The Decree Law That Can Change The History of Brazil

The Decree Law That Can Change The History of Brazil

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There are 36 pages that are circulating in the circles of the Brazilian patriots closest to President Bolsonaro.

There are 36 pages which, if implemented effectively and prove to be authentic, could truly change the history of Brazil.

The decree law that can change the history of Brazil

The 36 pages in question are those of a document in PDF format that appears to have been leaked from Brazilian institutional sources.

It is a decree law which provides for the establishment of a special court called the Constitutional Court of the Institutional Order (TCOI) .

The decree begins with a rather clear premise that explains its rationale. Brazil is experiencing a situation of “institutional disorder” which affects all sectors of the Republic such as the executive, judicial and legislative powers.

It is this disorder that led, on October 30, to implementing what was an electoral fraud against the president probably equal in scope only to that which was witnessed two years ago in the United States.

President Bolsonaro already seemed then, and probably long before election day, to be perfectly aware that he was the victim of what can effectively be described as a real electoral coup.

It was for this reason that he had strongly contested the choice of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) to proceed with the elections through electronic voting. Electronic voting is the system through which implementing a fraud is even easier than through the paper vote.

What is needed is control of the electronic voting machines and servers. Those machines and their managers decide who actually wins or loses an election.

However, President Bolsonaro immediately set in motion […] the moment the fraud took place. From the very first moments Bolsonaro seemed to follow a plan established and studied down to the smallest detail in order to be able to foil the coup that the Brazilian deep state had implemented against him.

Two days after the vote, he presented himself in front of the microphones in the press room of the Alvorada presidential palace in which he did not in any way acknowledge the “victory” of his opponent, Lula, and immediately undertook to follow the Constitution.

The key phrase to understanding the president’s strategy is precisely this last one. Since serious irregularities had taken place in the vote, the Head of State had and has the right and the duty to resort to the instruments assigned to him by the Constitution to protect the democratic order.

And in this respect Article 142 of the Charter is quite clear. The armed forces are called upon to preserve the safeguards of the Constitution, as well as law and order. They are the executive arm of the president to be able to secure all of this.

And should this order be violated by members of political and judicial institutions who find themselves taking part in subversive acts against the Commander of the armed forces, the Commander has the right to use the powers that the Constitution attributes to him to restore order violated.

Bolsonaro has followed the entire path that was necessary to follow before arriving at this decree law, which appears to be authentic. The president turned to the competent courts to assert his reasons and brought to the officials of the Federal Supreme Court (TSF), presided over by Alexandre de Moraes, the evidence of the fraud perpetrated against him.

The ties of the Brazilian deep state with the US

Not only did De Moraes refuse to take into consideration the probative elements of electoral fraud but he even imposed a very heavy fine on Bolsonaro and his party of 22.9 million reals, which in euros corresponds to about 4 million.

And it is precisely the president of the TSF who seems to have played a key role in creating the constitutional disorder that had and has the sole purpose of overthrowing the Brazilian president.

De Moraes is a character who has deep ties to both the Brazilian but also the American deep state.

It was just a short time ago that he visited New York, one of the strategic cities of the international financial powers.

It is here that the high magistrate went to speak at the Brazilian and American Chamber of Commerce.

This Chamber of Commerce manages the relations of large Brazilian and American companies. It can be defined as the point of contact of Brazilian economic power with the American one. Its board includes figures such as Alessandre Siano, columnist for the Financial Times, and Alexandre Bettamio, a member of the banking giant Merrill Lynch.

It is in this context that De Moraes gave his speech in which he launched a very harsh attack on President Bolsonaro and the people who support him, accusing them of having jeopardized “freedom and democracy”.

When the magistrate left the speech room, he was showered with insults from Brazilians living in New York who, it seems, were quite eager to let him know what they thought of his idea of ​​democracy.

Bolsonaro therefore fully complied with the constitutional provision, but the judicial system of Brazil, which has its contacts, as we have seen, not in Brasilia but in New York, has not acted to protect the Constitution.

