The Apocalyptic Phase of Technocracy And Transhumanism

The Apocalyptic Phase of Technocracy And Transhumanism

This essay is from a scholar in Moldova who offers a view from outside the United States. It is crucial to understand how citizens of other nations view the global takeover by Technocrats and Transhumanists. — Technocracy News & Trends Editor Patrick Wood

A double inadequacy to the new realities: a false alternative and a sterile legalism

Iurie Roșca

1. Adherence to the religion of covidism as proof of loyalty to the globalists

In the present essay I will refer to a double inadequacy to the new realities, determined by a series of spiritual, economic and technological factors. Namely, to the false alternative to the globalist system, which is claimed by a number of countries united within BRICS, and to the ineffectiveness of the legalistic resistance practiced by those who try to oppose the system.

I personally follow the alternative media in four languages, English, French, Russian and Romanian. Especially after the launch of the special operation of murder by injection, genetic modification, and mind control, which was carried out under the code name "Covid-19 pandemic". More than three years have passed since the beginning of this sinister farce that has revealed a new geopolitical reality, which escaped our attention until then. Namely. All states visible as a geopolitical weight have demonstrated their absolute obedience to a single world command center.

The only states that tried to resist the total aggression of the globalist-satanic forces under medical pretext paid with the lives of their own leaders. And to their credit, all without exception were African black. In this sense, see the suggested material at the bottom of the page[1]. We could add to these examples Sweden and Belarus, where the authorities avoided terrorizing their own populations with draconian restrictions and destroying their own economies with lockdowns.

Otherwise, the USA, Canada, the EU countries, Russia and China, along with the other BRICS countries, have proven to be led by some puppet governments, controlled by a single power center that we can call without no exaggeration World Government acting through UN affiliated agencies like WHO.

As I have shown in several recent articles[2], the common denominator of all states subject to the globalist command center is the UN with its policies established by Agenda 21 and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

We list here once again only the main elements of the Great Reset as the end of human civilization and the entry into the apocalyptic phase of TECHNOCRACY and TRANSHUMANISM, which aims at two major priorities, DEPOPULATION and CONTROL, promoted everywhere in the world, without the states claiming to represent an alternative to the "collective West" to show major disagreements:

· The organization of false pandemics such as Covid-19 in order to introduce lethal serums, impregnated with components such as spike proteins, nano-particles, fluorescent substances suggestively named luciferase, cells from aborted human foetuses, etc., all together producing irreparable genetic changes, an increased huge mortality rate, including among minors and young people, spontaneous abortions and sudden deaths, widespread developing of cancers and AIDS, as well as a sterilization of the world population.

· Adherence to the climate myth, which imposes the falsehood of global warming, the greenhouse effect as a pretext for the total destruction of the world economy by banning traditional fuel (oil, gas, coal), as well as by imposing the "green economy", the "carbon footprint ” etc;

· Promoting the policy of eliminating liquid money and imposing central bank digital currency (CBDC);

· Establishing a total surveillance system through the massive use of surveillance cameras, facial recognition programs, QR-codes, digital wallets, etc.;

· Total digitization of society;

· The massive introduction of AI and robotics that will cause, in addition to total surveillance and control, global unemployment of colossal proportions;

· Genetic engineering aimed at reshaping the entire creation, from plants and animals to the human being, including animal and human cloning;

· Human augmentation through the fusion of physical, digital and biological within the Fourth Industrial Revolution;

· Convergence between the scientific disciplines of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology and Cognitive Science, abbreviated by the acronym NBIC;

· Prohibition of normal consumption of meat of animal origin under sanitary pretexts (swine flu, avian flu, gas emissions in cattle as a cause of global warming, etc.);

· The imposition of insects and worms under the title of foodstuffs.

It is well to remember that at the present time there is a rapid transition from the "civilization of money" (Valentin Katasonov) to the "civilization of techno-science" and posthumanity. In this sense, all the predictions of Jacques Ellul about the "betrayal of technology" accurately materialize. The obsession with the conquest of nature by man has turned out into the conquest of man by technology.

The list of nightmare realities listed above could be continued. For example, the artificial conception of children, the sexualization of minors, the legalization of pedocriminality, the LGBT revolution, etc. It is true that a number of Muslim countries, China and Russia oppose sodomy and the destruction of the family, but given the devastating force of mass culture promoted by modern technologies and the total cognitive war waged by globalist power centres, a certain desynchronization in the degree of societal depravity will be overcome within a decade or two at the most. The West has become global, managing to contaminate the entire world with its diseases.

