Sgt. Pilfer’s Broken Hearts Club Band

Sgt. Pilfer’s Broken Hearts Club Band


Is humanity waking up yet?

The alarm clocks are firing off unpleasant noises everywhere and they’re being summarily dismissed as “disinformation” by those triggering them. That loud digital beeping noise doesn't stop, that blaring throbbing obnoxious one that nobody ever selects on their phones because they’d prefer a wake-up experience that didn’t sound like the warning of an imminent nuclear holocaust to start their day.

But these civilizational alarms can’t be selected or shut off. Only the snooze button gets pressed by a snoozing population, awaiting the next alarms. The mechanistic droning sounds grind into the frequencies of the natural order, screaming that all is not well. The already wakened vigorously shake the comatose, still trapped in the matrix.

The digital honking gets triggered every time a report of sudden death or new case of child maiming leaks past the official censors, and a big pharma executive gets his wings, along with a new Boston brownstone and Porsche Panamera with forward collision warning and lane-keeping assist to make sure his children are never maimed.

A mother takes her daughter to the cardiologist where she is one of the many unlucky children under 17 in the United States to be diagnosed with myocarditis. Their private school requires proof of “vaccination” for continued attendance, and now she has the privilege of attending with heart medication in her pocket.

A Canadian father reads a few words to a gathering of family and friends at his teenage son’s wake. After a year of lockdown and social isolation his son wanted to join the local hockey league and play again. They required proof of “vaccination” to play hockey.

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Mila @MilaKedrovThis is Devastating😪😭😪

July 6th 2022

These stories of maiming and slaughtering children that make it past the official censors are heartbreaking. Sacrificing children to Big Pharma so they can be legally immunized against any culpability for maiming and killing millions has to be the last straw for humanity.

If this sounds like hyperbole ask yourself if you can think of any time in modern history where science was so corrupted and weaponized, and information so controlled, censored, and filtered to ensure the masses walked voluntarily toward so much unnecessary life-altering risk.

The justification for this slaughter is too often attached to big pharma motives for profit and captured government agencies working in tandem. It’s such a simple and tired excuse for those who can’t wrap their minds around the intentional Malthusian operations targeting all of us.

They lied about everything and got away with it by paying people at all the points of potential resistance hush money to ignore their crimes, and citizens Good Germans across all sectors took their money. They incentivized remdesivir and ventilator hospicide with bonuses for positive covid tests pre and post-mortem.

Academics, bureaucrats, professors, middle mid-wit managers, administrators, doctors, and the corporate media droids all took the money and spread the most grotesque lies on behalf of their government masters and their big pharma owners. After spreading sufficient fear and panic through hospicide slaughter and unnecessary lockdowns, the psychological kneading of amygdalas prepared the way for the real slaughter.

Getting people to volunteer themselves for experimental depopulation injections required a global team effort. The initial fear laid the groundwork but it was a sustained operation over time and all fronts had to work as one synchronized propaganda machine just like they rehearsed at Event 201.

Remember all those articles last year running cover for myocarditis that hit the Internet right as the clot-shot needles were pricking deltoid muscles? That was a nice gaslighting operation on behalf of Sgt. Pilfer and Gates’ Mode-RNA. Those articles still get amplified by the usual blue-checked buffoons on attention networks, plus the millions of automated bots created to run interference on the truth.

It was the perfect cover for the damaging shots. Prepare the masses to psychologically attribute harmful side effects of the vaccines to prior covid infection. Doctors and professors took their paychecks and did their part by publishing peer-reviewed lies and then hoodwinking patients.

Professors of Cardiology doing their part on “The Conversation”, another corporate state hack site created to appear at the top of Google Search results.

Not all doctors took the loot. A few with integrity and courage told the truth and continue to awaken the misinformed masses. They get labeled as “conspiracy theorists” and “anti-vaxxers”, even if it includes the most published cardiologist alive.

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Peter McCullough, MD MPH @P_McCulloughMDTuvali et al, Israel, huge study N=196K cases, N=590K controls, no excess rate of ICD-10-code identified myocarditis in unjected with natural infection. Counters prior false claims. Can focus on mandated products as source of myocarditis at hand and move forward on management.


July 6th 2022

The people are fed up with those who simply “did their jobs” and think they can hide behind that excuse in the future. An inflection point is nearing and soon that alibi won't be good enough. The millions of people awakening from their slumber not content to push the snooze button another time will soon stop blaming those who refused to obey as they did, and realize that they share the same struggle. For the men who still have a spine that day of no longer hitting the snooze button cannot wait.

