The Dog King Humiliation Ritual Psyop

The Dog King Humiliation Ritual Psyop

Biden Presidency is a Humiliation Ritual

Demonrats scramble to replace Biden

The debate confirmed what everyone knew: Biden is senile and a figurehead. Why would the Demonrats choose an unfit candidate?Regular contributor CK has the answer."A Humiliation Ritual is a deliberate act designed to embarrass, demean, or degrade an individual or group ... to break down an individual's sense of self, making them more malleable and easier to control." The COVID mask is another humiliation ritual.

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If you ever pledged a college sorority or fraternity, you experienced Hell Week, a Humiliation Ritual you must pass through before being initiated into the "Greek Organizations" on campus. Many powerful cults and secret societies like the Illuminati use Humiliation Rituals as an important part of their initiations, too, and they are also frequently used in Hollywood. Now, the entire world has been plunged into a Humiliation Ritual to initiate everyone into the One World Order. 

A Humiliation Ritual is a deliberate act designed to embarrass, demean, or degrade an individual or group, often in a public or communal setting. These rituals can serve various purposes, such as increased behavioral compliance and can be used to break down an individual's sense of self, making them more malleable and easier to control. The long-term impact on individuals can be damaging, leading to issues such as decreased self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and trauma.


Have you ever wondered why politicians in many countries seem so incompetent? They aren't stupid and you would think they should know better. Aren't they playing the leading role in a Humiliation Ritual to lower resistance to the One World Order? The different Joe Bidens. They do not look like the same person.If you haven't seen what current latex mask technology is capable of, watch this: Who is this person? Some say he's already dead, some claim he's a clone and others believe he's an actor in a mask. Maybe he's really Joe Biden himself. Whomever it is does not matter, what matters is people feel sad, ashamed and worried for this person and themselves -- they feel humiliated. "How can this be happening to my country and my people?" Is this person really the President? Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.Under sworn testimony, this public official will not admit that "President Biden" is the "duly elected and lawfully serving President of the United States of America". What does he know?Even the aliens are noticing.Message from Elder #IKAI ~ Direct Your Focus To Discover Truth "The Biden Puppet Will Be Removed As A New Cycle Of Change Has Arrived. The Handlers Are Scrambling To Create A New Narrative As They Have Swapped Out Failing Puppets Of Biden Many Times. Each Clone Has Failed And There Are None Left To Exhibit. Look Closely And Observe The Many Clones That Have Been Presented To Deceive You. It Is The Moment For Change." Last night's debate in a single clip: This is elder abuse and sad. It's humiliating for a long-serving public official and embarrasses the country. 


After a nation was defeated, to humiliate the local population, the conqueror would put a dog on the throne, replacing human royalty. The dog king is a Scandinavian tradition that appears in several Scandinavian sources: Chronicon Lethrense, Annals of Lund, Gesta Danorum (book 7), Heimskringla (Hákonar saga góða), Hversu Noregr byggðist and probably also in Skáldatal. The Chronicon Lethrense and Annals of Lund tell that on the death of the 6th-century Danish king Halga,[1] the Swedish King Eadgils[2] sent a small dog to the Danes to take as their king but warned that whoever told him of the death of the dog would lose his life. 

A Dog King is one of many Humiliation Rituals (psyops) being run on society: 

-The useless wearing of masks during COVID to show submission and humiliate the wearer. 

-Six feet of social distancing, a ritually significant number with no scientific basis. 

-Pride flag indicating conquered territory. 

-"Dog King" politicians who embarrass entire nations. The results can be measured with memes. The Dog Kings were installed to destroy morale and create inaction for what comes next. A popular meme about President Biden. What has not been widely discussed is the reason why he was installed into office and why they must change him out before the election.

 Humiliation Rituals are one of the most important ways people become initiated in sororities and fraternities, secret societies and now the One World Order. Chaos will be maximized with many rapid changes, leaving people incapable of taking action. Society will decline in a Great Reset. 

The Humiliation Ritual is one step in the process of initiation. Many big changes will happen very soon.

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