The Alleged Superpower, USA, No Longer Has a Military

The Alleged Superpower, USA, No Longer Has a Military

Paul Craig Roberts

West Point Drops “Duty, Honor, Country” from Its Motto and Replaces It with “Army Values” in Its Mission Statement

Does this mean that “duty, honor, country” are no longer Army values?

Are we moving toward a military academy whose values will be transformed in keeping with the woke ideology that has taken over the universities, public schools, Democrat Party, corporations, and media? Will the academy’s values be “transgenderism, equity, and open borders”?

Time will tell.

We can see why honor and country have to go. The last time the US military fought a war that could be claimed was “defending the country” was World War II. The Korean War was about preventing unification of Korea under the communists. The Vietnam War was about this and also defending the “Domino theory.” The Middle East wars were fought for the benefit of Israel. The Ukraine war was orchestrated as a strategy against Russia. The Israeli-Hamas war was intended to be a prelude for an attack on Iran. Actually, all wars are fought for the benefit of the power and profit of the US military/security complex.

Most of these wars were about bombing women and children. The notion that these murdered women and children were a threat to the United States is so far-fetched as to be insane. 

The question before us concerned civilians of the United States and the military veterans and retired officers is: Who is it that is destroying the US Military and its traditional values?

The US military has turned off real warriors. The US military today is a tower of babel. There is no unity between heterosexual white males mainly from the South, and sexual perverts, feminists, people of color, and the higher command that restricts white heterosexual promotions and requires its only warriors to submit to “sensitivity training.” Sensitivity training means one thing only: that a white person0 must accept that compared to “people of color” you are a second class citizen.

This is the American world today. Little wonder no military service can meet its recruitment needs and is talking about enrolling immigrant-invaders to “defend” the country they themselves have violated.

“Duty, honor, country” to be displaced by “Army Values” is for me and my generation a sacrilege. To witness the Superintendent of West Point, the Biden Secretary of the Army, and the Secretary of Defense submit to, or is it to orchestrate, this sacrilege tells me that the future purpose of the US military is not to protect the United States of America from invasion, but to serve the interests of the ruling elite.

Indeed, the current tyrannical regime in Washington has declared open borders and is flooding America with immigrant-invaders. The same tyrants asserting American hegemony are pellmell destroying America. 

And dumbshit Americans will vote for this anti-white, anti-American regime that is destroying them. A country half of whose population is committed to its own destruction is already destroyed.

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I'm retired and I don't think they're looking for seniors – it's not Ukraine yet. True I was never so inclined, but a brother died from Camp Legeune contamination.

What specific missions of the US armed services are you referring to when you criticize some of those currently serving?

Three and a half years as cadre at the Special Warfare Training Center aka USAJFKSWCS. Selecting and training Green Berets. Selection classes were typically over 400 candidates. Mostly from 18th Airborne Corp ie 82d, 101st, Tenth Mountain and 75th Rangers. So we’re already starting out with the most elite infantry and paratroopers in the entire US military ecosystem.

Over 70 percent of these elite infantry would be weeded out of SFAS aka “Selection” 77 percent in my personal class. Of those who were “Selected” two thirds of those men would fail out of the year long SFQC aka the “Q Course.”

So out of every hundred of the most elite infantry soldiers in the world only five or six ended up getting Tabbed. Then they marry up with an actual SFODA. Even at that camouflage, a significant percentage of graduates end up getting fired once they land on a Team and get screened through real world missions. They show up to work one morning and find all of their kit sitting outside the Team Room with a post it note saying “Report to the Sergeant Major’s office for out processing.”

So yes I do know of what I speak. Granted, this was 1997-2001 timeframe. Today the standards have been abolished. Not hyperbole. To begin the Q-Course a candidate doesn’t have to pass the physical fitness test. Doesn’t have to find any points on the legendary Star Land Navigation course. Doesn’t have to pass any patrols in phase one. Officers don’t have to pass TroyTrek etc. There are literally no standards. Why did they do this? Because the number one priority of the current Command is for women to be able to graduate the Q-Course and wear a Green Beret.

They did the same thing to the Rangers. So all of the Special Forces Groups and the 75th Rangers are now a complete fucking joke. Sleep well America.

However. My understanding is that the Navy SEALS have refused to lower their standards to comply with this woke agenda. God bless the Frogmen!

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