Putin Is Kill Shot Vaccinating His Army Too

Putin Is Kill Shot Vaccinating His Army Too

Putin Petitioned to Stop Compulsory Sputnik V Vaccination of Mobilized Citizens
Europe Reloaded  /  Pam Barker

The question we have concerning this policy is if the Sputnik V vaccine is actually like the disastrous mRNA / spike-producing / gene-changing ones? It is clear that vaccine policy has been undermining the US military, or could be intended to. Is this an utterly self-defeating intention of the Russian MoD? What’s going on is a seemingly more rational part of the world?

Over 1,000 deaths (and we should probably multiply that by at least 100 to get a true figure) have been recorded in relation to the Sputnik vaccine. A doctors’ group is petitioning Putin to get this policy for mobilized citizens stopped. See Russian doctors demand end to compulsory COVID vaccination for mobilized citizens – The same group has been documenting deaths linked to Sputnik V


Russia Begins Vaccinating Mobilized Citizens

Evading mobilization (and mandatory vaccination) could lead to 10 years in prison


Russia’s Ministry of Defense made COVID vaccination mandatory for all personnel—including conscripts—in June 2021.

Russia’s partial mobilization has turned into one of the world’s strictest compulsory vaccination decrees

At the end of September, your correspondent typed up a short Telegram message wondering if this policy would also apply to the 300,000 Russians who had just been mobilized.

Well, we now have the answer.

In autumn 2021, every Russian region adopted some form of compulsory vaccination. A year later, regions are now injecting citizens who have been called up for military service.

Just like with the regional vaccination decrees, enforcement and thoroughness will vary. But this is hardly reassuring.

This new form of mandatory vaccination is far more extreme than what Russia previously had. Pre-mobilization, mandatory vaccination was typically tied to employment status. Because of this, the Kremlin repeatedly (and pathetically) claimed there was no “true” compulsory vaccination in Russia, since you could always quit your job.

Mobilized Russians face 10 years in prison if they try to evade military service. By extension, this means attempting to avoid mandatory vaccination could result in a decade behind bars.

In other words, Russia has just adopted one of the world’s strictest coercive injection policies.

Russians are being asked to risk their lives in an increasingly dubious war in Ukraine, and in return they are being forcibly injected with an unproven (and most likely expired) genetic slurry.

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