Deep State Elite Oligarchs Running Washington, DC • The First Principle Of Being A Patriot Is Refusing To Follow A Corrupt Government

Deep State Elite Oligarchs Running Washington, DC • The First Principle Of Being A Patriot Is Refusing To Follow A Corrupt Government  /  Kevin Hughes

(Natural News) Lawyer John Whitehead claimed Washington, D.C. is being run by the Deep State’s elite oligarchs during his March 15 appearance on “Brannon Howse Live.”

“Washington, D.C. is run by approximately 580 billionaires who, basically, are the so-called Deep State. We are ruled by what they call [the] ‘oligarchic elite,'” he told program host Brannon Howse.

“So we’re ruled by a council of people, not the so-called Democrats or Republicans you see in Congress. Don’t be fooled by that. There is this Deep State.”

He pointed out to Howse that the American people are being ruled by government officials who don’t see them as really valuable assets, except for money and control.

According to him, the first principle of being a patriot is refusing to follow a corrupt government. Thus, Americans ought to mistrust the government – the Federal Bureau of Investigation being first and foremost as it is one of the most corrupt institutions in America.

Whitehead – the founder and president of The Rutherford Institute – mentioned that the FBI has been infiltrating groups, making trouble and getting people arrested for a long time now. He continued: “It’s really freaky how they like to go into groups, make them violent, anything to make them look like they’re stupid or whatever in the media. They’ve done it since the 1950s, and they track everybody.”

Aside from the FBI, other agencies such as the National Security Agency and Central Intelligence Agency are not to be trusted as they are colluding with the mainstream media (MSM). Whitehead also exhorted Americans not to trust the MSM, as it is working with the Deep State’s three-letter agencies to deceive the people.

Two studies attest to the Deep State’s corruption

Whitehead mentioned one study done by professors from Princeton University and Northwestern University about where money accumulated in America. The paper done by Princeton’s Martin Gilens and Northwestern’s Benjamin Page eventually found that majority of Americans do not have a say over how the U.S. is run.

“If policy-making is dominated by powerful business organizations and a small number of affluent Americans, then America’s claims to being a democratic society are seriously threatened,” they wrote.

The Rutherford Institute president also cited another study by researchers from Southern Methodist University (SMU) that looked at where psychopaths congregate in the United States. It ranked the 48 continental states and the District of Columbia by the degree of psychopathic personality traits discovered in their residents. As expected, the federal capital had the highest concentration of psychopaths in the country.

Given the two studies he cited, Whitehead said psychopaths are basically crazy people who care about themselves and nobody else.

“You’re talking about people who don’t care about anybody but themselves, their money, their wealth and all that stuff. That’s what they are promoting, and that’s what we’re being ruled by.”

Howse provided a silver lining, however – telling his guest that Americans are now waking up to the truth that they are being oppressed by their government and elected officials who don’t care about them. The host of “Worldview Report” on Brighteon.TV noted that people from different political affiliations learning the truth ultimately pose a danger to the Deep State.

Watch the full conversation between Brannon Howse and John Whitehead in link box below.

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