The Draft of Americans is Illegal and Always Has Been

The Draft of Americans is Illegal and Always Has Been

Anna Von Reitz

The Draft is involuntary servitude and indenture and is against our Public Law, our Constitutions, and International Law as well.  

The only way they got away with it during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam was by pretending that we were all "voluntarily" adopting their foreign citizenship obligations in exchange for unstipulated "benefits" we were not made aware of and which we did not seek.

All such presumed to exist "citizenship contracts" and "social welfare contracts" are in fact unconscionable: this means that we have been sold a bill of goods and entrapped via non-disclosure and ignorance into contractual obligations that we have not even been made aware of.  

These private contracts are then alleged to be valid and an exercise of our right to contract, despite the prohibitions of the Public Law, the Constitutions, and the International Law --  because we have purportedly agreed to adopt federal citizenship obligations and it is all supposed to be voluntary.  

This ruse and obvious lie is promoted by the constant demands and cajoling of undeclared foreign agents to have young men and women sign up with "Selective Service".  They harass young people to sign up and threaten and cajole under color of law --- promising benefits if they do, and punishments if they don't.  

When we tracked telephone contacts from "Selective Service" they were found to be generated from the District of Columbia (a foreign venue) and from Puerto Rico (a British Commonwealth-- another foreign venue).  

If you allow yourself to be pushed into "volunteering"  by signing up with Selective Service you have given the perpetrators additional grounds to tell international authorities --- "See? He willingly signed up for Selective Service." --- when in fact "he" was being coerced and misinformed and threatened and shamed and enticed to do so by undeclared and deceitful foreign agents acting under color of law.

The Draft is a form of press-ganging (naval parlance) and forced conscription (land forces parlance) and both have been prohibited for two hundred years.
The only way that these cretins succeed in doing this is by claiming that you "volunteered" and by entrapping you in undisclosed and coerced contracts.  
Another thing they don't tell you about the Draft is that it is Mercenary Service and that throughout your service to the British Crown Corporation and its local franchise dba the US, Inc., you will be earning less than 1/10th of what other Mercenaries are earning.

They also won't mention that you will be engaged continuously in acts that have nothing to do with defending this country and everything to do with defending the bottom line of their own foreign, private, for-profit corporations.
They don't tell you that the majority of those acts will be criminal in nature and that you will be liable for war crimes if you get caught and that "I was just following orders" is no excuse.

The Draft is a criminal enterprise and it needs to be shut down before it gets started,  together with the corporations that have promoted these practices.
They are all engaged in unlawful activity specifically prohibited by the conventions that allow these corporations to exist.

Cancel any "mistaken" registrations with the Selective Service and inform the members of the Territorial Congress that you are not voluntarily residing in any Federal jurisdiction and not knowingly accepting any Federal citizenship obligations.

If they persist, file criminal charges with the nearest International Justice Tribunal and the Office of the Provost Marshal. If your State Assembly has already set up their State Court and sent Notice of their action, present the facts and the repugnant Buck Act of the Territorial United States Congress to them so that they may judge the law and the facts, and shut down the Draft Boards in your State before they even get started.  

Charge these corporations with fraud, misrepresentation, attempted unlawful conversion, attempted identity theft, attempted press ganging and involuntary conscription by foreign Mercenaries, attempted inland piracy and attempted kidnapping exercised under color of law.  

Send a copy of your claim and complaint to the Inspector General of the Army and the United States Secretary of State and the Congressional delegation purportedly representing the Territorial and Municipal citizenry of your State of the Union.
If they send any mail to you addressed to what appears to be your name styled in all capital letters, file a complaint with the postal authorities for mail fraud, because they are attempting to defraud and mischaracterize you by sending mail addressed to a foreign municipal corporation to your address.

Don't fight the Ukrainians, don't fight the Russians, and don't fight the Chinese, either.  Fight the Draft and the foreign municipal corporations attempting to invoke it. Fight Joe Biden.

He's not our American Commander-in-Chief.  He's "a" Commander-in-Chief.

If you don't believe it, ask Joe Biden for his validated Oath of Office for the unincorporated Public Office known as The President of The United States of
America --- in writing, so there's no way to obfuscate.  

You will find that there hasn't been anyone in the proper Public Office with the proper credentials and public oaths on the record, since the 1850's, when the current usurpation by guile and fraud began.

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