Reparations For Everyone + How To Actually Control Inflation

Reparations For Everyone + How To Actually Control Inflation

Dylan Eleven •

Slavery was abolished in favour of the European model of economic slavery. Yes reparations for slavery could be paid and by the same argument so could reparations for economic slavery.

A more recent reason for reparations, one that can get those who actually harmed others to make amends to the ones they actually wronged, should be addressed first in my opinion:

Reparations for the wrong done to people of the world in the name of the fake pandemic COVID-19 and the genocidal injection program.

We have all been wronged, lockdown, our businesses destroyed and many were tricked into getting a genocidal injection over a fabricated pandemic.

There was no pandemic, there was no virus, it was the annual flu symptoms from various respiratory issues re-marketed on purpose to commit and facilitate genocide.

Everyone deserves financial reparations in large amounts for this global attack on humanity. As everyone can sue our governments for this fake pandemic and genocidal plot, it would be simpler to give 1 million dollars right now in reparations and start an immediate public trial for all of the perpetrators of this global crime against humanity.


Many will say "what about inflation. If you were to give everyone a million dollars money would be worthless due to inflation".

Inflation can be controlled very easily, even with a large increase in money supply.

Currently they restrict inflation, (or pretend to do so) by controlling interest rates in order to speed up or slow down the flow of money, (due to you having less in your pocket).

This restrictive policy pretends to control inflation but just controls peoples ability to purchase. Despite of these controls on peoples ability to pay their interest charges, inflation still rages out of control.

So this system does not work to restrict inflation.


Recently it has been revealed that the food distribution and production companies are artificially raising prices despite their increased profits and no increase in costs. They are simply raising prices. Inflating our food costs, and getting away with it.

So these people can arbitrarily raise prices and we are restricted by interest rate constrictions; both are attacks our purchasing power.

The Solution

Invert the current system.

Instead of keeping people poor, you keep them rich. And to control inflation; instead of restricting how much people have in their pockets to spend, restrict the prices of all goods and services.

They are running a muck anyway and charging what they want. Prices are not really driven by economics. Economics is simply as set of monopoly rules that favour the few who know how to manipulate and control.

Supply and demand is just a fake economic saying that people can hide behind in order to justify increased profit margins due to desire of the product or service.

If you were to give everyone a million dollars, every man, woman and child as reparations for the genocide and covid fraud; in order for that million dollars to actually mean something, to actually retain it's value, despite the flooding of money in the market; you restrict prices from increasing.

From the reparation day forward the price of a good or service or any product is not allowed to increase, despite the markets ability to pay or the demand.

You can't just start charging $1,000 for a loaf of bread simply because everyone got a million bucks. The million would become worth much less.

The agreement of accepting a million dollar reparation check is you do not increase your prices. Ever.

The way to restrict inflation and keep purchasing power is to keep the cost fixed. There is no reason why we cannot fix prices. NONE.

The rules of economics suggest supply and demand drive prices. But this is just a rule that people can hide behind. They are just allowing greed to win in the short term. For example: If everyone wants your cool product you make, they can wait for it to be produced and get in line, rather than the first run go for the highest bidder or increased prices to fund short term demand costs.

If prices are restricted and cannot increase due to demand then you will still make money but it may take some extra time. Raising your prices due to the need for bigger manufacturing facilities to satisfy the short term demand, although it satisfies the short term need, is not a long term sustainable strategy. The demand may not keep up, once everyone has one of your products, and that second factory would then be shut down. So in the short term more money was made but it cost people more and later lay offs and the factory goes to waste.

We can change the rules of economics because they are just a set of rules that people can follow and others accept because they either don't understand economics or think they do, but in reality miss the point. That it is all a fake control system that can be altered to favour the many instead of the few. To favor long term sustainable strategies rather than the short term satisfaction of greed.

Economics is a control system that can and should be changed.

We can and should give reparations to everyone on earth for the covid lie and genocidal plot. And we can fix inflation so the reparations actually amount to something.

The real growth and positive effect of these deserved reparations would set the human race free and restricting prices would keep us free of the European model of economic slavery.

With these reparations paid and inflation under control, please give any other reparations for past slavery that you want. The result would be those reparations would also be protected from inflation and actually provide a true financial benefit.