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RhettResurrected @RhettResurrect1Doctor who jabbed someone which killed them confronted by extremely angry family member

August 5th 2022

The doctors and “experts” and government criminals would have achieved nothing without the dedicated help of the corporate media machine. They are as responsible for the fast and slow deaths of millions. Plausible deniability will not suffice as an alibi, in the absence of a modicum of curiosity and rudimentary investigation. Their dedicated suppression of the truth, pushing of blatant lies and propaganda, and omission of facts make them as culpable as any health bureaucrat or psycho oligarch.

The broken hearts aren’t reserved for the victims of the injections or hospicide protocols. It’s heartbreaking to watch so many people suffer when a little bit of focus and attention, a tiny fraction of curiosity and skepticism could have spared them such misery. They were reared to assimilate and not question, and now all they can do is regret their misguided choice to assimilate into such a rotten system.

The greatest tool for survival today is not Brazilian Jui Jitsu, instincts, or money, but a dose of old-fashioned skepticism and objectivity. What we used to call a healthy bullshit detector. The bullshit is everywhere, pouring from the mouths of the corporate drones paid millions to stink up the airwaves with deadly lies. The constant muck still oozes from the soiled mouths of hand-picked government traitors whose days of reckoning are all but assured.

In ideological times of great division, people revert to tribal allegiances at the expense of their own minds and bodies. If they hold greater value in feeling good about confirming their biases than discovering the truth, they have set themselves up to be the perfect targets. Children do not comprehend ideologies and are predisposed to the consequences of the poor choices of parents and the coercive mandates of imbecilic administrators who drove them into a corner.


But who really wants to acknowledge they made a grave error in judgment that risked their lives and the lives of their children? The guilt and regret of facing such a reality must be worse than death. Surely big pharma has a pill for such pain.

The evidence of genocide keeps piling up inside the bodies that leave it behind. Cancer rates are skyrocketing. Pathologists keep pulling those alien clots from sudden-death corpses and depositing them into formaldehyde jars for the horror podcast circuit. Those corpses intentionally misattributed to anything but the real culprit — napping, watching TV, waking too early, sleeping too late, climate change, snow shoveling in winter, gardening in summer, and everyday activities now utilized in criminal headlines to shield a mass slaughter. It was hilarious at first in its audacity, then just mildly amusing, but nobody is laughing anymore because that isn’t enough to suppress all the collective rage that is building.

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No Man Dates - Climate Change Denier @Pipspiper2#Pfizer "Dead people don't lie"

August 6th 2022

The Aztecs believed in sacrificing children to the gods to prevent the end of the world. They got it anyway when the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the early sixteenth century and witnessed the assembly line slaughter. To them, it was proof of a savage civilization not worthy of sparing and so they pilfered their gold and slaughtered their people.

History repeats through the centuries like stanzas of poetry:

they pilfered their gold
and slaughtered their people

Today global oligarchs sacrifice children, adults, and the unborn either at clinics or through infertility and sterility injections, the silent sacrifices, presently tanking western birth rates further toward civilizational oblivion.

The broken heart of a woman incapable of having children is no less painful than the child who must take heart medication after Sgt. Pilfer’s instructions to government agencies to approve their toxins for the little ones to win legal immunity.

“Want to play hockey or go back to school kid? Get in line to be shot.”

These human sacrifices by global managers are made to new gods —themselves — under the pretense of a new superstition — scientism — in preparation for creating a new world where they sit atop all the temples overlooking the masses of slaves who are too distracted and psychologically subdued to know they have willingly accepted that role.

While global managers attempt to assume their self-appointed status of new gods, intent on corrupting everyone in every government in their favor so they can meddle with humanity for their own personal amusement and benefit, they will sooner than later meet with the same fate as the Aztecs.

Their arrogance and hubris prevent them from seeing beyond the pile of skulls they have assembled because on the distant horizon the forces of retribution are gathering beneath the storm clouds of revenge. Humanity is slowly awakening, and soon will not be content with hitting the snooze button once again.

All those broken hearts will need mending, and left with few alternatives more desirable, they will summon the new conquistadors of The Great Awakening to square up against the psychopathic social engineers responsible for the Malthusian sacrificial suffering underway. And they will stand before them in judgment, glare into their dead eyes and tell them without hesitation or mercy…

“We hope that you enjoyed the show, but it’s time to go. We are here to do to you what you have done to us for decades: Pilfer your gold, and slaughter every last one of you.”