The Big Picture + The Bottom Line

The Big Picture + The Bottom Line

Dylan Eleven |

On I have posted over 14,000 articles of truth, providing information, details, events, actions, statements, documents, videos, quotes, images, memes, testimonies, facts and figures.

This information is posted to help us all gain a big picture understanding of our world.  So we can  navigate, defend ourselves and figure out the bottom line of what needs to be done.

The following is not the details.  It is the big picture put into the simplest terms, and the bottom line of what we have to do.


• War had been waged upon us all.
• 1% are trying to kill 95% of people.
• They are crashing the worlds economies and supply chains as part of the genocide.
• There was no pandemic, in 2020 there were no excess deaths.  The "Flu" was simply renamed "Covid".
• 2021 and 2022 excess deaths have increased dramatically due to the “Vaccines”.  
• The Covid “Vaccines” are a chemical weapon designed for mass depopulation.
• They have already succeeded in mass genocide by injecting billions of people with an eventual death chemical weapon they call a vaccine.
• The government, medical profession and mainstream media are part the genocide plot.
• They know billions will die.
• They know people will revolt against this genocide when it becomes fully apparent to even the most asleep.
• They want us to hang all the public figures, doctors, nurses and  politicians who pushed this genocide.
• They want civil war to justify bringing in UN troops.
• The war has been almost won before 95% of people even know we are at war.
• They have shown themselves as the true enemy of humanity. This exposure has enabled their own destruction and they know it.
• They are willing and ready to bomb any nation and will call it a nuclear war, if it was, or not.
• The 1% can be stopped.


• Although the hour is late, we are still the many. And they are still the few.
• There is still hope but there is a lot work to be done.
• Life is going to be different and we must adjust our plan’s, actions and reactions accordingly.
• We must prep and organize to the extreme.
• Connect locally.  Have have a plan to unite and be able to react to anything.
• The truth is coming out. Keep the momentum going. Continue sharing the truth, and if you can double your efforts.  If you were silent before, speak out now.
• Anyone working for the 1% the time to switch sides is now.   Help save what’s left of humanity and it will help your case.
• We all need to unite, divided we are not the many.  We are not each others enemy.  But there is an enemy to focus on.
• As humans, we can save ourselves without having permission to do so by the people trying to kill us.  It’s called self defense.  We are at war, defend yourself. website tag line has been our mission statement for 18 years and it is also a bottom line:
• Armed with the truth, united we stand. The truth will set us free.