Doctors Call Provides Evidence Vaccines Are The Leading Cause Of Autism And SIDS • Police Investigator: 75% of SIDS Deaths Happened Within 48 Hours of a Vaccine

Doctors Call Provides Evidence  Vaccines Are The Leading Cause Of Autism And SIDS • Police Investigator: 75% of SIDS Deaths Happened Within 48 Hours of a Vaccine

Steve Kirsch

I had a call with over a dozen doctors and holistic practitioners today, all friends of Jason Dean. He chose doctors he knew who would be willing to go on a zoom call; there was no other selection criteria.

While they asked not to reveal who said what for fear of retribution, I will summarize some of the most astonishing statements that were made in the call today.

  1. Unvaccinated kids are uniformly much healthier than vaccinated kids. Nobody on the call disagreed with this.
  2. Vaccines cause autism, SIDS, and other chronic diseases. Several doctors noted that all or nearly all of their autism cases were linked to the MMR vaccine. In another case, one doctor told the story of a police investigator that he knew personally who was assigned SIDS cases over 7 years; she noted that 75% of SIDS deaths happened within 48 hours of a vaccine (approximately 300 cases total). That’s impossible if the vaccines aren’t causing the deaths.
  3. It is possible, in some cases, to partially reverse autism. The most successful reversals occur when the child is treated soon after the injury and the parents are committed to the treatment protocol.

Below is a summary of some of the main points made in the call.

Although the call was not recorded to protect the reputations of the people on the call, any mainstream fact checker can reach out to me and contact ANYONE on the call (choose from the picture above) to verify that EVERY statement below was said in the call:

  1. They all agreed kids who aren’t vaccinated are far healthier. It isn’t a close call. It is a dramatic difference.
  2. One of the doctors said that the difference is so extreme that she claimed that she can tell who is vaccinated just from a photo. She said she could look at a photo of 50 kids and pick out the one fully unvaccinated kid in the photo. I didn’t test this, but it’s an extraordinary claim.
  3. They all believe vaccines cause autism, SIDS, and other chronic diseases. This doesn’t mean vaccines are the SOLE cause of these chronic diseases, just a major cause. The reason they believe that is the time proximity between vaccination and change in behavior of the child as noticed by the parents (sometimes in hindsight when the parents are quizzed about whether there was a vaccine given shortly before the behavior changed). There are simply too many cases of dramatic changes happening “hours after” or “days after” to be coincidence. These dramatic changes were NEVER seen in fully unvaccinated kids.
  4. Some of the stats were really incredible. One provider said she has treated 50 cases of autism and 100% of those 50 cases happened shortly after the MMR shot. Then another doctor on the call said the same thing: 100% of the cases he has seen were all after the MMR shot. A third doctor said her cases were all MMR related except for one DTaP. She knew of just one case of autism that wasn’t vaccine related. NOTE: According to VAERS, only 66% of all autism cases reported were associated with the MMR vaccine.
  5. One of them knew a police officer who was assigned to investigate SIDS deaths. That officer is now retired. The officer did 3 to 4 cases a month, so around 300 cases total in the past 7 years. In 75% of the cases, SIDS happened within 48 hours after a vaccine shot. I will be doing a zoom call with that investigator later. That statistic is impossible if the vaccines aren’t causing SIDS. Nobody can postulate a confounder on that one. This isn’t a cherry picked data point; it’s the only data point from a police officer I’m aware of.
  6. The doctors can’t get a debate on “do vaccines cause autism” or “are vaccinated kids healthier.” One of them said he offered $10,000 to anyone who would debate him. No takers. I know the feeling.
  7. PANS/PANDAS is basically the “older kid” version of autism and again, that is always vaccine related.
  8. Autism can, in some cases, be partially reversed if treated early enough with the right treatment. The key to best results is to treat the child ASAP after the autism is noticed and get the parents to fully cooperate with the treatment plan. For example, one provider cited a case of a child with a t-score of 50 (i.e., right in the middle of autism cases) who in 18 months was able to return the child to nearly normal.
  9. One of the doctors commented that it has been unsafe to question the safety of vaccines. She said this was still true which is why I didn’t record the call and obscured last names.
  10. One doctor treated an Olympic athlete who couldn’t walk shortly after getting the COVID shot. That athlete has not gone public with his story.
  11. One doctor who has treated 1,000 autism cases said about half happened very quickly and half happened slowly. This makes sense because I surveyed a Facebook autism parents group and found the same thing. He has a lot of unvaxxed kids in his practice and says there is no comparison in the health of the kids.
  12. One doctor knows someone who runs a clinic for the developmentally disabled. He asked the owner, “How’s business?” She said it was exploding. He asked if she knew the cause. She paused, looked around to make sure nobody was listening, and then said “It’s the vaccines.”
  13. One doctor estimated that 50% to 60% of the parents know the vaccine caused their child’s autism. 40% don’t realize it.
  14. This is the moment. It’s time for people to come out and tell the stories that they haven’t been able to tell.
  15. Another doctor said 100% of her cases were vaccine related. The medical community won’t debate her.

Mainstream fact checkers welcome

Choose anyone in the photo above. I’ll put you in touch with them, you can verify the visual match in a zoom call, and they can verify everything I wrote in the article is what was said in the call.

Was this a biased sample?

All samples have bias.

If you are a doctor reading this and disagree with anything that was said and would like to do a Zoom call with your colleagues to set the record straight just like this call, I’d be happy to host it and write up what was said.


There was no reason for any of these doctors in this call to lie about what they saw.

Unless these doctors are ALL lying, we have a serious problem that nobody wants to talk about.

Basically, the vaccines are harming our kids and should be stopped. The risk/benefit tradeoff isn’t even close. Kids are much healthier without any vaccines. This call was yet more confirmation.

I’ve invited any doctor(s) who disagree, who can show there is no link between vaccines and autism, SIDS, and higher disease to contact me to do a similar Zoom call where we can talk about it.

It’s tragic that some states (CA, NY, ME, MS, CT, and WV) require vaccines for public schools and there is pretty much no way out other than to homeschool your kids or move out of state. We aren’t allowed to have any debates with the authorities on whether this is a good idea. They know more about your child’s health than you do, and they will not be questioned about it.

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