The Demonic Are Reigning Because The Righteous Are Waiting | Time To Arise And Shine

The Demonic Are Reigning Because The Righteous Are Waiting | Time To Arise And Shine

How demonic deceptions have rendered the worldwide Church powerless

David Sorenson |

Why are billions of religious people doing nothing to build a better world, while evil is spreading all around us? This explains it and shows the solution.

What I am about to say is for the religious people among us. I say these things as one who has been a minister for decades, and knows the intense deception that has been released among all faiths worldwide, by the forces of darkness. So I am not accusing anyone, but trying to tear down these deceptions so you will wake up.

Let me start by saying that the Creator of all life, the Origin of true love, the Giver of all that is good, is not in any way a religion. This is one of the major deceptions: the notion that the most important Reality in our world would be some 'religion'.

Life is not a religion. Love is not a religion. Friendship is not a religion. Honesty is not a religion. Everything that is good and wholesome is not a religion. So why would the Origin of all these things suddenly have to be a religion? The insanity of this concept is beyond anyone who has eyes to see.

Love, life, friendship, truth, goodness and joy are not a religion. So why would the Origin of all this have to be a religion? 

Remember that Christ was murdered by the religious leaders, as were all the true prophets. Religion has always been the #1 enemy of the Creator of life. Religion has always killed His true messengers, including Christ. Never let this truth slip from your mind.

Just as healthcare, politics, education, entertainment, science, and everything else has been infiltrated, perverted and downright hijacked by the forces of evil, so has religion. Both the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, two of the most powerful families in history, and both part of the notorious '13 Satanic bloodlines', have invested billions of dollars in subverting the Christian Church. And that's just one example. Many more have influenced the Church, pushing it towards deceptions that render believers unfruitful.

We must lay down our pride and fear, and have the courage and humility to admit that our so-called ‘sacred’ beliefs can be just as corrupted as any other aspect of human existence. Religious people are no better than politicians, doctors, news reporters or anyone else.

In fact I have observed how the forces of darkness have focused more than anything on perverting religion, because that’s where their main opponent lies!

It is those who have the courage and sincerity to admit this, that can break away from the deep, dark depths of deception, even in Churches and religious institutions, and who can enter the truth, which is there for all who have sincere, pure, and teachable hearts.

The power of God's children

The children of the light, as Christ called us, the children of the Creator, those who are truly and intimately connected with the Source of all life - He who holds all the power - are the most powerful people on earth.

Those that are truly in relationship with the Almighty are the most powerful people on earth. Because they are empowered, led, inspired, protected, and helped by the One who holds all glory forever. 

Do you understand this? Again, this has NOTHING to do with religion, as religion typically persecutes these types of people. Religious leaders can have many words, sermons and messages, but most of them have no true relationship with God.  The vast majority of religious leaders are hypocrites who serve other agendas. Money, popularity, growth, success, numbers... anything but a true relationship with God. I make this statement based on thirty years of experience within the inner circles of Church leadership around the world.

But there are truly good people in our world, who have an authentic bond with Christ and the heavenly Father. They are usually not those in the pulpits, or on TV. They are the normal folks who pray in secret, who serve in hiding, and who fight powerful wars in the spiritual realm, without anyone knowing about it. They don’t have the big and popular ministries - but they are famous in heaven, I tell you.

The forces of evil know that this is the true army of the Most High. Those that are real, authentic, tried and tested, faithful and dedicated to the King of all kings.

They are the main threat to the forces of evil. Not the bigmouths on Christian television, but the silent ones in the reality of spiritual warfare, who know how to shake the heavens and terrorize hell, with their deep, sincere, enduring prayers and actions in the reality of life. Those that stand up in the real world against the real corruption. Their voice doesn’t serve their own interests, but exposes the works of evil and calls the righteous to action.

They are the true threat to the reign of evil. So the wicked need to cancel them. Something must be done to render these mighty warriors ineffective. Remove their power. Blind their mind. Bind their hands. Turn them into powerless warriors, who are no longer a threat to hell.

The strategy used to accomplish this, is by manipulating their mind with lies that sound spiritual, but will render them ineffective.

