Promoting Mutually Assured Destruction on Propaganda TV

Promoting Mutually Assured Destruction on Propaganda TV

Stephen Lendman  /  stephenlendman

Mind-manipulating fake news mass deception is standard fare on US propaganda TV — on virtually all important domestic and geopolitical issues.

Truth and full disclosure are banned in print, on radio and on US broadcast and cable channels across the board — notably on what relates USA’s invented enemies like Russia.

A same-day article discussed

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s derangement.

Sunday on propaganda TV, he announced an AUMF.

It gives the fake Biden congressional permission to wage war on Russia if it’s claimed that its forces used WMDs in Ukraine, Kinzinger saying:

“Doesn’t compel the (White House imposter) to do it.”

“It just says, if it is used, he has that leverage.”

“It gives him, you know, a better flexibility, but also it is a deterrent to Vladimir Putin (sic).”

“If Vladimir Putin wants to escalate with the west, he will (sic).”

It’s easy for him to do it (sic).”

“And I think right now what we’re doing with suppling, with the financing is right, but there may be a point that we have to recognize, you know, look, this is — world war (sic).”

“(P)rior to World War II, there were moments nobody ever wanted to get involved and eventually came to realize they had to (sic).”

“I hope we don’t get to that point here. But we should be ready if we do (sic).”

On all things Russia and other US invented enemies, Washington is infested with lunatics the likes of Kinzinger.

If hegemon USA crosses the line from proxy war to direct confrontation with Russia over Ukraine or any other invented reason, all bets are off.

What’s unthinkable is possible because of lunatics like Kinzinger.

Separately, Biden regime DHS secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, showed up on multiple Sunday propaganda TV shows.

As a previous article explained, he announced the establishment of an Orwellian Biden regime Ministry of Truth last week — called a Disinformation Governance Board (DGB).

It has nothing to do with its stated mission, nothing to do with protecting election and homeland security, as Mayorkas falsely claimed.

It has everything to do with controlling the message — wanting what conflicts with the fabricated official narrative censored and silenced.

Defying reality, Mayorkas falsely claimed the following:

“(A)ddressing disinformation presents a threat to the security of our country (sic).”

Claiming that disinformation proponent Nina Jankowicz is “eminently qualified to be Biden regime speech czar ignored her hostility toward what exposes official narrative Big Lies and mass deception.

Especially what relates to Russia and other US invented enemies — nations free from its imperial control.

What Mayorkas called “disinformation from Russia, China, Iran,” and other independent nations is truth-telling the Biden regime wants suppressed.

Claiming that the DGB will “address threats and acts of violence without infringing on free speech, civil rights and the right of privacy” is polar opposite its intended mission.

Mayorkas lied claiming that Americans will not be monitored (sic).”

The practice has been ongoing for years. Things will likely worsen when the DGB begins operating.

Separately, the puppet Zelensky regime’s so-called US envoy, Oksana Makorova, came on propaganda TV to lie and mass deceive viewers about Russia’s SMO.

Ignoring the regime’s badly battered and beaten military, she pretended that it’s “heroic(ally) resist(ing) (sic).”

She also pretended that Ukrainian troops “defeat(ed)” Russia (sic) in a battle for Kiev — not waged.

She lied accusing Russia of “war crimes…after rapes, tortures, and destroyed cities (sic).”

She lied claiming that Russian forces “are not letting civilians or the wounded out of Mariupol (sic).”

Like US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents, she was silent about Nazified thugs and likeminded mercenaries inside Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant — ones holding civilians hostage as human shields.

They’re guilty of torture, bodily dismemberment, other atrocities, and cold-blooded murder of Russian POWs.

Ukrainians believed to be sympathetic toward Russia suffered similar war crimes by their thugs.

Ignoring reality, Makorova falsely claimed that Russia failed to advance toward achieving its SMO objectives (sic).

She sounded delusional and detached from reality, saying:

“Ukraine is a peaceful country (sic).”

“Ukrainians are not afraid (sic).”

Puppet Zelensky “and all Ukrainians are bravely defending our country (sic).”

“We will win (sic).”

Ignoring Nazi-infested tyrannical rule — and Ukraine’s vassalage to US interests — she pretended that what’s going on is a “fight for freedom and democracy (sic).”

She also pretended that more US/Western weapons and munitions can defeat Russian forces (sic).

Saying “Ukrainians will not surrender” ignored hundreds laying down their arms daily, hundreds more deserting their units every day, along with tens of thousands killed or wounded in battle against superior Russian forces.

Russia continues to systematically demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine.

In the last 24 hours alone, Russian “(h)igh-precision missiles hit 38 defense facilities of Ukraine,” its Defense Ministry explained, adding:

“Among them are four command posts, thirty strongholds, areas of the amassment of Ukrainian manpower and military hardware, and three rocket and artillery munitions depots.”

“An Osa-AKM air defense system and a battery of MLRS were destroyed.”

So were 10 more Ukrainian drones, two warplanes, a hanger with weapons and munitions, three other weapons and munitions warehouses, two fuel depots, and 7 military facilities.

Yet according to NYT fake news, “Russian losses (are) staggering (sic).”

One-fourth of its “units (in) Ukraine (were) rendered combat ineffective (sic).”

The above is typical MSM fake news rubbish fed Americans on US propaganda TV, radio and in print.

Reality on the ground is worlds apart from daily mind-numbing/perversion of reality Big Lies and mass deception.

The power of repetition convinces most people to believe almost anything — no matter how untrue.

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