Pharma-controlled FDA advisory panel unanimously endorsed use of Pfizer and Moderna health-destroying kill shots for infants and young children

Infanticide-Supporting NYT
Stephen Lendman

On Wednesday, a Pharma-controlled FDA advisory panel unanimously endorsed use of Pfizer and Moderna health-destroying kill shots for infants and young children.

Pfizer kill shots are recommended for children aged-6 months to five years.

For Moderna’s, it’s for kids aged six-months to age-6.

For both Pharma profiteers, the FDA endorsed what’s crucial to shun — what’s all about escalating depopulation more than already.

What’s next is virtually certain.

There’s no doubt that the Pharma-controlled CDC will rubber-stamp what the FDA recommended.

There’s also no ambiguity about how kill shots destroy health and shorten life spans.

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about them.

Based on officially reported VAERS data by the CDC and what the European Medicines Agency reported, millions of jabbed individuals were irreparably harmed by kill shots.

Many thousands died. Jabbed individuals in all age groups have been adversely affected, none protected.

Since mass-jabbing began, there’s been a 7,500% increase in known cancer cases — along with greatly increased numbers of heart and other diseases.

For individuals jabbed two or more times, the risk of stroke is over 11,000% greater.

Weeks earlier, Dr. Vernon Coleman slammed the notion of mass-jabbing children “with an experimental drug that doesn’t work and isn’t safe or necessary,” adding:

Authorities throughout the West and elsewhere are “steadfastly ignoring the damage done by (flu)/covid jabs and finding dozens of new explanations for the epidemic of myocarditis, strokes, hepatitis and death following in the wake of all those hugely profitable jabbing sprees.”

“All warfare (at home and abroad) is based on deception, and this is warfare so deception is inevitable.”

US/Western regimes — in cahoots with their anti-public health handmaidens and MSM press agents — “faked a pandemic.”

It exists only among jabbed individuals. Unjabbed ones are profoundly safer.

They “faked a (PCR) test, and they faked a cure,” Coleman stressed — knowing they’re both “ineffective and dangerous.”

“(W)hat sort of monsters” are behind what’s gone and continues unchecked — with all-out MSM support instead of exposing and denounced the mother of all state-sponsored scams with unparalleled depopulation in mind.

Coleman stressed what other truth-telling medical and scientific experts explained since 2020.

What’s called covid is “common or garden rebranded, expensively marketed flu.”

They’re one in the same with two names, their symptoms identical.

The potential danger of PCR testing is ignored.

According to peer-reviewed science, they caused “cerebrospinal fluid leaking from their noses… meningitis (and) deaths” — while proving nothing no matter the test’s result because of how it’s administered, with producing false positives in mind.

Anyone taking them without objection “needs to have their head examined,” said Coleman.

Of course, the vast majority of people know little or nothing more than what they’re told by so-called talking head TV experts, ruling regime officials and MSM co-conspirators.

Mass-jabbing for garden variety flu renamed covid is the mother of all crimes against humanity — gone unpunished instead of the other way around.

Along with other MSM press agents for wealth, power and privilege — including Pharma profiteers — the NYT endorsed use of kill shots for infants aged-6 months as well kids aged-5 and younger.

Sweeping science under the rug, the Times continues sticking with the fabricated official narrative about a pandemic that doesn’t exist.

And it again defied science by falsely claiming that mass-jabbing — with experimental, inadequately tested, hazardous to health shots — is beneficial and protects when indisputable facts proved otherwise.

It lied claiming that leaving infants and young children unjabbed so far left them “unshielded (sic).”

It lied about more scariant than variant omicron — ignoring that all flu/covid strains are virtually alike, differences among them too minor to matter.

And it lied claiming that unjabbed infants and young children are at risk of “devastating” harm from flu/covid when polar opposite is true.

It lied about numbers of deaths from the viral illness.

The true toll is a tiny fraction of falsely reported/grossly inflated numbers — proliferated by MSM to fear-monger maximum numbers of people to unwittingly self-inflict harm, based on the false promise of protection not gotten.

To its disgrace like countless times before, the NYT called endorsement of health-destroying kill shots for infants and young children by an FDA advisory panel “welcome news (sic),” adding:

The move is “long overdue (sic).”

More bald-faced Big Lies followed including the following rubbish:

Mass-jabbing with health-destroying kill shots “could sav(e) lives (of infants and) children from being cut short by disease (sic).”

Kill shots “could have prevented an estimated 300,000 (flu)/covid deaths in the US between January 2021 and April 2022 if all eligible adults had” been jabbed (sic).

“Many millions (of unjabbed individuals) needlessly endured a harrowing illness with physical, mental and economic consequences (sic).”

“The evidence is clear (sic).”

“(B)enefits of (kill shots) outweigh any potential risks (sic).”

So-called “clinical trials” were rife with fraud. Pfizer was caught red-handed.

Instead of “sav(ing) lives and avert(ing) harm,” kill shots have been and continue to be responsible for the other way around.

A Final Comment

Days earlier, Health Impact News (HIN) asked the following:

“How many deaths and injuries” are likely in infants and young children if kill shots are approved for this age group?

“Could we be looking at 1 million cases filed in VAERS of (flu/covid jabbing) injuries and deaths for this (6 months to aged-5) age group within the first year?”

“It would certainly fit in with the plans of the eugenicists who believe the world’s population needs to drastically decrease to save the planet.”

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