The greatest lie is that we have to wait for Jesus Christ to return to Earth, who will fix everything without us being involved. It sounds wonderful:

'Just wait for the Lord and He will end all this evil.'

It is a very strategic and highly effective deception. It has been spread worldwide by the forces of evil, to render billions of believers oblivious. Because if you wait for Christ to return to Earth and fix everything, you will never rise up to your calling, your authority, or your potential. You will become a useless religious member, doing nothing that will end the reign of evil. Oh, don’t get me wrong, you can be very busy with religious activities. Because 'the servants must be found busy when the King comes', right? That’s what we are told. So we run around in circles of religious activities that burn us out, without ever yielding the fruit we keep hoping it will produce.

But we never rise to our divine power and authority to become true and effective slayers of dragons, who put an end to the reign of evil.

Because our hearts and minds are set on the idea that it is Christ who will do this. And all we must do is 'wait for Him, and be busy until He comes'. Then Jesus will solve the big mess of our world. This produces immature, ineffective, powerless and irrelevant people, who have no influence in the real world.

The truth is that God has given the Earth to His people. He created His children to be His ambassadors, His vessels, those that represent Him wherever they go. God said to Adam in Eden: 'I give you dominion over everything that I have created.' Later He called Joshua to drive out the demonic hybrids from Canaan. God didn’t do it for him. Joshua had to do it.

God did not kill the demonic giants, hybrids of fallen angels and humans.  Joshua had to do it! And God helped him... 

Christ then called His followers to be those who deliver humanity from evil. He commanded them to cast out evil spirits, put an end to injustice and show the entire world there is a God of true love, pure honesty and intense compassion.

All throughout the Scriptures, we see with crystal clarity that WE are the ones who are called ‘the light of the world’. We are the ones called by the Creator to go out and deliver this world from evil.

Why? Because God doesn’t want lazy, selfish, immature, powerless babies who don’t do anything, carry no responsibility, and are blind and stupid. The Almighty created the good people to be His sons and daughters. He wants us to grow in maturity, so we can carry His authority and be true children of heaven.

He wants us to discipline ourselves, learn to walk in truth and love, build pure characters, so He can clothe us with the glory of the Almighty.

Think for a second: we know that the great dragon, the serpent of old, he who deceives humanity, is the true origin of all wickedness on Earth. But do we see this dragon anywhere? Do we see demons? No! Of course not. We see PEOPLE. We see Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, The Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and so on.

We see PEOPLE doing all the evil works on Earth.

They are the vessels, the instruments, the tools of the dragon. The same goes for us, the children of the light. We are the doors through whom heaven wants to enter this world. We are the vessels God wants to use to bring healing to humanity. We are the arms and legs of Christ, who dwells within us. We are the temple of the Most High, where He resides and from where He releases His rivers of life to a dead world.

It is a satanic lie that Christ will fix everything for us. He has told us He dwells within us, that we are His body, and He brings deliverance through us. God wants to have mature, powerful, and trustworthy sons and daughters, who will accurately represent Him on Earth and in the ages to come.

Time and again, I receive emails from people who want to discourage and stop me from doing what I do. Their argument is always the same: ‘Jesus will solve this mess when He returns’. No, He will not. That directly opposes literally everything the entire Scriptures state. It is diametrically opposed to every heartbeat of the prophets and apostles. They never said "wait and see". They said "go and do".

The followers of Christ are called Kings, a royal priesthood, a royal nation, a royal bloodline from the Most High. We are called to reign with the King of kings. We are mandated to establish the reality of heaven on earth, just as the wicked are trying to establish the reality of hell on earth.

God gave the Earth to us, He gave His kingdom to us, He gave His authority to His children.

Our film 'THE END OF HUMANITY - As Planned By the Global Leaders' exposes the nefarious agenda to end the human race and replace us with artificial alternatives. Some people say, ‘God will never allow the eradication of the human race, and the replacement of mankind by robots.’ How stupid!


Have you no eyes to see, no ears to hear, no mind to understand what is threatening all of us? Nurses, doctors, teachers, drivers, law enforcement officers, lawyers, and so on, are being replaced by robots worldwide, AS WE SPEAK!  See this revealing post.

