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Reset The Table • Rockefeller Foundation

Did You Know That On July 28, 2020 The Rockefeller Foundation Published A Document Called “Reset The Table” ? It’s all about the upcoming food shortages.

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On July 8 2020, a little known document was published by The Rockefeller Foundation called “Reset the Table: Meeting the Moment to Transform the U.S. Food System”.

This document flew under the radar for many but is now more important than ever in the light of what has been happening to food processing facilities being destroyed globally and herds of cattle being culled.

The first question anybody should be asking is “How would the Rockefeller Foundation know about upcoming food shortages” in 2020. Naturally it was just a calculated guess on their part. Isn’t it also interesting that the title was “Reset the Table”

Surely just another coincidence considering “The Great Reset” was announced on 3rd June 2020. Amazing how they can get all their ducks in a row lined up so quickly considering Covid had only officially been on the block for a few months.

We shouldn’t be remotely surprised with the documents they publish considering in 2010 they published a document called Scenarios For The Future Of Technology and International Development in which they accurately predicted the covid outbreak. If you haven’t read the document I recommend you do. I wrote an article on it entitled

Why Did The Rockefeller Foundation Publish A Document in 2010 That Is Eerily Similar To Events That Are Taking Place Today in Covid Times ?

which gives a snapshot overview of the document

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As I have mentioned before The Rockefeller Foundation is also deeply involved in the move to a Digital ID, cashless society and social credit score system

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But what about “Reset The Table”. What can we take from it ? Actually, quite a lot. Before I jump into the document itself, its important to look at ties to the World Economic Forum (WEF) of which there are many. Many of those who contributed to the document have conflicts of interest (Pages 21-23 of the document)

Global food companies such as Danone and Mars

American Heart Association who are dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke (the irony)

The US Food and Drug Administration

Brookings Institution

Johns Hopkins University

This is the same Johns Hopkins who published a document predicting The SPARS Pandemic

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Then there are the inevitable links to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Any university on the list has more than likely received funding. In the case of Tufts University who has received millions one of the funding areas is for “Agriculture Development” and “Nutrition”.

Duke University has also received hundreds of millions

You get the point at this stage. The ties are everywhere, just go to Pages 21-22 to see the full list of contributors to the report and the companies they work for.

Onto the document itself. Naturally it’s dressed up as being beneficial to mankind but once you dig deeper the truth begins to emerge of the real plans.

The one page foreword written by Dr Rajiv J Shah and especially its opening sentence is really quite telling (Page 2)

It then goes on

The finger is firmly being pointed at Covid 19 for causing many of the food problems. That’s quite amazing considering Covid had only been around for a few months when this report was written.

Shah then continues to say

Equitable and sustainable seem to be very much part of UN Agenda 2030. This comprehensive playbook he refers to would naturally include UBI as being part of the solution. They admit to trying to change the system for years but ignore the question “Cui Bono” or who benefits.

Amazingly they admit and knew back in 2020 that 94% of people dying from Covid had underlying health conditions, predominantly being diet related. (Page 3)

Let’s not forget that The Rockefeller Foundation is partly to blame for the state of food and people’s health in US over the last few decades in particular. They even admit this themselves (Page 4)

The document is very much framed in the Hegelian dialectic of problem, reaction, solution. Here is the problem that they have created (Covid) and now they want to implement the solution (Transforming the global food supply).

Naturally this is all ties into lands being destroyed, climate change and trying to move people back into smart cities (Page 5). Surprise, surprise.

So according to the report “What is the solution”. They say they want to move from

a focus on maximizing shareholder returns to ...a more equitable system focused on fair returns and benefits to all stakeholders—building more equitable prosperity throughout the supply chain (Page 7)

There’s that term “stakeholders” which Klaus Schwab loves to use, as in stakeholder capitalism. In other words they want total control of the supply chain whilst the WEF members get richer.

How are they going to take control of the supply chain ? One of the ways is through data collection (on peoples spending and eating habits) and getting all these huge global companies (actors) who are all WEF partners to work together (Page 8).

This will be achieved by “Success will require numerous changes to policies, practices, and norms” (Page 8). In other words laws will have to be changed.

It is also being sold to the general public as being good for our health and food as being medicine (Page 10). Once this system is implemented you won’t get fat and sick.

This is not surprising as you will be eating bugs like the World Economic Forum are planning.

The plan is to centralise and control the food supply into one body, one single executive office. Kind of has a ring to it of a “one world government”. It is interesting the reference made to 9/11. When 9/11 occurred it was for everyones safety that the Department of Homeland Security was set up. People were afraid. Problem, reaction, solution all over again and it would seem to be the same actors involved. (Page 14)

This report is dressed up as being in the public interest yet it is anything but. For 2 years Covid was the focus of attention. It was Stage 1 of Agenda 2030.

The total and utter destruction of the food supply seems to now be well under way. This is all too evident especially when Fact Checkers are having to debunk the number of fires at food processing plants within the last year

Added to this is the culling of herds of cattle in Kansas (as many as 10,000) which is being put down to high temperatures and drought. Farmers refute this and it looks far more sinister.

But this isn’t the first time herds have been culled in Kansas

In a fascinating article published on

“European settlers in the Great Plains are estimated to have reduced the American bison population from 30 million to just 325 by the 1880s. By the 1860s, bison had roamed the Great Plains for 10,000 years. They numbered in the tens of millions, charging across the flat landscape in such a cacophony that people called it the "Thunder of the Plains." For generations, they'd provided Native Americans with food, clothing, shelter, and even spiritual imagery.

But everything began to change after the Civil War. The railroad was snaking west, bringing with it new towns, trains, telegram lines, and eager settlers. Determined to allow western expansion to continue, the U.S. government decided to clear the way of Native Americans.

To do this, they set their sights on the bison. Killing bison to force Native Americans off the Plains was never explicit U.S. government policy. However, the government endorsed it”

As WEF member Henry Kissinger said

Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

Roll on The Great Reset…

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