The Benefits Of Getting Articles By Email

The Benefits Of Getting Articles By Email

Dylan Eleven |

There is great benefit to receiving articles by email in addition to the convenience of reading full articles directly in your email, and ensuring you don’t miss anything;  By receiving articles via email, the truth is saved on millions of servers, computers and phones world wide.

This is very important.   With censorship and internet shutdowns, the importance to keep your own copy of the truth, accessible by you, with or without the internet and regardless of censorship is very important.

Over 18 years, has sent out 2,482,000,000 articles by email.   It is great to know that the truth is in millions of databases worldwide.

We have posted 15,000+ articles on our site and have had these articles of truth, censored and attacked.

We have been suspended on Twitter, we have been shut down by Vimeo after millions of views, we have  been blocked on facebook and google for years.  Telegram is now censoring our posts, we were shut down on Wordpress after 17 years and recently on ghost.

With all of this censorship we still had over 20 million articles read last year.

We are on a new stronger platform and have created a easy to read website and clean email look.

To cover our costs and to help to support our work, we are charging $1 per month to get articles by email.

Please subscribe to receive articles by email for convenience, for personal copy and record, to help us cover costs and to support our work.

Thank you truth warriors!