He acted in its flagrant violation. At this point, the decree-law would be the last necessary step to restore the vulnerability inflicted on the Charter.

Article 5 of the text clearly states the purpose of the TCOI. It is written that “it is for the TCOI to judge the crimes against the public administration defined in articles 312 and 359 of the Penal Code, crimes against the functioning of democratic institutions in the electoral process .”

In practice, the decree would transfer the prerogatives that would belong on paper to the TSF chaired by De Moraes but which he, together with his professional colleagues, has refused to exercise.

Article 15 of the decree specifically assigns to the TCOI the task of trying the “members of the National Congress, Senators and Federal Deputies; Judges of the Supreme Federal Court, the Superior Court of Justice, the Superior Military Court and the Superior Electoral Court.”

If this decree were to enter into force, it would inevitably lead to a real purge of the highest political and judicial leaders of the Brazilian Republic. Leaders who allegedly committed high treason and conspired against the Head of State.

The date at the bottom of the text is 24 November. It does not appear to be apparently a forgery because it was written by a renowned Brazilian jurist Marcos David Figueiredo de Oliveira, as indicated at the end of the text. It is possible to hypothesize that this draft is still being studied by the president’s closest advisers who, before signing it, are probably reserving the right to study and polish the final details.

If the Head of State takes this decision, there is article, 47, which provides how he can make an announcement to the nation through radio and television to explain to the Brazilian people the decision to have signed this decree and the consequent creation of an extraordinary court to try those responsible for a subversive act against the Republic and the Constitution.

How would the international community react?

The reactions of the international community would certainly be rather harsh against Bolsonaro. The international media would immediately define the president as a “coup plotter” despite the fact that he is clearly the victim of a coup.

However, the choice to which the Head of State seems to be called seems necessary and inevitable, and from a geopolitical point of view it could also cause consequences on an international level that are not too heavy and theoretically manageable for Brazil.

If Bolsonaro signs this decree and announces it to the Brazilian people, it is probable to expect harsh condemnations from those institutions that more than all are an expression of globalist power, such as the European Union and the UN.

It is equally probable that Washington will be added to the chorus of condemnations, but as we have seen on several occasions in the White House, there is an anomalous situation, a sort of limbo in which the American deep state does not seem to have control of the so-called Biden administration.

This could prove to be a huge boon for Bolsonaro. Apart from the United States, there are no other countries capable of imposing heavy sanctions that could create a deep recession in the country.

As far as the BRICS sphere is concerned, Bolsonaro would only find allies starting with Russia which has no intention of interfering in Brazil’s internal affairs since the Kremlin’s foreign policy lines are based on an iron principle of non-interference.

At Mar-a-Lago, there is also another powerful ally of the president, namely Donald Trump who seems to have recently met with Bolsonaro’s son, Eduardo. On this occasion, Trump would have reaffirmed all of his support for the president as he already did a few weeks earlier when, in a video call, he let Bolsonaro know that he was ready to give him everything he needed to repel the coup against of him.

Only the European Union would remain among Bolsonaro’s most hostile enemies on the international stage, which already has to pay a very heavy price for the sanctions imposed on Russia and which certainly does not have the tools at its disposal to be able to cause serious damage to Brazil.

The moment appears unique and practically unrepeatable. The president enjoys the support of the military and also seems to have removed those elements that could have caused him problems. The Brazilian people are massively on his side to save Brazil from the liberal-Marxist drift into which it would fall if Lula actually rose to power.

Lula, whose fate still seems to be an aura of mystery since it seems he underwent an operation on his throat but the Brazilian media in reporting the fact strangely used a photo of a previous surgery that dates back to 2011.

The so-called transition of powers which should provide for the institutional handover from the outgoing president to the de facto “elected” one has never begun.

This does not change an incontrovertible fact.

If Bolsonaro signs that decree, the history of Brazil will change forever, and the onslaught of the forces that want to destroy it will be repelled.

It is an important moment for this country but also for the rest of the world. Unless Brazil falls to the forces of globalism, the New World Order will have suffered an epic defeat. One of those capable of creating a domino effect in other countries of the world as well.

