The Benefit Of Getting Articles By Email

The Benefit Of Getting Articles By Email

Dylan Eleven |

There is great benefit to receiving articles by email.

By receiving articles by email the truth is saved on millions of servers, computers and phones.

This is very important.   With censorship and internet shutdowns, like the one I and millions of others are experiencing right now, the importance to keep your own copy of the truth, accessible by you, with or without the internet and regardless of censorship is very important.

By receiving articles into your inbox, you have access to the information that you may need to use or you may want to teach to others or your children and grandchildren if the net goes down permanently.

Currently without internet and cell phone access, I and millions of others are cut off from information.

Thankfully I have in my email 15,000 articles that I have posted on  I am offline yet I can search, open and read any article on that has been sent over the last 17 years.

We have been censored on Twitter, we have been shut down by Vimeo after millions of views, we have  been blocked on facebook and google for years.  Telegram is now censoring our posts, and most recently we have been shut down on Wordpress which has caused our site to be shut down for 7 days until we relaunched on our new platform.

But this latest blow had a large toll on the truth.  As we have not been able to move 13.400 articles over yet.   These articles were accessed daily by 40,000 people on the site and the links are broken.

We have relaunched on the new platform and have already published 700+ new articles and some from our archive.  .

We are working on moving over the 13,400 articles and will accomplish this but is had not been easy and is still a work in progress.

This and today’s internet outage has  highlighted the benefit of each reader having their own database of all articles in their email.

You can print them off also if you want to.

On the Wordpress platform we emailed our articles out to 15,000 subscribers.  We emailed 400,000 emails per day, placing these articles with the truth into everyone’s inbox on their computer or phone.

Over 17 years we have sent out 2,482,000,000 articles by email.   It is great to know that the truth is in millions of databases worldwide.

We will get the 13,400 articles posted on the new site.  But it is taking time and it is good to know that people can access them in their own email.

On the new platform we are also providing articles by email.  Subscribers from the old site will have to re-sign up.

On our new platform we are charged by the number of email subscribers we mail to.  So we are charging $1 per month to get our articles by email.  This covers our costs and also helps support our work.

You can subscribe receive our articles by email and support  here:

Thank you truth warriors, for reading our articles and for supporting our work.