Planned Financial Collapse Seeks To Put All Banks Under One Controlled “Umbrella”

Planned Financial Collapse Seeks To Put All Banks Under One Controlled “Umbrella”  |  Belle Carter

(Natural News) Political analyst and public speaker Jim Price believes the collapse of Credit Suisse and other mega-banks is intentionally done to allow globalists to control the movements of money in the market, including purchases.

“This is one of the problems we’re seeing with the credit and banking industry. They are warning that a lot of these banks will fail because they want to put everything under one umbrella and then that way they can control what you can spend your money on,”  he said during the March 20 episode of “The Jim Price Show” on Brighteon.TV.

“This is a purposeful collapse and the central banks want all this to happen so you get scared, and would make your money disappear.”

He also touched on the $3.2 billion takeover of Credit Suisse by its rival UBS, which was forcefully assisted by the Swiss government. Alongside this takeover, holders of additional tier 1 (AT1) bonds were angered as their investments were written as zero – effectively rendering their bonds worthless.

“They go in there and collapse these banks and money just evaporates out of thin air,” Price said.

UCC quietly being introduced in red states to usher in CBDC

Price also discussed another news story about several state lawmakers secretly introducing amendments to existing laws that would pave the way for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). He noted that state legislatures used to rail against CBDCs, but not anymore “because this is the brand they could control.

According to a report by Glenn Beck, legislators from several states and the District of Columbia are deliberating bills that would introduce CBDC into their areas of jurisdiction. These simultaneous legislature moves are said to be due to the appearance of bills introducing the Universal Commercial Code (UCC).

The UCC is designed to make it increasingly easier for companies to transact business across state lines and for states to harmonize laws regulating businesses. The prospect of CBDCs being adopted is sneakily introduced alongside it.

“We’re going to be the guys who make up laws. If passed by states, it would homogenize regulations across state lines. This means they will have full power and they are going to make up UCC and everybody’s gonna abide by it,” Price pointed out. “Reality is, it’s about ultimate control.”

He ultimately encouraged his audience to invest in silver, gold and brass in preparation for the engineered worldwide banking system collapse that is soon to come.

“Create that parallel economy that you don’t have to worry about the CBDC,” he said. “When you have silver and gold, you have the ability to do for yourself and you’re self-reliant without the government coming in and telling you how to live your daily life.”

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