Silent Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Great Reset, the Fear Campaign and “Engineered Weather”?

Silent Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Great Reset, the Fear Campaign and “Engineered Weather”?

Silent Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Great Reset, the Fear Campaign and “Engineered Weather”?
Global Research  /  Peter Koenig

The Great Reset is enjoying the summer heat, the diversion of people on vacation in the Global North, to quietly and invisibly use some of its deadliest weapons on the people at large: Fear and engineered weather patterns.

The fear campaign is revving up, to be at full speed and full impact in the fall – Monkeypox, a new Omicron corona.

On July 23, 2022, the WHO has already declared monkeypox as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). And this with worldwide less than 20,000 reported cases.

They were reported, but are they real? They were apparently tested with the same invalid PCR test as is still used for determining Covid infections – a test totally unsuited, even by CDC (later retracted) for viral detection of this kind, resulting in up to 97% false positives.

But how many people know this?

And even if they do know about the fraudulent test – they still believe in the Monkeypox danger.

They still believe that their government is honest, defending their, the people’s best interest. The next vaxx campaign is already being prepared. You may never know the difference between the concoction they plan to inject into your arm. Is the monkeypox vaxx different from the toxic fluid they inject for covid?

Frankly, nobody knows, because the composition of the vaxx is never published. It took about half a year until the Quinta Columna” of Spain, a team medical doctors and virologists, was able to analyze a vial, in which they found graphene oxide, a highly toxic and electromagnetic substance.

Precisely the substance which was later identified with cases of Myocarditis, inflammation of the heart muscle that may lead to heart failure.

Who knows what will be the substance put into the monkeypox vaxxes?

Monkeypox was announced by WHO DG Dr. Tedros as affecting mostly (90%) “male who have sex with other male”, you may call it in other terms “homosexuals”.

Yet, Tedros declared Monkeypox as a Public Health Emergency — the drumbeat of fear-fear-fear. A perfect weapon of mass destruction (WMD).

At the same time, they are also preparing you for the fourth covid booster. At the beginning its especially for the elderly as they are the most vulnerable. Of course, they care for the elderly, the “cream of crop” of the “useless eaters” (Klaus Schwab advisor, Israeli historian, Yuval Noah Harari).

In Chicago they are standing in line for the monkeypox vaxx, all in face masks. There is an apparent shortage. So, people want to grab a vaxx as long as they are available.

And just in this morning, announced by WHO’s Mr. Tedros, there is a new, so far unknown version of hepatitis making the round. Be careful – more news will be released as it become available.

The media keeps bulldozing over the fact that the poisonous covid-vaxx, and probably all subsequent “everything” vaxxes, is a killer vaxx, has already killed millions, if not tens or hundreds of millions, way more than allegedly died from the covid-19 disease.

It is all terribly fraudulent, manipulated and convoluted, confusing, so that people, rather won’t question, even if they feel, sense that something is not quite right. They believe in their government, whom they believed all their life that it has your best interest in mind. They would not dare to think differently. How could they? – They have democratically “elected” their governments, and people’s tax money pays their lush salaries – so, no question “they [the governments] have my best interest in mind”.

This cognitive dissonance is difficult to beat.

If you told the “believers”, that unless they stop believing and take their destiny into their own hands, there will be many more plandemics, and many more different vaxxes and boosters. They plan to literally inject you full with poison, so your immune system will collapse and you may die. If you tell them, the “believers” will most likely call you a “conspiracy theorist”. That is another weapon, one that kills the truth.

Which leads to one of the Reset’s key objectives: Massive reduction of world population.

It’s already ongoing, namely through the first heavily coerced phase of vaxxing at least some 50% to 60% – maybe more – of the Global North, in the last 18 months, since December 2020. This is when the vaxx campaigns started in all 194 WHO member countries, simultaneously, or what the 2010 Rockefeller Report very pointedly calls “the Lockstep Phase”.

In a 2010 TED Talk, Bill Gates propagated, if we are doing a real good job vaccinating, the world population could be reduced by 10% to 15%.

The internet reference to several versions of this video have been “fact-checked” out – i.e., censored.

See quotation in the following video starting at 04:21. See also screenshot of transcript of quotation below

TED Talk at 04:21:

Transcript of quotation from the video.

The Fourth Vaccine Booster

According to Mike Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pizer, many of those who have been vaxxed and even more so, of those who have already received two or three so-called “boosters”, and are waiting for getting their fourth one, may die within two to three years, from causes and diseases linked to the injections, but the cause of death may be difficult to associate with the vaxxes.

Already today we see a flareup of cardiac diseases, like myocarditis. The heart inflammation can reduce the heart’s ability to pump blood, leading to heart failure and sudden death. Many athletes have collapsed on the sports arena, and many have eventually succumbed to heart failure. Since the vaxx drive began, the heart failure rate of sports people has gone up by several thousand percent.

Other vaxx-related diseases may cause blood clots, leading to thrombosis, affect kidneys, the liver, the reproductive system of both women and men. The vaxxes may cause miscarriages. They are also several thousand percent higher than before the vaxx injection – and they may cause outright infertility.

Different kinds of cancers, including blood cancers, such as leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma, as well as lung and stomach cancers have also been observed as being rapidly rising. One of the key caner-causing elements is the graphene oxide which is contained in many vaxx injections.

