Test For Bluetooth Signal From The Vaccinated On An iPhone

Test For Bluetooth Signal From The Vaccinated On An iPhone

Dylan Eleven • Truth11.com

We have posted several artciles on testing the vaccinated for a bluetooth signal using an android phone switched into developer mode.  iPhones were not so easy until I found an App called BLE Scanner 4.0.  

I have just tested and app on an iPhone without switching into developer mode and successfully picked up the signals from the vaccinated using this App.

My Tests and Results

BLE Scanner 4.0 downloaded from the Apple app store on an iPhone XR, software version 14.2.

Inside a large faraday cage 20 feet x 20 feet, with no wireless radiation present at all.

Tested extensively with BLE Scanner App, found no signals at all.

Tested extensively with high-end wireless radiation tester that picks up Bluetooth wifi and cellular signals; found no signals at all.

Tested the area with 5 different unvaccinated people and the BLE Scanner app showed no signals at all.

Tested the environment with the BLE Scanner App with 3 vaccinated people, found 4 bluetooth signals.  All signals listed as N/A name not available.   Each person had no bluetooth devices on them, air tags, watches or phones etc.

Did extensive testing on distance from the subjects, showed clear relationship between the signal and distance to each person.  The app shows the distance of each signal -25 very close to -60 futher away.

Tested with 3 different vaccinated people found 6 signals.

Tested with all 6 vaccinated people together and found 10 signals.

Tested distances and removing people, direct correlation in the app.

It seems that some of the people were emitting only one signal and others more than one.

The vaccinated signal had a N/A for the name.

As a control I tried the app outside the faraday cage in different locations and picked up several devices, Samsung TVs etc, and lots of N/A (name not available) which in my experiments were the vaccinated.

Try downloading BLE Scanner 4.0 on your iPhone and do your own tests.