Science As Control • Centers Of Fake Knowledge Are Modern Cathedrals • The Big Con

Science As Control • Centers Of Fake Knowledge Are Modern Cathedrals • The Big Con

Jon Rappoport | Substack

I continue to write about this subject because it’s vital.

NIH, the US National Institutes of Health, is the largest medical research facility in the world. It has 18,000 employees and runs on an annual budget of $45 billion.

I once suggested to Jim Warner, a White House policy analyst under Ronald Reagan, that somebody should do an audit of NIH and determine exactly what medical advancements the agency had actually made during its long history. He thought that was a terrific idea. But nothing came of it.

I assure you, an audit would reveal much less than meets the eye. Much less in the way of useful discoveries and technology. Along with mountains of useless and fraudulent science.

BUT NIH stands as a center of knowledge and a symbol, a reference point, a proof positive that medical science is marching forward.

It’s a very expensive public relations tool.

How could we not accept and signal our obedience to medicine, when we have such an awesome modern cathedral for its research?

Ditto for the CDC and the FDA. Both infernally corrupt agencies.

CONCOCTED science is the modern version of spiritual revelation. The Roman Church—while it was carrying out witch hunts and inquisitions replete with confessions obtained through torture and capped off with death by burning at the stake—was claiming Jesus Himself had passed the keys of the Kingdom to the Church…and He tacitly approved its policies.

These days, debilitating, brain damaging, and life-destroying vaccines are the scientific revelations the Church of Federal Medicine stands for.

Concocted science.

People accept science as fact, based on the IMPRESSION that actual knowledge is being discovered.

PR people make sure this impression is delivered.

Just as the Roman Church never confesses to fraud in its doctrine, the centers of modern medical knowledge never confess fraud.

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