Reader Support Of Independent Media

Reader Support Of Independent Media

Dylan Eleven •

When you support independent media sites such as and your favourite independent journalists you are helping an industry survive and grow, and are directly helping people who work for you, to bring you the truth.

We are an independent news site that makes no revenue from any sources except from support of our loyal readers.

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Or Become A Monthly Subscriber is designed to be free from all advertising, product pushes, personal bios and other forms of distraction. We do this to provide a clear, concise environment to present the truth to you.

Independent journalists work because we want to write and report the truth. In order to do that we must work separately from the mainstream media who have no focus on the truth at all. The truth must be told and that is the true calling of a real journalist.

Our industry is constantly attacked, censored, de platformed, shadow banned and is fighting on the front line of the information war. Yet most of us are very underfunded. Some personalities may make millions but most of us don't.

Most of us would love to get to a point where our subscribers and readers donations will cover all of the costs to run our sites and even provide a minimum wage for our time and effort.

Everyone deserves an income. At this point we are trying to cover costs, and then eventually would love to have an income for our full time work.

I explain this as it is the truth about our industry and by understanding that you are not throwing money at millionaires to add to their fat bank accounts; but rather your donations, or monthly subscriptions are making a real difference in our industry and of the lives of independent journalists.

We understand that most people are at work, and don't have the time to read through documents, papers, articles, reports, etc. We take the time, and do this work for our readers. Our time does not get the compensation we require, but we do it anyway, because the truth needs to be told. That is our industry.

Hopefully over time, if enough people support independent media, we will all reach our goals of covering costs and earning a salary.

So this is why you may see us reaching out to our readers, with articles like this one or with subscription boxes on articles, asking you if you like our work and find value in what we do, please take a second to subscribe or make a small donation.

Please don't think we are doing this to try to get rich. We remind people as it is a necessary way for us to survive. We make a honest request to you our readers to support our cause and efforts as your help is the future of our industry.

Thank you the truth warriors who have donated and subscribed to! You are making a great difference for us!

And for our readers who would like to help us in our cause, please consider becoming a monthly subscriber or making a small donation. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!.