Study: mRNA vaccines increase risk of death from other causes

Study: mRNA vaccines increase risk of death from other causes  /  Belle Carter

(Natural News) A recent study by a distinguished team of Danish researchers found no statistically meaningful evidence that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) reduce all-cause mortality. In fact, the number of deaths from other causes like heart attack is greater for vaccinated individuals, outweighing whatever benefits the vaccines are said to provide.

In comparison, the study reports that adenovector-based vaccines (AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson) showed more favorable results than mRNA vaccines and suggested that public health authorities should have favored the former over the latter. The study led by University of Southern Denmark‘s Christine Stabell-Benn has not been peer-reviewed.

The study’s preliminary results stand in sharp contrast to the message relayed by public health agencies and governments worldwide that the vaccines reduce the likelihood of getting symptomatic COVID-19 infection. (Related: Dr. Judy Mikovits: Every single mRNA vaccine is a synthetic virus – Brighteon.TV.)

“I have been in this game for now almost 30 years, studying vaccines and finding these non-specific effects which have been very controversial. There are strong powers out there that don’t really want to hear about them,” Stabell-Benn said.

Pfizer admits 1,223 deaths logged just three months after rollout

The results of the study seem to align with real-world data collected by Pfizer in the early goings of the vaccine rollout.

The pharmaceutical giant admitted to have received 1,223 reports of deaths occurring after just three months of the vaccine rollout. This should have been enough to completely halt the vaccination program.

Pfizer also listed a staggering 42,086 cases of adverse reactions, representing a total of 139,888 adverse events. Over 25,000 of the reported events were nervous system disorders. These pieces of information can be found in the first batch of documents released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency.

Investigative journalist Celia Farber made a list of the adverse reactions based on the document. These include acute respiratory distress syndrome, pneumonia, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, dermatitis, Bell’s Palsy, skin allergies, paralysis, kidney and liver problems and other life-threatening side effects.

Dr. Vernon Coleman, an English novelist and author of over a hundred books, presented hard evidence proving that Pfizer and the FDA knew that the mRNA shot would kill thousands of healthy people.

Coleman reminded the public that Pfizer is one of the world’s most fined companies, yet it made billions of dollars during the pandemic. He noted that Pfizer has paid hefty fines for making false claims, paying kickbacks and committing other unlawful acts over the years – all of which proving that dishonesty is not foreign to Pfizer’s business practices.

“Governments have deliberately and systematically created fear to terrify and manipulate and virtually force people to accept a jab that doesn’t do what most people think it does,” said Coleman. “The word genocide can no longer be considered hyperbole.”

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