Propaganda Is Betrayal And Corporate Media Has Betrayed Us All

Propaganda Is Betrayal And Corporate Media Has Betrayed Us All

The Expose  |  Rhoda Wilson

Throughout the world, corporate media has blacked out all evidence that “vaccination” may be having deadly consequences, while vilifying those who’ve called attention to such evidence, says Mark Crispin Miller who has been tracking and publishing corporate media reports of people across the world who have “died suddenly” since March last year.

Crispin Miller goes on to note that Canada’s corporate media has gone much further than the media in, for example, the US, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, India and Russia. Media in those countries have been reporting “sudden deaths,” albeit incompletely and misleadingly.  But Canada’s corporate media blacks out stories of people dying suddenly as completely as the Chinese Communist Party’s news media in China.

So how was Canada’s corporate media – especially the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (“CBC”) – disabled under covid?  Rodney Palmer provided a detailed answer during recent hearings of Canada’s citizen-led National Covid Inquiry.

Rodney Palmer is an award-winning journalist who has worked for 20 years as a foreign correspondent for CTV news and investigative reporter for CBC Radio & Television in Canada and abroad. He was the CTV News Foreign Correspondent and Bureau Chief in India, China, and the Middle East.

At the National Citizens Inquiry held in Toronto, he gave an explosive testimony and provided evidence as to how CBC in particular is not conducting newsgathering, they are focusing on propaganda.

The National Citizens Inquiry is a citizen-Led inquiry into Canada’s covid response which held hearings in Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Columbia, Quebec and Ontario from March to May 2023.  The first of the hearings were held in Nova Scotia from 16 to 18 March 2023 and the final hearings were held in Ottawa, Ontario from 17 to 19 May 2023.

In Toronto, Palmer concluded his testimony with:

“The temporary suspension of journalism at the CBC starting March 2020 and the adoption of its new position as government as public health messenger has failed to expire with the end of the [covid] emergency.
“The result is that Canada’s public broadcaster has morphed into a state broadcaster – the type that is normally only found in dictatorships.
“It is promoting government policy without question while censoring, belittling and shaming learned Canadians who dare to object and attempt to inform us of the truth.
“Bad journalism is incompetence.  But propaganda is a betrayal.  And that’s what CBC has done.  It’s betrayed us all.”

Veteran Journalist Rodney Palmer Presents on News Gathering vs Propaganda, National Citizens Inquiry, Day 1 Toronto, 1 April 2023 (63 mins)

Veteran Journalist Rodney Palmer Presents on News Gathering vs Propaganda, National Citizens Inquiry, Day 1 Toronto, 1 April 2023 (63 mins)

Palmer gave further testimony at the National Citizens Inquiry held in Ottawa.  This time on the funding of the CBC by the Canadian government and how they have manipulated their news coverage on covid matters by using their chosen “experts” who, themselves, are funded by government grants. He called for a sweeping change to the entire organisation to bring it back to its roots of real journalism again.

Below is a recording from Day 2 of the Ottawa hearings during which Palmer gave his testimony.  He concluded by making six recommendations to the Commissioners of the Inquiry:

  1. Dismiss CBC President Catherine Tait, and all vice presidents and executives.
  2. Dismiss Editor-in-Chief Brodie Fenlon.
  3. Dismiss all “on air” staff who are evidenced to have participated in the propaganda disguised as journalism since March 2020.
  4. Detatch from the Trusted News Initiative and all other fact-suppressing organisations which currently determine which “experts” and stories Canadians are allowed to hear on CBC.
  5. Replace the position of ombudsman with a Board including journalistic, legal and scientific expertise and give them the power to fire journalists who breach the Corporation’s journalistic standards.
  6. Task this Board with investigating who in the CBC participated in misleading Canadians by routinely suppressing the identity of government spokespeople for the purpose of promoting ineffective and potentially harmful experimental vaccines during the covid emergency.

You can watch all testimonies given on Day 2 of the Inquiry in Ottawa below.  Palmer’s testimony begins at timestamp 2:25:35 and ends at 3:14:10.

National Citizens Inquiry, Ottawa Day 2, 18 May 2023 (13 hours)

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