The Davos Snakes

The Davos Snakes

Grrr Graphics | Tina Garrison

More than They can chew..WEF Davos

Those currently meeting at Davos could be dismissed as maniacal lunatics if it were not for the fact that most of them are mega billionaires who are spending their way toward total control of the planet. They use NGOs to control communities. They buy out district attorneys to destroy social cohesion. They already own and control most of our politicians by means of lobbyists and money. They own and control the mainstream media. They own and control major corporations and social media. Now they want to own and control all of us. 

They’re using their ‘climate change’  hoax to achieve that goal, and they will enforce their agenda by means of a central bank digital currency. The CBDC will enable them to monitor and control what we buy and penalize us if our carbon footprints aren’t small enough. Eventually they want us all dead. They want to own the world and excess humans are useless eaters consuming too many resources. We are the carbon they want to eliminate.

Of course, they can consume as much as they like and stomp around with sasquatchian sized carbon footprints because they consider themselves to be our god-like leaders. In reality they are satanic and we saw that revealed in one of their rituals. They no longer care if we know. They are all untouchable and above the law.

Blinken attended. Like Biden, he his answerable to those unelected leaders at Davos, not American citizens.  None of the Davos creeps were elected. Did you vote for Gore, Kerry, Schwab, or any of the other climate change shills to hector you? Of course not. Yet they think they can get you to pay a carbon tax to ’save the planet.’

The control freaks are now saying anyone who resists the climate change agenda are spreading ‘misinformation’ and must be silenced. It all sounds crazy, but they already succeeded when they rolled out Covid. We could not say anything to counter their shutdowns, mask-wearing, and so-called ‘vaccines.’ If anyone tried they were kicked off of social media. (GrrrGraphics was kicked off of Facebook during this time).

How many celebrities did Davos bidding? Arnold Schwarzenegger said “Screw YOUR FREEDOM!” Jim Cramer and Terry Bradshaw and many others screamed for mandatory vaccines. Billy Graham’s son Franklin said Jesus wanted you to take the Covid jabs. We can expect the globalist Google to erase all the evidence and restore their reputations, but we must not forget. The globalist test run, marshaled by murderous criminals such as Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates, was successful and now they will try it again by drumming up their ‘climate change’ panic.

You can’t vote away those who support the Davos crowd. Voting has been rigged. Look at the globalist mega-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. He spent millions to buy the election for Biden. His paid operatives to engage in ‘ballot harvesting’ and filled drop boxes with illegal ballots.

Yeah, it all looks bad, but we can fight back. Do not accept their digital currency. Do not buy their electric cars. Protest if they shut down farming and fishing. Do not eat their fake meat and bugs. Do not take their dangerous vaccines. Refuse to wear a mask. Show contempt for their climate change BS.

They think they can eat the entire world, but they may find that they’ve bitten off more than they can chew.

— Ben Garrison

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Cartoon published 01/19/2024