Tax Revolt

Tax Revolt

"Stop giving money to an illegitimate government that's trying to kill you..."

The American Revolution began as a tax revolt. "No taxation without representation" was the battle cry.As the links below reveal, Americans tax payers are funding their own replacement and the destruction. The 2020 US election was stolen. The DOJ and MSM are dogs that won't bark. The social contract has been shredded.  The public has no other recourse than to refuse to pay taxes to an illegal subversive junta. 

Cash in Envelopes': How the US and UN Are Funding the Border Crisis

The Biden administration gave the UN migration agency nearly $1.3 billion in 2023, which it uses to help migrants on their journey to enter the US illegally.

The United States is bankrolling its own "invasion" by funding the United Nations and its partners, which, in turn, give hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and aid to migrants who eventually cross the U.S. southern border illegally. While the U.N. has aided migrants for decades, the scope of its operation has dramatically expanded as the number of illegal immigrants--from at least 160 countries--into the United States has surged.

That expansion has been fueled by more than $1 billion in funding from the U.S. government to the U.N. and other agencies assisting migrants, according to a government spending database. "We're actually funding our own border crisis," Todd Bensman, senior national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, a "pro-immigrant, low-immigration" think tank, told The Epoch Times. "And it's provided by, ultimately, the United States taxpayer."-

Former Panama Border Chief: UN Is Behind the Chaos at US-Mexico Border

Panama's former SENAFRONT director says the U.N. and its nonprofit partners made mass migration worse when they moved into his country.

"This isn't a conspiracy theory," he said; the "invasion" at the U.S. southern border is "strategic engineered migration."

There is no law that requires 98% or Americans to pay the federal income tax. From the Federal Reserve to the IRS, everything has been a lie. You must pay a sales tax, property tax, and even an estate tax- but not federal income taxes.  

"If they can print enough money to send to every other country... what the hell do we pay taxes for?


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