The COVID Vaccine + Tinnitus

The COVID Vaccine + Tinnitus

The COVID vaccine causes tinnitus and many other adverse events: there is no doubt about this

Steve Kirsch

Executive summary

This NBC News article says that even though many people have reported tinnitus following vaccination, the CDC has thoroughly investigated this and found no link.

In short, according to the CDC, these are just “coincidences” where people are vaccinated just before they develop tinnitus.

That’s not what I found when I looked at VAERS just now. 95% of the tinnitus reports from the 30 year history of VAERS were from just one vaccine: the COVID vaccine.

For atrial fibrillation, 93% of all VAERS reports are from the COVID vaccines.

For death, a safety signal was triggered less than a month after the vaccines rolled out.

The CDC is ignoring all these safety signals and more.

They are a corrupt organization and nobody is lifting a finger to investigate why they ignored these safety signals (including death). They all trust the CDC.


There is a new paper, Prevalence of New-Onset Tinnitus after COVID-19 Vaccination with Comparison to Other Vaccinations, which showed that you are twice as likely to get tinnitus after the flu shot, Tdap vaccine, and pneumococcal vaccine compared to the first shot of the COVID vaccine. It concluded that there’s no reason to avoid the COVID vaccine.

A simple search of VAERS that I did just now shows that the COVID vaccine is causing tinnitus in 25,948 out of 27,295 cases reported to VAERS over the last 30 years. So in just over two years, 95% of all tinnitus reports are from the COVID vaccine.

Sorry, but that’s not a coincidence.

By comparison, the pneumococcal vaccine had only 136 cases, even though the paper said it is twice as likely to get tinnitus from that vaccine. That vaccine has been given for more than 30 years. The CDC recommends pneumococcal vaccination for all children younger than 5 years old and all adults 65 years or older. So almost everyone got it either as a kid or as an adult. Yet there are just 136 tinnitus cases.

Do you see a problem here?

What the VAERS reports say

Here are five reports from the first six returned by the query that returned 25,948. You get the picture. The symptom develops right after the shot.

VAERS ID: 902832
Within and hour and a half of receiving developed tinnitus in both ears lasting 6 hours

VAERS ID: 903094
40 min after shot experienced dizziness, feeling like was going to pass out, not coherent, BP high, fast heart rate, light headed. Got chills, freezing cold, shivering, and later in the day my ears were ringing. Extremely fatigued.

VAERS ID: 903344
severe, acute hearing loss and tinnitus in R ear.

VAERS ID: 903469
12 hours after getting the vaccine blurry vision, ringing ears, headache, benadryl, steroid, claritin all oral

VAERS ID: 904050
10/17/2020 after the injection on Thursday I had a sore body, sore throat ringing ears joint pain,… Fri I woke up with sore throat every time I take a breath I have chest pain sore body ringing in ears, chills and I went to the ER

Tinnitus was acknowledged by the CDC as triggering a safety signal for the COVID vaccine

From the data released by the CDC under FOIA, tinnitus generated a safety signal.

Here’s an explanation of the safety signal algorithm used by the CDC.

One of the CDC criteria required to generate a safety signal is chi-squared > 4 to trigger a safety signal.

The value for chi-squared for tinnitus was 2,627 which is indeed >4 (by a long shot). What this means is that it’s very unlikely this rule was triggered by pure chance.

Atrial fibrillation

A friend of mine developed afib after he got his COVID shot. He didn’t associate it with the shot. Here’s the VAERS search on afib:

The # of cases listed at the top is the total number of VAERS reports found. The count inside the table is the number of times that vaccine was listed in a report. Because reports can have multiple vaccines listed, the sum of the counts can be greater than the number of cases.

So I did a search for COVID to find the number of afib cases associated with COVID: 8806. So 8806/9427=93.4% of VAERS reports with afib are associated with the COVID vaccine.

So again, this isn’t likely to happen “by chance” that this one vaccine in just a little over two years has triggered 93% of the afib reports in VAERS.

I also know from a personal anecdote of a top UCSF doctor who got afib right after his vax, had surgery to correct it, was symptom free, got the second shot and immediately developed afib again. That’s known as “re-challenge” (same drug elicits same adverse reaction in the same patient longitudinally) and it is used to assess causality when this is seen with multiple patients.

Yet atrial fibrillation didn’t even trigger a “safety signal” in the CDC report. Stunning.


There is no question that the COVID vaccines cause tinnitus, afib, and many many more serious adverse events. You can see a relatively complete list here.

Not only are 95% of the reports of tinnitus in VAERS associated with the COVID vaccine, but randomly sampling the individual case reports show that the ringing started right after the shot.

So once again, the CDC is lying to the American public about adverse events caused by the COVID vaccine.

The most serious adverse event, of course, is death. The CDC safety signal for death triggered less than a month after the vaccines rolled out. It was the CDC’s responsibility to investigate that safety signal.

Did they do that? Absolutely not.

There are a dispositive set of specialized tests that can exonerate or implicate the vaccine in a death after vaccination. This is the ONLY way you can make the assessment. The CDC has never performed any of these tests on anyone who died. They are corrupt and the people involved should be held criminally negligent for not investigating any of these deaths. They basically do not want to know whether the vaccines are at fault. When people die, they just look the other way.

Congress continues to look the other way as well while people are killed and injured by these vaccines. There are no questions being asked, and no hearings being held. They are just letting people die.

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