The dynamics and scale of the phenomena listed above is downright diluvian or, more precisely, literally apocalyptic. From this perspective, a correct and deep assessment of this international reality is required, which does not fit into the classical geopolitical schemes, overcoming the horizontal cleavages between states and groups of states. Also, an inventory of the methods of struggle of the resistance movement against the techno-scientific tyranny that is being established with lightning speed is necessary.

To test the degree of loyalty of any state and state leader to the globalist power center that we generically call the World Government, it is enough to undertake the following intellectual exercise. Let's project on them the reading grid proposed above, which will develop with maximum precision the true nature of the respective political regimes and the dignitaries in the state hierarchies.

The first exercise. Did the respective state/leader join the global genocide under the cover of the fake Covid-19 pandemic or not? And here – oh, what a shocking surprise! – we find in the same collection of puppets of the World Government Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, Justin Trudeau and Narendra Damodardas Modi, Emmanuel Macron and Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen, Vladimir Zelensky and Viktor Orban.

From this it emerges that any existing conflict between the "collective West" and Russia/China/BRICS - ideological, diplomatic, economic or military - is secondary in comparison with the common agenda imposed on them through globalist organizations such as the UN and the WHO. And that's because – utmost attention!!! - the forceful deployment of a tsunami of the globalist agenda will cause some huge transformations on a world scale that will accelerate the arrival of the terminal phase of human civilization. All the dystopian novels and horror movies with predictive programming functions will not only become reality faster than we anti-System dissenters can imagine. If there is no radical shift, no major break in the international order, humanity will face an inexorable extinction. Then even atheists and freethinkers will suddenly remember the Apocalypse and cry out to God. For the simple reason that they will see with their own eyes these transcendental realities inaccessible to modern man.

What should a state/political regime/leader of an independent nation do?

1) To firmly denounce the crimes against humanity which is the operation of mass assassination of humanity under the cover of the Covid-19 pLandemic?

2) To immediately leave the World Health Organization and to denounce any relationship with GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization.

3) To cut off all cooperation with Big Pharma by denouncing all agreements with transnational corporations producing vaccines.

4) To cancel any mandatory vaccination of the population, from new-born children to the elderly.

5) To initiate criminal investigations against dignitaries who have established relations of complicity with the criminals of the globalist elite in order to commit mass murder.

More than three years after the outbreak of the Covid-19 plandemic, has any state taken such measures? Obviously, not. And then why so much enthusiasm in international circles of resistance against American hegemony over Putin's Russia, Xi's China, or the BRICS? I am trying to answer this question.

1. Our Western friends in the dissident network hate the ruling system so much that they fall into a state of blind adoration of these aforementioned countries and their formal leaders, even reaching states of idolatry.

2. That confusion is fueled massively by the official discourse of the front men from the East, who contest "Western values", claiming to defend alternative civilizational values. That is, intellectuals in the anti-Western resistance fall into the trap of official rhetoric and make no distinction between words and deeds.

3. In any conflict between two parties we are tempted to take the side of one of them. It is the syndrome of the spectator of a football match or of a voter in the confrontation between the government and the opposition. In such situations, it is difficult to accept the idea that the respective political fauna presents no positive figure.

4. The propaganda of capitals such as Moscow, through RT, Sputnik, etc. is quite effective in maintaining the illusion of an alternative to the West. This is also maintained by the fact that the studios of the respective media company existing in Western countries constantly invite the intellectuals banned by the mainstream media, and the embassies take care of their presence at all worldly events.

5. Moscow resorts to the old strategy applied during the 1920s-1930s by the Comintern, which knew how to flatter and corrupt a large number of Western intellectuals who turned into trumpets of the Soviet regime, "alternative" to the capitalist one.

6. At the moment, a whole series of rebels engaged in the fight against the System have settled in Moscow or make regular visits there, turning nolens-volens into neocominterns in the service of the Kremlin.

7. Having a remarkable critical spirit and displaying a commendable power of analysis in their articles, public lectures and books, our Western friends often show an astonishing blindness to the realities of Russia or China. To discuss with them the nature of political power, the structure of state institutions, the decision-making process, the structure of the national economy, the editorial policy of the dominant media in these countries, etc. it is impossible. People are willing to endlessly cultivate their own illusions when they simply do not have to follow a vision agreed by their Eastern sponsors.

