The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Dylan Eleven •

The 'Alice In Wonderland' global propaganda operation is designed to confuse the masses into blindly following with complete compliance and submission.

The 'Alice In Wonderland' confusion technique is designed not only to obliterate the familiar but to replace it with the weird and nonsensical, normalizing lunatic behaviours and states of madness portrayed as sane. | Alice in wonderland tactic : source

The term 'Alice In Wonderland' is used to by the elite to describe the concept of using propaganda and staged events in multiple and sometimes conflicting ways, in order to confuse the population.  The goal being the masses will loose sight of the big picture, their grip on reality, and accept the absurd as the truth.  

Take the COVID-19 (flu renamed) fake pandemic for example. People believed ridiculous lies so obvious from the first day of the plandemic, and continued to blindly believe every peice of garbage spewed by the mainstream media and so called experts, that they lined up to be part of the largest vaccine genocidal campaign of all time.

Like Alice on her mushroom trip; having no idea what is up or down, big or small, illusion or reality. Their strategy is for people to have no idea what the truth is.  So much so they simply give up trying to figure it out, blindly follow the genocidal elite to their own doom and enslavement.  Cattle to the slaughter.  

Independent media stands in direct conflict with this strategy and agenda.  

In order to master any subject, concept, or job in any industry you must learn everything there is to know about it.  Once you have mastered all of the aspects, understand all of the concepts, and know all of the variables and formulas you can clearly see the big picture.

This big picture understanding allows you to see the truth clearly.  Becasue you are aware of all of the parts of the whole and how they interact with eachother, you can see patterns, overall trends, goals, and motives of the collective as a whole = The Big Picture.  

Our governments are bombarding people with large amounts of information and attacks from multiple angles in order to confuse people, so they loose sight of the big picture.  They make so many variables that it is impossible for most people to dedicate the time to closely follow and analise every plan, move, situation or development.    

That is why independent media is so important in this global war.  We work full time immersed in this information; resarching, reading, analysing and reporting our findings.  This focus of our efforts and time allows us to clearly see the big picture, and by working independently we have the freedom to report it.

The Big Picture

• A few psychopathic people are waging war against all populations.

• They are trying to control and/or eliminate 95% of the worlds population.

• They have succeeded in injecting a large percentage of the worlds population with a genocide bioweapon vaccine, using a fake virus as the set up.

• The vaccinated need help, and those responsible arrested.

• They are hiding this fact with propaganda and gaslighting.

• They will try to hide from their vaccine genocide with WWIII.

• They will continue to try to kill us all with genocidal vaccines, vaccines in our food supply, bugs as food with parasites, chemtrails and in many other ways.

• We can, and should, run our own lives without their influence.  It is not too late.

• The truth is we outnumber them.  We are already free. Their chains are an illusion that are only enforced by willing compliance.

• Do not consent ever.

• Unite, build and run your own world.

A few genocidal maniacs, falsely called the elite, are activly trying to reduce the population of the world by 95%. The physcopaths are trying to control every aspect of our lives and treat us like cattle, because this is what they actually think we are.  They have stated as such:

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars An Introduction Programming Manual Operations Research Technical Manual TW-SW7905.1 

These few are controlling ALL sides of wars. The whole world is a stage, they are all working together.  They fabricate most if not all of the worlds problems, to provide the solutions that suit them, not us.

None of it is necessary;  Famine, war, poverty, police state, medical murder, racial division, vaccine genocide... None of it is necessary.  

They are not necessary.  We are quite capable of running a better world without their influence holding us all back.

We outnumber them so much they are actually really not a threat.  The only way they are winnng is because the masses are volentarily going along with their plan to kill and enslave us all.

Police and armed forces sold out humanity for a pay cheque.  Pathetic. It is not too late for them, stand with the people now and seek redemption.

Mandatory still requires your consent.  Never give it.  No one has the right to do what they are doing to us. Do not comply. Do not consent. Do not contract with police.  Do not recognize any authority of corrupt thugs.  

There was no virus or bioweapon leak called covid-19.

There were no excess deaths in 2020. There was no pandemic.

Annual flu symptoms were renamed covid-19.  Flu cases disappeared in 2020 and covid-19 cases with the exact same symptoms appeared in similar numbers.

Gain of function research was the development of the Covid vaccine.  Designed to kill in various ways to hide the genocide; not a bioweapon that was accidentally released.  

A controlled injectible bioweapon was used because they would not risk releasing an airborne bioweapon as it could hurt them also.  The injection was easy for them to avoid, none got vaccinated.

Since the global roll out of this genocide weapon, excess deaths are up considerably in the vaccinated.

There was no virus or lab leak, just a media campaign to help them perform genocide by convincing people to line up and voluntarily allow themselves to be injected with a toxic bioweapon.

Only the mentally blind remain who do not see that covid was a scam and the vaccine is a killer.  But deep down, even they know the truth, most of them will find out the hard way.

The power of the phycopathic pedophile corrupt evil so called elite is gone.  They have lied and tried to kill everyone, and we know it.  They cannot escape the reality that we know who and what they are and what they have done.  Time will oust them all.  They have all played themselves.

Above all of the fake politics, artificial wars, genocidial plots and thugs in boots trying to step on our faces, is the big picture truth:  That we are united in cause, we are the majority, we are aware and our numbers are growing.   We will prevail, because the truth always comes out.

Don't let yourself be distressed with the abundance of information.  The overlying big picture truth is they lied and tried to kill everyone.  They have lost all credibility, blatant lies and genocide will do that.  They must not and will not be trusted ever again.  They are cut off forever.

The truth has set us free.  We are already free, we always were.

We do not comply.  We do not consent.  

Instead we choose to build our own world, free from the control of the few who have shown their hand.  

Focus on building and solidifying your family and community.  

Police and armed forces need to join with the people and help arrest the corrupt few that tried to kill them also with the covid vaccines.

The lies are exposed, the truth will be know by everyone, it is just a matter of time. Speed the process up by sharing the truth.  

This War Is Not Over

They will try to continue their maddness, attacks and genocide plots, because they have already carried out genocide, they are all in, they are doomed if we arrest them and they know it.  

They want civil war, they want global war.  They want these events to try to hide from their vaccine genocide.  

They want to drastically change the narrative to shut up and force unite everyone in a common goal of war.  

They will try to re-instate conscription.  Never comply.

Do not take the bait.  Do not give them what they want.  Instead humanity must unite and arrest them.

Unite your families and communities. Together we are strong.  We are not divided by race or sexual preference (pedophiles exlcuded).  

They have lied and their actions show their intent to kill us all.   This is not a long term stable position for them.   So they will come on the offensive more and more as they go down.  Prepare accordingly.

We have truth, good, the majority, god and human kindness on our side.  We will win.  

Armed with the truth, united we stand.