SpaceX Rocket Hits Firmament And Explodes

SpaceX Rocket Hits Firmament And Explodes

Dylan Eleven •

NASA (Not A Space Agency) sends rockets into "Space" in an Arc which looks like they just come back to earth, (they do) to avoid the firmament.

NASA Rockets Avoiding The Dome

Today a spacex rocket, the largest ever built, with a large pointy ramming looking top, went straight up.  Not on an arc.  Not on an avoidance course but straight up.

It exploded and acted like other rockets have done when hitting the dome.  See the video of the launch and explosion below.  Also comparative videos of other rockets aparantly hitting the dome or firmament.

The Starship flight was meant to collect data for future boosted trips. As SpaceX explained during its livestream.

They called it a success because of what they have learned.

Did they just try to send the largest rocket ever with a large ramming rod on the top, on a direct collison course (not avoidance arc) to attempt to break through or crack the dome?

Is what they have learned, that it did not break through despite the rockets size and ram-rod top?

Todays launch

Examples of rockets hitting the firmament

7 Rockets Hit The Dome

Images From Todays Launch