2. Climatism as a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of globalists

Now a few words about the climate myth and its implications for the establishment of the New World Order. I will not go into depth on the subject, instead I would recommend a series of books on this subject of exemplary academic value:

François Gervais: "L'urgence climatique est un leurre", "Merci au CO2: Impact climatique et conséquences: quelques points de répères", "Impasses-climatiques-contradictions-discours-alarmiste"; Christian Gerondeau: "Le CO2 est bon pour la planète: Climat, la grande manipulation" "La religion ecologiste", "La voiture électrique et autres folies: la religion écologiste"; Tim Ball; "The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science"; Calude Allegre: "L'climate imposture"; Rémy Prud'homme: "L'ideology of warming", "Warmism as an ideology: soft science and hard doctrine", "Le mythe des energies rénovéables", Marc Morano, "Climate Change", "Green Fraud".

Here we recall a trivial truth, known to everyone in the intellectual milieu of the anti-globalist dissidence. The de-sovereignation of the states is an old plan of the globalist elites that has been fully realized. And if we know that the world is run by some networks of influence, by secret societies and transnational corporations, why do we limit this axiomatic truth only to the Western space?

We also recall the fact that the diversion of global proportions with a major strategic stake rightly called "ecological religion" or "global warming ideology" was imposed on the states as a result of the deliberations of the Club of Rome created by the Rockefeller clan in order to substantiate the theory of depopulation. This bogus theory became international convention following the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, which was held under the auspices of the UN. Thus, climate change has become an international norm, and the concept of Sustainable Development has migrated into several acts of the same UN. Our camp understands very well the purpose of these projects - the establishment of the New World Order. But does any country oppose this strategy? No. How, then, is it to be explained that we see all too well how this plan is being implemented in the West, but miss the fact that the same thing is happening in the East?

What should an independent and patriotic state/government have done to reject the globalist agenda based on the religion of environmentalism?

1.    To denounce all the international conventions adopted within the UN and ratified by the member states, which give a legal appearance to the climate myth and the treacherous strategy called Sustainable Development?

2.    To initiate an official debate at the international level, with the involvement of honest experts in the field, to denounce this diversion that aims to reduce the population and establish a world tyranny.

Has any state or its leader shown any intention to withdraw from international commitments that nullify national independence, destroy the economy and lead to mass depopulation? No. And if this is the case, why do we prefer to have a selective approach to this major problem of humanity as well?

Or, say, which state (group of states) with claims to independence could afford to abandon the World Trade Organization and the Bank for International Settlements? Not one? Then what kind of economic independence could we talk about? But precisely economic independence determines political independence. Not to mention the widespread obsession with the dependence of a national economy on foreign markets and foreign trade, any idea of economic protectionism or proximity economy being forgotten by both small and large countries.

In the same vein, we emphasize that the exit from the deadly embrace of the Globalist System goes through the decisive and official rejection of the plan to eliminate liquid money (cashless society), of the technocratic obsessions that are becoming a legal norm and a practical reality such as "15-minute cities", "smart cities - smart thigs - smart bodies - smart minds" etc.

Under these conditions, if globalization is a destiny, an inexorable law in the sense of progressivism as the only vision of the world, why would we show such zeal for the cultivation of civilizational, religious, or ideological differences? All of these passes into the background, to be dissolved permanently in the cauldron of technological, economic and cultural globalization. The uniformization, homogenization, dehumanization, and entry into the terminal paradigm of the two twins of evil – technocracy and transhumanism (Patrick M. Wood[3]) appear as inevitable, as a predestination that would end the history of mankind in a tragic and accelerated way.

3.    The inadequacy of the methods of political struggle under the conditions of tyranny

Given the new international realities and taking into account the fact that the globalist dictatorship has suppressed all legal rights and freedoms, a fact that was fully seen during the fake Covid-19 pandemic, we must admit that the traditional methods of political struggle have become totally inoperative. The sanitary tyranny imposed by the globalist hyperclass is accompanied by unprecedented terror against those who do not accept the official line. Methods of establishing a global totalitarian regime range from censorship on dominant digital platforms, to stalking, public stigmatization and ostracism, to outright assassinations, which are presented as heart attacks or car accidents. The thoughtcrime and the imposition of "single thought” (Fr: Pensée unique) is not only the prerogative of the Chinese regime but extends equally to the Western space and Russia.

In these conditions, considering the accelerated pace of imposing the New World Order, the individuals and social groups representing the Resistance find themselves in a total deadlock. Recourse to the old methods of political struggle in the new conditions has no chance of success. To make use of democratic and legalistic methods under conditions of state terror is as absurd as it was in Russia after the October 1917 coup or in Nazi Germany after 1933.

