Power for the People

Power for the People

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Steve Cook

Klaus Schwab, speaking for the globalist elite via one of their front groups, the WEF, has spelled out the elite’s vision for the future, a vision that they want to impose on us by trickery, deceit, psychological warfare and force, through their various political stooges and puppets installed in subverted governments.

Their vision is, from their perspective, completely lovely and highly desirable.

From  the perspective of the rest of us it is completely asinine, a horrible, drab, dreary unappealing soul-crushing nightmare.

Why would any of us want the future Schwab has portrayed or indeed anything similar to it? Well, of course, most of us don’t.

Hence the aforementioned trickery, deceit, psyops and coercion.

Is the future presented by Schwab for some reason the only possible future? Is this really the best humanity can come up with? The answer of course is “no.” Well, not if our affairs are managed by honest men of competence it isn’t. What he describes is a future that only becomes inevitable if we allow the mismanaged corrupt mess he and his fellow saboteurs have made of the global community to continue.

We as a community and community of communities can create any future we decide or agree upon and any one of us can dream up one more benign, pleasant, fulfilling and user-

friendly than Schwab’s dysfunctional dystopia. Hence, again, the aforementioned trickery, deceit, psyops and coercion.

So if a limited intellect and psycho can dream up a future for us (and what gives a dodgy bloke like Schwab the right to dictate what we can or cannot have?) so can we. And we can make a much better job of it.

In fact we really should.

It is all very well for us to state what we are AGAINST but we must also describe what we are FOR and paint a picture, a vision, a mock-up of the world we intend to create.

In fact the first crucial step in creating something is to decide what we are going to create.

Schwab and his fellow psychos have described THEIR ideal scene so how about we start to state, describe or mock-up  OURS?

We must in fact do so. We must create and present a clear vision of at least the basic principles, the foundations of the world WE wish to build, live in and bequeath to our children and children’s children.

This can be expressed as a manifesto, not  particularly for a political party (although it can be) but for a grass roots people’s movement that operates as a watchdog and overseer over the machinery of governance.

Let’s take just one item by way of an example:

We of the Citizens Assembly declare that:

Government of the nation has several desirable functions. Primary amongst these are:

1. To provide for The People a means of exchange that circulates in sufficient supply as to facilitate the smooth production and exchange of goods and services between people and groups and to remain stable in its purchasing power.

2. To provide for the people just laws that when applied safeguard the life liberty and pursuit of happiness of all honest people. No person shall be exempt from or immune to such laws and all (ALL) persons shall be subject to them without  fear or favour.  Said laws are to be enforced where needed by the nation’s constabulary (which exists and woks for that purpose only) working in harmony with the community and by a fair, equitable, swift justice system equally accessible to all regardless of class or income.

3. To provide the protection of the human rights of all (ALL ) people in the nation as ably expressed by the UN Declaration on Human Rights. The protection and upholding of human rights for all is a sacred trust and duty of government.

4. The provision of infrastructure to  assist The People in the business of production, exchange and the living of their lives. Such infrastructure includes roads pavements and bridges, rail transport, air terminals, sewage, water supply etc etc. Whilst the construction of said infrastructure must, perforce,  often be put out to tender, the OWNERSHIP OF THE COMPLETED INFRASTRUCURE MUST BE AND REMAIN IN PERPETUITY BY THE PEOPLE with the government acting as the agent thereof. Therefore, infrastructure may not be delivered into private hands and run for private profit. For our purposes in this discussion it must be stressed that the PROVISION OF INFRASTRUCTURE FOR THE PEOPLE INCLUDES THE PROVISION OF ELECTRICAL POWER.

The government shall therefore undertake a crash program designed to render the nation fully self-sufficient in energy. This is a matter of urgency. It may take several years to fully accomplish but this crash program must start immediately.

It shall involve the construction of two types of power stations:

1. thorium-fueled nuclear reactors and

2. tidal and wave-power turbines.

They shall be constructed and installed and brought online in sufficient numbers to supply the nation with electrical power to satisfy ALL of its ongoing needs for clean, cheap, plentiful  and constant energy.

The two types of power generators, working as they do on diverse principles shall be deployed so as to provide versatility and diversity.

All the power stations thus built shall be national assets owned by the nation and operated as a service to the nation. Laws shall be passed to make it ILLEGAL and a punishable offence for ANY person for any reason whatsoever to propose to deliver ownership of this national power grid to any other person or entity whatsoever and this law shall be binding in perpetuity.

The electrical power generated by the grid of nationally-owned assets shall be provided to the consumer at a nominal charge sufficient to sustain running/maintenance costs and pay the wages of its staff plus set aside funds for the expansion or upgrade of the grid. Thus this asset shall, once built, sustain itself in perpetuity. All monies raised shall be reinvested in the grid to cover all costs and wages and performance-related bonuses designed to reward its workforce for good service to the nation. There shall be NO payment of private profits to private persons.

Should this grid produce a surplus AFTER THE NATION’S NEEDS HAVE BEEN FULLY MET, then that surplus shall be sold abroad at a fair price in the spirit of providing honest, no-strings help to the broader global community to which our nation belongs.