Sound Of Freedom • Gods Children Are No Longer For Sale

Sound Of Freedom • Gods Children Are No Longer For Sale | Ethan Huff

Anti-child trafficking film “Sound of Freedom” premieres July 4: “God’s Children are No Longer for Sale”On Independence Day this year, Angel Studios is planning to release its new film "Sound of Freedom: God's Children are No Longer for Sale," which aims to stop the scourge of child trafficking all around the world.

Featuring "Passion of the Christ" star Jim Caviezel, "Sound of Freedom" will hopefully attract two million viewers in its opening weekend, Caviezel said, in order to honor the two million children that are trafficked around the world every single year.

"This issue IS a hill to die on, folks," Caviezel commented. "And as a movie buff, I don't say that too often. But sometimes, movies can transcend the usual vanity and self-absorbing mentality that we typically get from Hollywood."

The film, by the way, tracks the real-life story of Timothy Ballard, who at an event about it showed actual undercover footage of some of the rescue missions that have been made over the years.

The official trailer for the film can be viewed below:

"It sure makes you sick to know that there are such evil people in this world who are willing to exploit children," one commenter wrote in disgust about the dark truths the film will expose.

"So glad they've made this into a movie, and what better person to portray Timothy Ballard than Jim Caviezel."

Another wrote that, having grown up in Los Angeles herself, she was "preyed on as a child," and is thankful that this film was made.

"I can't imagine what these trafficked children go through," this person wrote.

Numerous others wrote that just watching the trailer for "Sound of Freedom" caused them to cry because they now realize just how serious of a problem child trafficking has become throughout the world.

"There are still many children in this horrible industry with no way out," one said. "Thank you, Angel Studios, for making this film and bringing awareness to this topic. Wish there was more I could do as an individual."

Another, describing himself as a "grown man in my mid-30s" who is a "pretty well-adjusted guy who has my emotions in check and prides myself on my quality of stoicism" still broke down in tears over this film.

"I sobbed for the heartbreak and hope portrayed in this trailer," he wrote.

Caviezel, who himself adopted three children from China, spoke about the film having a special "Pay It Forward" program attached to it that will allow those with little or no money to watch it for free, thanks to generous donors.

"To spread the word, Angel Studios set up a pay it forward program where you can pay for someone else's ticket who might not otherwise see it," an announcement about the film states.

"If the ticket price is stopping you from attending, claim your free ticket at ... Every parent, every adult and every teenager in America should be there to see it."

"If millions of us come together to see this film, we could propel the movement to help save millions of children around the world. And you can send the message that God's children are no longer for sale."

Do you care about children and want to protect their innocence? Go see "Sounds of Freedom"

Caviezel will be watching the film himself at his local theater on July 3 and is hopeful that many others will follow suit, making the film a wild success right out of the gate.


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