Creating parties, participating in elections, organizing street demonstrations, collecting signatures, sending e-mails or petitions to dignitaries, all these have no longer any purpose in the new conditions. Worse, the entire work of informing and awakening societies to reality, which we, the anti-System militants, do has a limited impact and cannot produce a reversal of the situation. This is because of the control over the collective mind exerted for decades by mainstream media and mass culture, by manipulation and perception management, by social media and hedonistic individualism.

And the endless appeals of some activists to the civic conscience of the citizens who are called to wake up have limited impact, falling within the margin of error not disturbing for the globalist power. Faced with a total inefficiency of legalistic methods, the solution that remains is to resort to political violence. But this option also seems to be taken into account by the world oligarchy. "Governance through chaos" (L. Cerise) is exactly what it aims for.

Under these conditions, only God's intervention in history can overturn the current state of affairs and open a brighter perspective for humanity. But the West, which has become global, has betrayed God, is proud of its own spiritual blindness, and persists in the error of self-sufficiency of autonomous man. Even the vast majority of us, the anti-globalist and sovereignist militants, have definitively secularized ourselves, having a horizontal perception of the world. And this unlike our enemies, deeply attached to Satan, who know well who they are fighting. Therefore, as we said in the previous article, while the Satanists have allied themselves with the prince of this world, we, their enemies, refuse the alliance with the King of heaven and earth, Jesus Christ.

Under these circumstances, when we find ourselves betrayed by all statesmen, disenfranchised, incapable of political violence, and strangers to the divine source, what remains for us to do?

I would say let's continue our daring work and determined affirmation of the truth despite all the risks. Let us expose traitorous statesmen and politicians, let us encourage followers to prepare for a long and sacrificial struggle. But also, to be in a full state of alertness. In the art of war as in boxing success depends on intuition and maximum utilization of the opportune moment. My boxing coach used to teach us like this: "When you're in the ring with your opponent in front of you, don't close your eyes. You risk missing the most interesting moment". That is, getting a coup de grâce

and being defeated.

4.    War as the terminal phase of the world or an opportunity and a new beginning?

There may be no other way out of this historical impasse than war. We don't want it. But if the globalists have already provoked it anyway, let's hope that the enormous sacrifices, which seem hard to avoid at the moment, result in a new beginning for humanity. A solution hard to accept for today's demasculinized, hedonistic, and narcissistic generations. But another way to wake up from the state of lethargy, to re-masculinize, to resettle societies on the foundations of moral virtues, hierarchies and honour seems to not exist.

The war that is currently raging on only on the territory of Ukraine, would deserve a separate article to investigate its origins and implications. Until then, however, we note that this war forged and initiated by the Atlanticists, by the USA that embodies absolute evil, is only a link in the long historical chain of offensives of the Anglo-Saxons, of the thalassocratic civilization against Russia as a continental, tellurocratic civilization. The goal is obvious: the destruction of Russia as a state, its territorial dismantling, its denuclearization, and its removal from history. The prime target of the aggressors is Orthodoxy and Russia’s immense natural resources.

In these conditions, obviously, our sympathies are on the side of the victim of aggression, which is Russia. Except that they do not necessarily extend to the leadership of this country impregnated with foreign influence networks and lacking a leader who would be up to the great challenges of today's historical moment. The dynamics of the last three years, since the establishment of covidist terror, as well as the sixteen months of war have revealed the true face of the Russian rulers. From obedience to globalists and dependence on the oligarchy that controls the country's economy to the shocking inability to deal with a major crisis like war. Plus, a massive presence of elements hostile to the national interest in the state and propaganda apparatus, a situation that could be characterized by two complementary terms: "fifth column" and "xenocracy". But we hope to return to all this in more detail in another article.

Moreover, the war fits perfectly into the globalist strategy that seeks to depopulate, devastate nation states, destroy the economy, pauperize the masses, and cause generalized chaos, all representing the preconditions for the establishment of the New World Order.

In other words, given the new international circumstances, the current international political-legal and economic-financial system seems to be unreformable. And a possible resettlement of the world on some new, fairer, and more human bases, becomes possible only after a new world war. Only a post-war peace could remake the world. But that comes with the hard-to-avoid risk of the world disappearing in a nuclear meltdown.

In any case, even without self-annihilation as a result of the use of weapons of mass destruction this hyper-technological civilization is heading headlong towards an inevitable collapse.

In such cases, we Christians say, "Thy will be done, Lord!". Not because we are fatalists, nor followers of predestination. On the contrary. Christian optimism is the key to the invincible character of the religious man.

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