR

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Pfizer Whistleblower Leaks Documents Proving Pfizer was Secretly Manufacturing the Deadly Drug REMDESIVIR


Dr. Fauci and his partners-in-crime all knew that Remdesivir does nothing whatsoever to prevent or attenuate or in any way treat a respiratory disease, but they all knew full well as per the disastrous Ebola trial that this deadly drug would rapidly induce renal failure.

When they deliberately pushed intubation as a PSYOP-19 hospital protocol, they also all knew full well that the fluids rising up through the lungs from the Remdesivir-caused kidney failure would in turn be pressurized by the ventilators in a fatal combination protocol therapy which could then be easily classified as “death from COVID pneumonia.”

Now we have proof that the maker of the slow kill bioweapon injections was also behind this democidal hospital protocol that drove the excess mortality higher such that they could leverage these associated deaths to get far more Modified mRNA “vaccine” servings into the populace.

This additional evidence further establishes that the “pandemic” Crimes Against Humanity were carefully orchestrated by a select few players that knew precisely what they were doing all along.

Do NOT comply.

Before getting to the damning receipts proving that Pfizer was always behind the manufacture of the deadly drug Remdesivir, here is proof that our whistleblower is in fact who she says she is:

Pfizer badge:

Résumé (picture and address redacted, and the surname updated since her recent marriage):

Some backstory on how Pfizer was able to clandestinely manufacture Remdesivir is in order before disclosing the evidence: 

Hospira was an American global pharmaceutical and medical device company with around 19,000 employees before it was acquired on September 3, 2015 by Pfizer. Pfizer would then go on to use Hospira as a front company for their various shadowy dealings, not limited to Remdesivir.

Our whistleblower described the Hospira/Pfizer scheme as follows:

Yes, they still would put Hospira labels on things. But Pfizer bought Hospira in 2015. Pfizer wouldn’t put their label on it, we would send it out made, but not labeled and Gilead would put their label on it.

The proof:


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