Secrets Of The United Nations

Secrets Of The United Nations

The UN promises the world heaven, but drags humanity to hell

Stop World Control  /  David Sorensen

This weekend the incredible truth about the United Nations is revealed to the world, by one of their own high level officials.

This will wake up many key people worldwide, who are now totally brainwashed to go along with Agenda 2030: school teachers, health professionals, government officials, law enforcement officers, judges, industry leaders, businessmen, bankers, and so on. I even believe it will open the eyes of current employees of the UN.

The success of the United Nations and Agenda 2030 is the way they present their hellish plans to humanity. They offer it in a brilliantly shining gift box, that plays a joyful tune, while shimmering in the sun. It looks so nice, its almost hypnotizing.

Look how joyful and positive their colorful wheel of sustainability goals have been designed.

Did you know this is designed by psychologists, who know exactly what will gain people’s trust?

The UN also hired the world’s best copywriters, or should I say “WORD WIZARDS”? Experts who make magic with words. When you read Agenda 2030, you feel like you’re about to enter heaven. They promise the most wonderful changes on earth, like eradicating poverty, ending hunger, social justice, health for all, and so on. This is how they get the world on their side:

they play magic tricks with shiny words. They promise heaven, while releasing hell.

Millions of people are literally in a trance, totally hypnotized, convinced that the United Nations is the seat of the angels, that will heal the world. That’s how they fool everyone.

What a beautiful mask!

Several people told me: “I can’t see anything wrong with Agenda 2030, it’s simply wonderful!” Of course it is.

T H A T    I S    T H E    M A S K !

Naturally they won’t get humanity on their side, when they say: “We will kill most of you, enslave the rest, and become the sole owners of everything on earth.” They have to gift wrap it with the most colorful paper they can find, that has gold woven through it, and silver bells dangling to the sides. A gorgeous lady lifts it up into the air, while a royal orchestra bursts out in ecstatic melodies. It has to look absolutely superb, the best plan to save the world – ever! But it’s all a mask.

That’s is why we call this the UNMASKING of the United Nations. That’s why we say that their DARK SECRETS will be revealed.

What you will see is however so much more, than jut a shocking exposure of evil. Rest assured, this is not a film that will add to the terror of knowing how much darkness there is. It offers a wonderful vision for the future. That’s why I am so excited to announce this to the world. You are about to receive a beautiful, empowering vision for the future of humanity.

Everyone who watches this revealing film, will be left with hope, excitement, passion, and vision.

Please help spreading this truly groundbreaking revelation. Don’t be afraid to remind people. People need to be reminded! So share everything again, wherever you can, so it will truly be an explosion worldwide.

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