Let’s also keep in mind that we are confronted with different types of vaxxes. Not all vials contain the same toxic substances. They can cause different diseases. Their effectiveness is being tested by the dark elite-cult in this first phase of what is also called UN Agenda 2030, alias the Great Reset.

When you read all of this, you may become scared. Fear is detrimental for your immune system, for your health. So no Fear, please!

Remember Fear is one of their key weapons. But awareness, rather than fear, is also a defense-weapon.

Well-nourished people usually have a fairly good immune system, that will defend the body first from covid, and if covid occurs, will heal it like it heals from the common flu. Ivermectin is a medication that has proven very effective. It may be banned in your neighborhood, because they don’t want you to heal. They want you to be vaxxed.

There are plenty of inexpensive but effective over-the-counter remedies, like Vitamins C, D, Zinc, ginger and more.

While there is no concrete evidence that it has been applied, Environmental Modification Technologies (ENMOD) namely Engineered Weather may be another weapon of mass destruction.

Food Shortages

The heatwaves currently affecting the Global North, combined with unheard-of flashfloods and inundations, will certainly impact agricultural production. And as a side line, people’s economies. Many may lose everything; the farmers their lifelong subsistence.

Mass destruction of agricultural harvests, enhanced by forced reduction of agricultural activities, like what is currently ongoing in the Netherlands, is detrimental for food security.

Hundreds of thousands of farmers are protesting in the street and throughout Holland, since weeks against these insane government policies. They follow the WEF / Bill Gates dictate of worldwide food reduction to provoke food shortages; hardly reported by the mainstream.

The protests have so far been to no avail. Australia is apparently taking similar measures, with the result of alike protest events. The “leaders” of both countries are close to Klaus Schwab and the WEF, following the Reset mandates to the letter.

Other food reductions or harvest demolitions, include the withholding of grain shipments, like those blocked in Russia and Ukraine, due to the west-provoked and induced Ukraine war; outright destruction by fire and floods of grain and other food stocks, as well as massive apparently “heat-related”, but yet unexplained deaths of livestock – “several thousand cows” – died suddenly in southwestern Kansas, in June 2022. See this.

The NYT reports on 28 July, 2022, from southeastern Kentucky: “One of the worst, most devastating flooding events,” in state history, the governor said. Three people died and about 23,000 residents were without power. Cellphone service was down in some areas. See this.

Agricultural production losses by the floods are not even mentioned in the NYT Breaking News.

Interfering with agricultural production may lead to severe food shortages and in turn to famine – and death. Famine and malnutrition are already severely affecting the Global South.

Oxfam reports on 17 May 2022, “one person is likely dying of hunger every 48 seconds in drought-ravaged Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, according to estimates by Oxfam and Save the Children”. These, they say, are the “world’s repeated failure to stave off preventable disasters”. See this.

Yes, preventable. But do those who pretend to rule the world, those behind the WEF, the Reset and the UN Agenda 2030, really want to “stave off preventable disasters?”. It looks rather like they induce such disasters to meet the Reset’s agenda.

Farmland Ownership

According to a January 2021 article by ‘The Land Report’, Gates owned 242,000 acres (close to 100,000 ha, or about 1,000 square kilometers) of farmland through two investment management firms – Cottonwood Ag Management and Cascade Investment. At that time, what Mother Jones calls an “Empire of Dirt” was worth some US$ 5 billion. See this.

Since then, Gates’ farmland acreage ownership tops 300,000 acres, making him the largest private landowner in the US.

Gates is not the only billionaire purchasing farmland. Big Tech and Big Finance are also part of the party.

Pension Funds and other insurance companies, as well as banking conglomerates have purchased multi-billions worth of farmland, around the world. Majority ownership of the insurance and banking sectors are the renown villains, the inter-connected financial giants, BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street.

Knowing that Big Finance supports the WEF’s Great Reset, it would be foolish to expect that the goal and purpose of this private ownership of farmland, worldwide, is to assure a balanced and fully nutritional world population. Just the opposite. For them, Mother Earth’s population is way too large.

If We, the People, are aware and understand the planned evil machinations going on under the narrative of “climate change” – another neoliberal money-making proposition of the ruling elite – then, We, the People, can intervene, stopping the lies – by allying with each other and building a new society, a system of People: Working by the People, for the People.

Easier said than done? Maybe. But the first step is to recognize our “enemy” – to become independent from our governments, to separate from our ancient believes that governments are our “protectors”; to realize that they are NOT; that they mean harm not good for Us, the People. Because they have been coopted or corrupted, coerced or threatened, by the self-proclaimed world powers too what they are being told, or else. The ongoing and expanding fake plandemics and fraudulent vaxx campaigns should be a lesson.

Did you know, that WHO had already in 2014 declared, that the 2020-2030 will be the Decade of Vaccination. You may not find this reference anymore on internet, for obvious reasons.

When we detach from the current government structures and the accompanying lie-propaganda narrative, and form local associations working in solidarity, embracing a new societal concept, “local production, for local markets, with local money and a local banking system that works for the people” – we may create a new momentum, overcoming and beating their current weapons of mass destruction – fear and engineered weather-induced famine.

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