From Bank Crash to Digital Currency and 15 Minute Cities

From Bank Crash to Digital Currency and 15 Minute Cities

Dr Vernon Coleman - MB ChB DSc

I have been explaining for over a year that the conspirators need a world war in order to destroy the global economy, to get rid of banks and cash and to usher in their beloved new digital currency. Most people don’t know this is happening. And most people who know it’s happening don’t seem to care.

No less than 18 central banks have tested digital currencies. The aim is to crash the banking system so that we all have no choice but to accept a global digital currency. And they’re doing well at it. Last week (ending 17th March) bank shares lost half a trillion dollars.

A few days ago the Silicon Valley Bank went bust. This was possibly the world’s wokest bank. The directors gave $74 million to Black Lives Matter. The bank went bust in the strangest of ways. On Wednesday 8th March, Israel banks took billions out of the bank to protect the interests of a huge number of Israeli companies which had accounts there. (Half of all companies in Israel are reported to have had links to the SVB bank.) The directors took money and bonuses out of the bank on Friday 10th and then Twitter spread the word and `ordinary’ depositors queued for their money. As it turned out they didn’t need to worry. Over the weekend Joe Biden said that all the depositor, private and corporate, would get all their money back. Once again, American taxpayers had ridden to the rescue.

Everything that is happening is being run by insane, woke communists. The two American banks which collapsed (and which were bailed out by the Americans) were largely run by and for tech firms. Most of them were Israeli and the bail outs were organised to protect Jewish tech companies from collapsing. At least one of the two banks which collapsed appear to have been run largely by people with much woke experience but little banking experience. In fact only one member of the SVB’s board appears to have had a career in investment banking. How many of the rest were extreme left wing supporters of war mongering Clinton and Obama? And, as is usual with banksters, senior staff are alleged to have given themselves bonuses as the bank closed its doors.

Banks and other companies everywhere are obsessed with ESG, climate change, green issues, gay rights and general wokeness. It seems to me that the companies which spend most time and money on these absurd, irrelevant and incredibly unpopular policies are often the ones which are losing touch with the reasons for their existence. The big Silicon Valley bank which collapsed recently seemed to have a massive enthusiasm for ESG policies. And now that the bank has gone bust it will be American taxpayers who will pay the price. America is already bankrupt. And it has massive commitments in Ukraine – where Biden has agreed to pay the pensions of the Ukrainian people. Or rather he has committed the American taxpayers to pay the pensions of the Ukrainian people.

(The startling thing is that auditor KPMG had audited both Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank which also collapsed at much the same time. KPMG had certified the accounts of both companies. It is to be hoped that regulators will look hard at the accounts and the role of KPMG.)

The collapse of one bank always starts more trouble. Two bank collapses doubles the danger. Many other banks in America are in trouble. And around the world banks everywhere are in dire straits. Even huge Credit Suisse needed a government bail out in Switzerland. (US President Obama had, years before, pretty well destroyed Swiss banking and had started the slide. The destruction of the banking industry has been going on for years. Regulators and central banks around the world have consistently damaged banking credibility and the security of bank customers.)

So what will happen next?

Well, as I’ve been explaining for more years than I care to remember, the plan has always been to get rid of cash and to replace it with digital currency. Take a look at my book Endgame for a fairly recent summary of how this will work. Central banks such as the Bank of England have boasted that they will be able to produce digital currencies which can be programmed. Paper money, bank accounts and banks will disappear to be replaced by nothing but central banks and central digital currencies.

And the digital currency in which you will be paid, and with which you will pay your bills, will be held in your local central bank. You’ll never see any money. And the bank will be able to decide how you spend your money. If you drink too much alcohol your digital money won’t be valid for buying booze. If you are overweight your digital money won’t work for buying doughnuts. And so on and so on. You can see how it works. Digital currency is the essence of social credit.

And, once the 15 minute cities have all been created (and they are being created already) your digital money will only work in YOUR 15 minute city. If you try to go elsewhere for a trip or a holiday you will find that your money won’t work. That’s the plan. And it is happening very, very quickly.

The terrified public, frightened by the fragility of the banking system, will welcome digital currencies. Indeed, they will beg for the security of a single, global currency. The most stupid will think that the new currency will make it easier for them to travel without having to change currencies. The reality is that the new global digital currency will make it impossible for them to travel anywhere outside their 15 minute city. The currency that works in Oxford won’t work in London, Paris or Rome.

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