Seige Warfare | Governments Attack their own Citizens

Seige Warfare | Governments Attack their own Citizens

Henry Makow


Government workers serve their paychecks before anything else.If it means to stab their fellow citizens in the back and burn up piles of meat and wheat to pay their bills, they'll do it.

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Putting things in proper context and considering media framing, these aren't food shortages and the like we're dealing with. This is generalized seize warfare being waged against the population, internally. Internally as in, there's no escape from the prison planet.

Gone are the moats and armies surrounding the target. The enemy is inside the gates and destroying our food or cutting it off, right before our very eyes.
The masterful trick of the enemy is the line of, "the Devil's greatest trick is convincing the world he doesn't exist."

People still believe the governments of their respective nations are "their governments."
This is nothing of the kind. Most governments are fully owned by the enemy through the domination or subversion of the money supply.

Government workers serve their paychecks before anything else. If it means to stab their fellow citizens in the back and burn up piles of meat and wheat to pay their bills, they'll do it.


The New World Order knows this. They know they can now literally perform siege warfare. And because people still believe government represent them, they will stand there like a deer in the headlights, watching things happen, along with the government and corporate lackeys doing the very damage right before their eyes.

People will subconsciously think that government will come to save them. No, according to the principles of siege warfare, you only stop after your enemy is dead or has collapsed.
This is something crucial for people to realize. There is in fact a war being waged against us, on all fronts. People do not acknowledge this because it's not coming in the form of assaulting infantry or artillery.

Government, corporations, and organizations and able to fully and openly assault the people because they do so while wearing do-gooder camouflage.

Parents are still sending their children to K-12 schools, with the [real] media exposing the LGBT agenda. People are still lining up for jabs.

Are people dumb? Not really. They just haven't woken up to the fact of who the real enemy is and what they're doing.
More, many more, will have to die for people to get a clue.
The war has already started. Are you waiting for the official memo?

If anyone looks at what's happening, it's as if the Trojan Horse has entered the gates, the troops have slipped out, and begun both surreptitiously and openly destroying food and water supplies inside the city walls.

While wearing the clothing of the city inhabitants, they set up a medical aid stations and in the name of helping the people, providing sterilization (vaccination) and "women's health" (abortion) services.

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For their own security, they setup and/or infiltrated all communications systems. To keep themselves from getting caught and tried for their crimes, they infiltrated the police and justice departments. To solidify things, they corrupted the decision and law making making centers (politics).
We have to recognize the enemy for who they are and what they're doing. They're in our faces and getting more and more bold and confident. When the unruly child or teenager begins doing this in their home, we have measures for this and they don't quite involve a calm and peaceful please and thank you.

In this prison planet where there is nowhere to run, the battleground is ubiquitous, including in the mind. The enemy knows this and has exploited every opportunity and weakness. They are planning and acting. The less government fears you, the faster they move. The more they fear you, they navigate the obstacles and bring up other devious plans.
The good thing about Australia and China is exposes to us what they really want to do. We can use that news to guide and assist our countermeasures and ultimate action. What are you doing? Take notes and plan and act accordingly. As the caption on the packaging for the Alex Jones documentary End Game says, "..they want you dead!"
Open your eyes!

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