Why? Because we allow it. Because we think ‘God won’t allow it.’

He allowed the plandemic, didn’t He? He allowed millions of people to be brutally murdered and tortured by the criminalized medical cartel. He allowed hundreds of millions to be destroyed physically by the satanic injections. He allowed millions of people to lose their businesses during the lockdowns. He allows the spraying of the skies with toxic chemicals. He allows the torture and ritual sacrifice of children. He allows the hellish tyranny in China that is busy spreading worldwide, as we speak. Why is God allowing it?


We refuse to stand up and be heroes. We reject the call to arms and sit back, telling ourselves ‘Christ will fix this’. We are lazy cowards, selfish consumers who refuse to grow up into true spiritual maturity and be those that finally obey the word of the Lord to say ‘NO!’ to Satan and build a better world. We hush and shush ourselves and those around us with deep, dark and demonic deceptions that comfort our mind, while hell is exploding all around us.

It’s not God who allows all the evil. We are the ones allowing it. 

We are hundreds of millions! The elites are but a few. But they have the intent to rule and reign on Earth, so they do. We have the intent to sit back and do nothing, so we are powerless.

This is the true war on Earth.

The Church is the opposite of Christ

We must turn away from our lazy, selfish, indifferent attitude, thinking we will be raptured out of here, while the whole of humanity will perish behind us. That is the exact opposite of who Christ is: He left heaven to save humanity. Why do we think we can be the opposite of Him?  Being cowards who betray all of mankind, so we will enjoy ‘heaven’? What kind of demon has seized ownership of our minds, that we have become the radical opposite of who Christ is? He loves the people and saves them. But we want to betray and abandon the people and save our own skin. How satanic. How incredibly evil. And we defend this horror with bible verses that we spin out of context and abuse all day long.

Christ left heaven to bring healing to humanity. Why do we think we should be the opposite of Him? Those who abandon humanity... 

Wake up, children of the Light. Rise up in the true identity and destiny you have received. You were born from above, not to be a coward, liar and deceiver, who only thinks about his own safety. You were given the heart of Christ, to be like Him. The heart of one who serves humanity, who invests what he or she has into this world.

What reward will you get, if you say: 'I never joined the battle for this world, because I waited for Christ to do it all for me.' What reward will that give you? Nothing but shame and dishonor.

Let these words change your heart. And please have the guts to share this far and wide. The billions of religious people need to wake up even more than the rest of humanity, because we think we have the truth, yet we are more asleep than the rest of mankind, in our religious mindsets of selfish salvation, while betraying humanity.

Any doctrine, teaching, belief or dogma that makes the children of God less effective in this world, is diabolical, no matter how many ‘popular preachers’ are promoting it from their platforms.

We are born to be world changers, those that heal humanity, the dwelling place of the Almighty, ambassadors of Heaven, carriers of the Light, distributors of deliverance, expellers of evil, dragon slayers, and defeaters of giants. That is the entire message of the Bible. The Creator is with us and inside of us, and wants us to wake up, so we can become the army of billions of Light warriors we are called to be.

Some people are so religiously brainwashed that they demand a bible verse with every sentence, only so they can reject and fight it. No. Anyone who knows the Scriptures knows that every sentence written here can be referenced to dozens of Bible passages.

Listen to the voice from on high, and let it arouse you from your deep religious sleep, so you become one who is part of the New Day. Cast out evil, expose the wicked, release judgement on those that serve darkness, and bring hope to the world.

Once the good people arise, there is nothing the evil ones can do.

For God never gave the wicked any authority, mandate, crown or scepter to rule on Earth. Everything they do is illegitimate. God gave this world to His children, and gave us His Spirit, His blessing, His presence, His mandate and anointing to save it from destruction.

The only reason the wicked are reigning, is because the righteous aren’t.

Wake up and do what you were born for. Stop waiting for Christ to ‘come’ - acknowledge that His presence is with you. He is waiting for you! To finally obey Him. The world is in need. How much longer will you let the world suffer, while you have the power to put an end to all of this? If all of us rise up, we can remove hell and release heaven.

It’s time to arise and shine.

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