Brazil can be the country that can demonstrate to the world how to preserve its freedom, sovereignty and independence.

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GO TIME? Military Deploy in Brazil – “Martial Law Coming Next Week”
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Search GETTR under #sosffaa or #sosforcasarmadas to follow the military build-up in real-time

Military vehicles have been spotted mobilizing in Brazil as President Bolsonaro met with military leaders at a ceremony to promote new generals in Brazilía Thursday. “Martial law is coming next week”, says Brazil observer Matt Tyrmand.  Elon Musk noted Twitter may have interfered with Brazilian elections.

“I have sources on the ground saying that the reservists are being activated right now, starting yesterday in smaller and mid-size cities,” journalist Matthew Tyrmand told Steve Bannon on Dec. 2. “You can already see videos of tanks being transported to strategic points and chokeholds around the country. I think by next Wednesday or Thursday, (the Generals) are going to put a letter in front of Bolsonaro and say, sign this and activate us. We believe we have to act right now, according to the constitution, and go after these (voting) machines, arrest these judges, and then the house of cards will fall.”

More and more videos seem to show heavy armor, howitzers and APCs deploying throughout Brazil. Millions of Brazilians have been calling for the Army to intervene accoring to Article 142 of the Brazilian consitution to stop Communist convicted criminal Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva from becoming President with the backing of the drug cartels and the CCP.

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— Advnutri⚖️ (@vanessagiladv) December 2, 2022

There are unconfirmed reports of armed forces deploying in cities:

Police and military vehicles in Juíz de Fora in southeastern Brazil:

Como está Juíz de Fora, 02.12.22, às 11:55h? 🤔

— FERNANDA (@Fernand13778677) December 2, 2022

More images are available on GETTR:

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While most videos show heavy armor being piggybacked, some show fully crewed and combat-ready APCs.

Continuo recendo videos e mais videos com o exército se mobilizando. #SOSFFAA

— la gabi (@lagabidt) December 2, 2022

If the military really deploys to stop the steal by convicted criminal Lula da Silva, they will certainly have the backing of the Brazilian people. No Lula sympathizers have been seen for a month, ever since millions of Brazilians started protesting after the stolen Oct. 30 all-digital “elections”.

Three seperate reports have found that the elections could not be verified, since many of the voting machines cannot be audited. The military audited required by law could not be completed because the pro-Lula Electoral Court refuses to turn over the source code of the machines. Lula da Silva is a convicted criminal who spent two years in jail for corruption in the massive “Car Wash” scandal before his own court vacated the charges to allow him to run.

As if to spite the Brazilian people, the Supreme Court yesterday also vacated corruption charges against Lula crony André Vargas, also imprisoned for three years in the Car Wash Affair to allow him to join the Communist coup.

Pernambuco, orgulho de vocês

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Indigenous tribesmen protesting for democracy and against election fraud occupied the airport in Brasiliá. Cultural imperialist mainstream media are ignoring the indigenes‘ pleas for sovereignty and showing their true racism.

02/12/2022 Os indigenas invadem o aeroporto

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On “Bolsonaro TV“, a video showed President Jair Bolsonaro praising the military anti-communist takeover of 1964. UPDATE: “Bolsonaro TV” has been suspended overnight!

On Thursday, President Jair Bolsonaro met with the top brass in Brasilía for a ceremony to install new Generals:

Friday evening, the corrupt Supreme Court struck down President Bolsonaro’s suit to censure cheating Chief Justive Alexandre de Moraes, who is behind the fraud and manipulations.

Lula wants to invite Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro to his inauguration, but a regulation issued by President Bolsonaro prevents the Venezuelan tyrant from entering the country, Brazil in English reports.

Elon Musk chimed in, discussing with Australian journalist Avi Yemeni, raising the possibility Twitter had interfered in Brazilian elections:

I’ve seen a lot of concerning tweets about the recent Brazil election. If those tweets are accurate, it’s possible that Twitter personnel gave preference to left wing candidates.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 3, 2022

Matthew Tyrmand and Steve Bannon on “War Room”:

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