Please Help In Our Mission To Bring You The Truth

Please Help In Our Mission To Bring You The Truth

Dylan Eleven |    

The propaganda machine is working overtime, the psychological operations are everywhere. Navigating this barrage of lies and genocidal attacks on humanity is a full time job.  

We are working for you;  to bring you the truth, to expose the lies of our genocidal governments and to unite us all in freedom.

True journalism reports the truth.  Today the only way to report the truth is to work independently from mainstream media.

The truth is our motivation.  Presented to you on in a distraction free way, so you can focus on the truth.  Without sales gimmicks, without any advertising, or personalities shoved down your screen.  

We are focused on the truth.  We do not hold back on any subject and are not trying to steer the truth movement in any direction.  We simply report the truth on every subject and have been doing so, full time for 18 years.

We have a loyal readership of truth warriors.   Thank you to all readers and supporters of our work!

We are getting the truth out to millions of people, so much so has been censored heavily.  We have been shadow banned on Facebook, blacklisted on google and YouTube. Our accounts suspended or shut down on Twitter, Vimeo and Wordpress.  

We have been called tin foil hat conspiracy theorists who are exposing a 'global vaccine genocide plot' by the so called fact checkers.  (That one they are right on.  We are exposing a global vaccine genocide plot, they are not even smart enough to realise that was not a negative description of our site.)  

We are fighting a billion dollar propaganda machine, and we are winning because the truth will prevail.

We in independent media work full time outside of the mainstream media so we can report the truth.  We do this without regular pay cheques or government grants like mainstream media ‘journalists’.

We do not do this job for personal profit.   For 17 years I reported the truth and ran without asking for a dime.  Recently we have started accepting donations and monthly subscriptions to help cover costs.

By being independent we need your help to cover expenses and eventually hopefully provide some income for our efforts.

Thank you so much to the truth warriors that have made donations in 2022 and have signed up for a monthly $1, $3, or $11 subscription.  We have managed to cover many of our expenses with your support, it is greatly appreciated!

If you like our work and appreciate our mission please make a one time donation or become a monthly $1, $3 or $11 subscriber.

I appreciate any help you can provide in our mission.

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